26 Best CPA Networks In 2023 (Highest Paying Offers)

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    Don’t worry, I’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of the top 26 best CPA networks currently available, complete with pros and cons and information on the types of offers they provide.

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    What Is CPA Network?

    cpa marketing

    A CPA (Cost Per Action) network is a platform that connects advertisers (those who want to promote a product or service) with affiliates (Individuals who want to earn money by promoting the advertiser’s offers).

    Advertisers pay publishers a commission for each successful lead or sale generated through the publisher’s marketing efforts.

    CPA networks act as intermediaries between advertisers and publishers, providing tracking and reporting tools, as well as handling payments.

    26 Best CPA Networks.

    Here are the top CPA networks:

    1. Perform[Cb].

    Perform[Cb], formerly known as Clickbooth, is a CPA network resulting from the merger of Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM.

    The team behind this network boasts almost 400 years of combined industry experience and offers a wide range of curated offers across popular advertising verticals such as finance, lifestyle, health, dating, and entertainment.

    They boast a client list that includes well-known names such as HBO, McAfee, and eHarmony.

    This network has been in operation since 2002 and has a diverse selection of offers to promote, with a low payment threshold compared to other networks.

    It’s worth noting that CPA networks can come and go, so it’s reassuring to work with one that has a proven track record of serving both advertisers and publishers for several years.

    The payment threshold is US$50 and the payment is done monthly.


    2. MaxBounty.

    MaxBounty is a well-established CPA affiliate network, launched in 2004.

    It has received high praise from advertisers and was named the best CPA network at the 2019 Blue Book Awards.

    It offers a wide range of campaigns with over 2,000 active options from advertisers worldwide, making it easy to find the right affiliate program for your audience.

    In addition to providing weekly payments, this global network also offers performance bonuses and assigns a dedicated affiliate manager to help drive quality traffic.

    The platform also has a user-friendly dashboard that allows affiliates to easily track their earnings and stay informed about popular campaigns.

    The minimum payment threshold is $100 and payment is done weekly.


    3. CrakRevenue.

    CrakRevenue is an award-winning CPA network that specializes in adult CPA offers.

    Although this type of content may not be suitable for everyone, it has the potential to generate significant revenue.

    However, it is important to note that SEO challenges such as link building can be present in this niche of online marketing.

    The network offers over 1,000 offers and focuses on optimizing payouts for affiliates based on performance.

    An added bonus is that affiliates can earn an additional 5% commission on all sales made by their sub-affiliates or referrals.

    The payment threshold is $100 for wire transfer and payment frequency is weekly or bi-monthly.


    4. ClickDealer.

    ClickDealer is a relatively new Cost Per Action network, established in 2012.

    However, they have received multiple awards and accolades since their launch, which is a testament to their expertise in the industry.

    As an affiliate, this international network offers a wide range of options across popular niches such as e-commerce, dating, gaming, retail, and mobile, as well as less common niches like sweepstakes, social media, vouchers, and software.

    They also offer fun incentives for their affiliates.

    Payment is made monthly for new affiliates who meet the $100 threshold and can be switched to weekly payments once the affiliate has proven their performance and quality of traffic.


    5. CPAlead.

    CPAlead is a CPA network that primarily focuses on mobile offers but also offers desktop options.

    It features over 300 products and services that can be promoted in various formats such as banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, and native ads.

    The network takes care of targeting the offers to specific geographies and devices, leaving affiliates to choose the offers they believe will convert best and drive traffic to them.

    CPAlead partners with well-known brands and has paid out over $100 million to its affiliate partners, making it a well-established network.

    Affiliates can receive payments through wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, and WebMoney.

    The payment threshold is $50 and payment is done weekly.


    6. Admitad.

    Admitad is a lesser-known CPA network that offers a global affiliate marketing platform with almost 2,000 unique advertisers.

    Unlike many other networks, it not only offers interstitial ads and app installs but also a contextual advertising option for monetizing website traffic.

    This allows for a more seamless user experience and the ability to monetize content with CPA offers.

    Admitad stands out among CPA networks by offering this unique feature.

    The network boasts high earning potential, with some affiliates claiming earnings of $32,700 in a single day.

    The payment threshold is $20 and payments are made weekly, with wire transfer available upon request.


    7. CPAMatica.

    CPAMatica is a Ukraine-based CPA affiliate network that specializes in two key niches: dating and sweepstakes.

    These niches are known for offering substantial payouts for both advertisers and publishers.

    The network offers almost 1,000 different offers that span these two niches as well as others such as weight loss, health, gaming, and beauty.

    This variety of offers is likely to appeal to a wide range of website traffic.

    As is common with many CPA networks, CPAMatica does not publicly disclose program details.

    Additionally, affiliates also earn 2% commission on sales made by referrals they bring to the network.

    The payment threshold is $50 and payment is done weekly.


    8. Toro Advertising.

    Toro Advertising is a European-based CPA network that offers a wide range of offers across popular niches such as dating, gambling, finance, apps, and mobile content.

    They claim to have thousands of offers and operate in 90 different countries worldwide.

