15 Best CPA Networks In 2022 (Highest Paying Offers)

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    The internet is a vast landscape of opportunity, and if you’re interested in making money online, there are many ways to do so.

    One of them is CPA marketing.

    CPA marketing is known as cost per action marketing and refers to a form of affiliate marketing. 

    This method of marketing pays commission to affiliates when they undertake a specific action, hence the name cost per action. 

    Each time the required action is completed, the affiliate is paid a fixed fee.

    There are many factors that go into determining your earning potential, but one thing for sure is that CPA networks have an impact on your earnings.

    The best CPA networks are those which offer a good range of advertisers and affiliate links, and attract affiliate marketers wanting to use the CPA network.

    This blog post will cover what CPA Networks are and which ones offer the highest payouts for publishers in 2022.

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    What Is CPA Network?

    cpa marketing

    A CPA network is a platform that connects advertisers with publishers who are willing to work with each other on CPA offers.

    The real professionals working in these CPA networks are marketers and managers.

    Every time an advertiser creates an ad campaign, it is the marketers’ job to find an appropriate publisher for that particular campaign.

    During the research process, they use many different targeting methods which can be divided broadly into these categories: contextual, geographical, and behavioral.

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    The success of a CPA network is determined by the functioning of its target mechanisms.

    However, in order to work with these networks, you must properly follow their guidelines and start building a website that will promote CPA offers.

    Publishers who do well on CPA networks are those who have engaged audiences and followers, as these are the people who click on the affiliate marketing links and create the commission payments.

    Now that you have understood what a CPA network is, then now let’s talk about the best CPA networks.


    What Are The Best CPA Networks For Publishers And Advertisers?

    There are many CPA networks, below are some of the best CPA networks around:

    1. MaxBounty.


    MaxBounty was founded in 2004, since then it provides a global network for digital advertising.

    Max Bounty CPA network specializes in performance marketing, which allows advertisers to maximize their return on investment.

    Here publishers can earn from $5 to $100 CPA rates based on the website traffic and quality of visitors.

    In addition, a huge amount of advertisers on this site will allow you to reach the right audience for your business.

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    Besides, Max Bounty supports all types of advertising formats including video ads, text links, etc.

    It also provides users with a number of other services such as geo-targeting & retargeting options for advertisers.

    MaxBounty CPA network has worked with thousands of brands to increase their influence and revenue through digital advertising.

    This network offers great payouts to publishers, so reach out today if this is something that interests you.


    2. Perform[cb] (Previously called Clickbooth)


    Perform[cb] is a premier mobile and video CPA Network in the United States.

    Perform CB has ad campaigns that run across many verticals such as health, fitness, insurance, and even precious metals.

    It also has a fantastic self-service platform that allows applicants to easily spread their message through app install ads, content lockers, and more.

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    They have the fraud detection technology to help ensure that both publishers and advertisers have a fantastic experience.

    The CB network pays high CPA rates to publishers with good website traffic, so consider joining this ad network today if you fit these criteria.

    Perform [CB the] CPA Network supports publishers from all around the world with high volumes of conversions for advertisers in many different countries.


    3. Peerfly.


    Peerfly is a hybrid CPA network that specializes in paid advertising.

    The Peerfly CPA network has many different types of websites that it operates on, such as high-quality entertainment sites and informational sites.

    The average revenue per publisher through PeerFly can be around $5 to $100 per CPA (with the potential for higher).

    However, the minimum traffic requirement is not known at this time, so we do recommend reaching out if you feel like this could work for you.

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    These advertisers pay very well and the earning team highly recommended joining this top CPA network.

    Besides, Peerfly has a self-serve platform that allows users to easily reach out to the affiliates and advertisers they want.

    What’s more, this network supports all types of advertising formats including video ads, text links, etc.


    4. CrakRevenue.

    crak revenue

    CrakRevenue can be the best choice if you want high CPA rates.

    It has active advertisers in online pharmacies and even the network marketing industry.

    All of which can generate high revenue from your site.

    Additionally, CrakRevenue supports all types of advertising formats including video ads, text links, etc.

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    It also provides users with a number of other substitutional services.

    Crakrevenue is one of the best CPA networks out there right now that will pay you on time while maintaining security.

    Moreover, its minimum payout is reasonable, so try this ad network today if you are interested.


    5. CPATrend.


    The name often stands for CPATrend, which is a leading CPA network with good pricing that has been paying publishers (affiliates) a decent amount of money.

    CPA Trend gives you one of the highest revenue shares per CPA – 75% above industry standard which will increase your income drastically.

    This ad network also supports all types of advertising formats.

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    Last but not least, CPATrend provides members with 24/7 customer support so reach out today if this sounds like something that could work for you.

    With their fraud protection system and accurate, real-time reporting, they can provide you with an invaluable service.