    They are worth considering for affiliates at all levels, from beginners to high-performing publishers.

    They offer a VIP bracket for top-performing affiliates, which comes with additional perks.

    Payments are made monthly for the first month but can be changed to bi-weekly or weekly after that.

    The payment threshold is $500, which is higher than some of the other networks.


    9. AdWork Media.

    AdWork Media is a CPA network that stands out among its competitors with over 2,500 campaigns and advertisers.

    They specialize in mobile-friendly content-locked offers, where visitors complete a survey or free trial to unlock the content they want to view and the affiliate gets paid.

    Like many CPA networks, offer details are only visible upon sign-up.

    AdWork Media also offers performance bonuses for high-performing affiliates.

    Payment is initially made monthly but can be changed to weekly after that.

    The payment threshold is $35 and the payment frequency is monthly.


    10. Advendor.

    Advendor is a new player in the CPA network market, which can be a benefit for both advertisers and publishers as they may be more eager to do business.

    However, information about the network is limited, but based on their client list, they seem to place a significant emphasis on the cryptocurrency vertical.

    The approval process for affiliates is expected to be lenient, particularly for new CPA marketers.

    However, working with a new network comes with some risks.

    The payment threshold is $50 and payments are made weekly.

    The commission varies, and we will update this post with more information on Advendor as it becomes available.


    11. MyLead.

    MyLead is a comprehensive CPA network that offers over 3,600 CPA affiliate programs across 35 niches, such as beauty, crypto, fashion, gaming, pets, and travel.

    It is used by over 490,000 publishers and has paid out $8 million in commissions to affiliates in 154 countries.

    MyLead offers various models, including CPA, cost per lead, cost per sale, and pay-per-install, with the CPA affiliate programs offering the highest payouts, up to several thousand dollars.

    Affiliates can choose from various payment methods, including PayPal, Skrill, Revolut,, and Bitcoin.

    The network promises to process payments within 14 business days of the request, with most payments being processed within 48 hours.

    The payment threshold is $20 for all methods except Bitcoin, and any commissions not earned in a month will be rolled over to the following month.


    12. Fireads.

    Fireads is a Poland-based CPA network that has been in operation for almost a decade.

    They are expanding internationally, and specialize in CPA offers, as well as Pay-per-install, CPS, and CPL campaigns.

    The network operates in popular niches such as adult, dating, gaming, and cryptocurrency, which can be competitive but offer high payouts.

    According to the network, offers can pay up to $350 per sale, although this is not the norm.

    Withdrawals can be made through PayPal or wire transfer within hours of a verified sale.

    The payment threshold is $20 and the payment frequency is bi-monthly.


    13. Madrivo.

    Madrivo is a CPA affiliate network that focuses on helping affiliate marketers make money by providing access to offers from reputable brands across a diverse range of niches, such as online dating, car insurance, and pet subscription boxes.

    The earning potential depends on the offers promoted.

    The payment threshold can vary depending on the campaign.

    However, they offer a performance bonus of $2,000 for affiliates who earn over $1,000 per week within the first 60 days of joining the network.

    The payment frequency options are monthly or weekly.


    14. GlobalWide Media.

    GlobalWide Media is an experienced CPA affiliate network that has been in the industry for over a decade.

    They have established partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Jumia, AliExpress, Groupon, MindSpark, and, giving their affiliates access to high-quality CPA offers.

    This network generates over $3 billion in sales annually for its advertisers, showcasing their effectiveness in the industry.

    GlobalWide Media has a payment threshold of $100 and payments are made on a monthly basis.

    Additionally, affiliates can earn a 5% bonus on all sales made by anyone they refer to the network.


    15. Adscend Media.

    Adscend is an CPA network that began as a small startup but has since grown to have over 35,000 publishers.

    They offer a variety of campaigns across multiple platforms, including website integration via iFrame or API, and mobile app integration via SDK.

    They have a reputation for timely payments and have never missed a publisher payment cycle.

    However, the specific offers available are not publicly disclosed and must be accessed by signing up with the network.

    The payment threshold is $50, and payments can be received on a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly basis.


    16. A4D.

    A4D, also known as Ads 4 Dough, is one of the best CPA networks that offers a variety of offers and campaigns across different niches, such as health, fitness, beauty, finance, e-commerce, and business opportunities.

    Although the network’s website uses a mobile interface, which can be inconvenient,

    they claim to carefully vet each advertiser and only work with high-converting offers.

    The payment threshold is $50 and payments can be made monthly or weekly.

       JOIN A4D

    17. Mobidea.

    Mobidea is a CPA network that specializes in mobile CPA offers.

    They have a wide selection of promotions available through an offers wall, and also offer a SmartLink feature that automatically presents visitors with the best offer based on their geographic location.

    They also have an academy for advanced CPA affiliate marketing.

    They have been praised by Charles Ngo for being one of the best CPA networks for new affiliates.

    They allow potential affiliates to view their offers before signing up, and their offers have a high earning potential with payouts of up to $36 per sale.

    The payment threshold is €50 and payments are made monthly.


    18. Advidi.

    Advidi is a European CPA network that offers multiple campaigns across popular CPA verticals such as dating, sweepstakes, nutrition, gaming, and finance.

    The offers range from dietary programs to casinos.

    Though the information about the offers is difficult to find, it is known that affiliates need to generate $1,000 in sales commissions per week to receive weekly payments.

    Advidi’s website has a digital marketing agency feel, and it is suitable for affiliates who can push a significant amount of traffic.

    The payment threshold is $1,000 and the payment frequency is weekly and monthly.


    19. AdCombo.

    Adcombo is a CPA network with a polished website and unique campaigns across 12 verticals, including niches such as health and beauty, dating, and gaming.

    They also offer support for over 40 languages and serve landing pages from their own international network of servers for optimal load times.

    Affiliates are paid weekly without delays or holds.

    Activation is simple, with a quick signup process and confirmation via email, followed by contact from a personal affiliate manager for a few questions about the experience.

    The payment threshold for Adcombo is $50 and the payment frequency is bi-weekly.


    20. RevenueAds.

    RevenueAds is a CPA network that uses a unique approach to acquire publishers.

    They allow users to browse through different campaigns without the need to sign up for an account.

    The network offers a wide range of campaigns with high payouts, including catalog card campaigns with a CPA of up to $350 per sale.

    They have worked with some of the biggest and best brands across various verticals, such as online dating, making it a great option for savvy affiliates who can drive qualified traffic to their offers.

    The network has a payment threshold of $50 and payments are made bi-monthly.


    21. Panthera Network.

    Panthera Network is a CPA network that has been in business for over a decade.

    The company is known for its longevity in an industry where CPA networks can appear and disappear overnight.

    They attend Affiliate Summit East which adds to their credibility.

    The support team of Panthera Network is known to respond quickly to queries.

    They offer a wide range of products and services from their advertisers and also offer a referral bonus of 5% on all sales generated by anyone referred to their network.

    The minimum threshold for payment is $50 and payments are made on a monthly basis.


    22. Digital Media Solutions (Formerly W4).

    Digital Media Solutions (formerly known as W4) is an industry leader in the field of marketing technology.

    The company is actively seeking affiliates to promote the products of its advertisers, particularly in competitive verticals such as insurance, consumer finance, education, and subscription services.

    This may be a good option for new CPA affiliates who are willing to work hard.

    However, details on the payouts for their offers are not publicly available, so you will have to sign up to learn more.

    The payment threshold is $100 and payments are made bi-monthly.


    23. Convert2Media.

    Convert2Media, also called as C2M, is a reputable united states based CPA network that has been in operation since 2007.

    The network boasts a strong track record of timely payments and offers a wide range of CPA offers for affiliates to promote.

    Although there is limited information available on the website, affiliates can sign up to learn more about the offers and campaigns available.

    The minimum payment threshold for Convert2Media is $100 and payments are made on a weekly basis.


    24. Affiliati Network.

    Affiliati Network is a CPA network that operates on the assumption that you’ll have to sign up to find out whether it’s one of the best CPA networks out there.

    The website does not provide much information about the network’s offerings.

    However, it does have an impressive list of CPA advertising clients, including well-known and trusted brands like Dollar Shave Club, LendingTree, and McAfee.

    The network has a payment threshold of $100 and payment is made on a net 15 basis.


    25. Lemonads.

    Lemonads is an experienced CPA network that has been in the CPA marketing industry for over a decade.

    With a solid reputation for efficiency and results, it has attracted a wide range of advertisers and publishers, including well-known brands like British Gas, Uber Eats, and Norton.

    The network claims to have generated three million hits, 6,000 qualified leads, and 1,800 affiliate programs in 200 countries in the last month alone.

    Additionally, it claims that 85% of affiliate marketers see an increase in revenue within the first three months of using the platform.

    This impressive track record makes Lemonads a top choice among CPA networks.


    26. Adsterra.

    Adsterra is a well-known ad network that also operates one of the top CPA networks in the industry.

    It offers a wide range of CPA offers in various niches such as gambling, gaming, antivirus, utility, VPN, software, dating, and sweepstakes.

    Adsterra values choice, allowing affiliates to choose their preferred payment method from a list of options including PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, Bitcoin, and more.

    With a low minimum payment of $5 via Paxum and WebMoney, affiliates can receive weekly payments even with a smaller number of leads.

    Adsterra also provides a dedicated affiliate manager to help drive performance.

    The payment threshold is US$5 and payment is made every Monday.



    The world of CPA affiliate marketing is constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant: the need for reliable and effective networks that can connect advertisers with publishers.

    The CPA networks listed in this article are among the best in the industry, offering a wide range of CPA offers across various niches, competitive payouts, and flexible payment options.

    Whether you’re a pro CPA marketer or new to the scene, these CPA networks are worth considering to monetize your traffic and increase your revenue.

    It’s important to research and compare the different CPA networks to find the one that best fits your needs and goals.

    With the right CPA network, you can achieve enviable income and take your CPA marketing to the next level.

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