    6. FireAds.


    FireAds is the CPA network where you can find high-paying CPA offers for your site.

    It’s a network that offers advertisers and publishers huge monetization opportunities.

    FireAds Network delivers top converting offers to their publishers and partners them with the best-performing advertisers and brands.

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    FireAds have a global reach and are available in English too.

    From affiliate campaigns to withdrawing all sorts of advertising campaigns, you can do everything on their CPA network.

    Also had the potential to earn new user registration, so there is no reason why you should not give this ad network a shot if it sounds like something that might work for you.


    7. Adsterra.


    With multiple protection plans like three-level security, a self-serve platform, and many options like email notification, advanced reporting, and custom affiliate links, this adsterra can be a pick option.

    Because the minimum payout is low, you can withdraw at any time you like.

    Adsterra is a leading CPA network with 30k+ sustainable partners.

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    It has been around since 2013 and pays publishers (affiliates) using Paypal or Wire Transfer.

    Adsterra gives you one of the highest revenue shares per CPA.

    So you can choose this platform at your priority level.


    8. ClickDealer.


    ClickDealer is another great CPA network where the publisher can monetize their website by running ads on it.

    With the benefits of SmartLink, you will reach publishers to advertisers easily.

    Their range of advertisers includes retail, mobile, e-commerce, and gaming.

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    They work on mobile subscriptions, apps, dating, and many more for monetizing your website.

    No doubt ClickDealer is a wonderful CPA network that gives complete freedom.


    9. CPA Lead.

    cpa lead

    CPA Lead mainly provides PPC Advertising and CPI Mobile App Installs which means they have a high conversion rate and you can earn a lot of money from this ad network.

    From the beginning of his site, they paid over $100 million to the publisher which means they are able to give out a good amount of cash to their publishers.


    10. Admitad.


    More than 800000+ publishers and 2000+ advertisers are always looking to work with this CPA network from all over the world.

    All without requiring a minimum payout, you can innovate any time you want.

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    Admitad is a great ad network that offers a wide range of benefits and support for your publisher account.

    So if it works for you well then go ahead and start monetizing your website via Admitad today!


    11. CPAMatica.

    cpa matica

    CPAMatica is a Ukraine-based CPA network that offers great CPA offers for monetizing a website.

    It’s a self-serve platform where you can get all the details about their platform and benefits without any delays.

    There is a huge earning opportunity with partner products and advertiser products.

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    Besides, you will get clear statistics and the proven expertise that will lead your website to get more revenue.

    CPAMatica also gives you direct access to CPA marketing strategies for free.

    So if you are willing to work with CPAMatica, then you can just get started at any time.


    12. Toro Advertising.

    toro advertising

    The TORO Advertising team is made up of experts in their fields and understands the ins and outs of the CPA marketing business.

    They know how to help Publishers increase their revenue while also helping Advertisers maximize exposure, awareness, and sales.

    To make their path clear, they connect the advertiser with the publisher and then link with the agency if they both agree to work together.

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    So what are you waiting for?

    Just join this amazing CPA network and start monetizing your website more effectively from now on.


    13. AdWork Media.

    ad work media

    The name of the site expresses the working sector of the site.

    In this media stream sector, you can find the best CPA offers all over the world.

    Adwork Media has a great reputation in the market, which is one of its strong points.

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    For this reason, Ad work media can offer enough benefits to its users, and make them satisfied with their service.

    The payment procedure is very simple, fast, and transparent.

    Many publishers are crazy about it because they appreciate transparency more than anything else when they are dealing with an ad publisher company.


    14. Adventurefeeds.


    Adventurefeeds give you the opportunity to work with them if you are willing to work for this CPA network.

    They give more than a great percentage of revenue share on your business transactions.

    Adventure feeds provide genuine advertisers and publishers with the best CPA rates in the industry while utilizing our advanced platform technology to increase overall efficiency and performance across all campaigns.

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    So what are you waiting for?

    Just go ahead and monetize your website.


    15. Madrivo.


    Madrivo, the CPA network where they work for real data and research on their customer, sale, and finally the result of the whole procedure.

    So if you are thinking about joining them, then think once.

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    Madrivo offers the world’s best CPA offers that provide top-level support for Publishers to maximize their revenue potential.

    Also, it provides advertisers with an effective way to connect with motivated users in order to reach specific target groups.



    There are a lot of different factors that go into deciding which CPA network to choose for your business.

    The type of offers you run, the cost per click, and the campaign duration all have an impact on how much revenue can be generated by running campaigns with any given network.

    In our list, we’ve discussed some of the highest paying networks in 2022 based on their average payouts from advertisers who use them as well as what they offer publishers.

    Those are the authoritative sites, so you can rely on them and start your business from now on.

    Priyansh Gupta
    Priyansh Gupta
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