15 Best Micro Jobs Sites To Make Money Online In 2022

    Micro jobs are one of the easy ways to make money online from home.

    Companies and individuals post on these sites with short tasks that you can complete for a small amount of money.

    These jobs can be done from home on your own time, making it easy to fit into your already busy schedule.

    There are many different ways you can earn money using micro jobs, so we have picked out 16 of the best micro job sites for you.

    We’ll review these micro job sites with their potential and earning opportunities.

    Let’s get started!

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    What Are Micro Jobs?

    The first thing you need to know about micro-jobs is what they are and how they work.

    A micro job is a small task that pays a small amount of money, usually less than $5.

    You can browse these jobs from home or on your mobile device as many companies offer app versions for both Android and iOS devices.

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    In the past few years, as more people have started using smartphones, mobile-based opportunities have increased rapidly.

    These types of tasks could be simple things like filling out a survey or tagging images online.

    Besides, some micro jobs involve writing, translating text, reviewing products or services, drawing simple images, editing video clips, and solving captcha.

    What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Micro Jobs?

    Micro jobs have both pros and cons as everything else in this world.

    So, let’s look at them one by one.

    Pros Of Micro Jobs.

    Here are the advantages of micro jobs:

    1. No Long Term Commitment.

    These jobs are great for people with busy schedules.

    Most of us have a time in the day when we can spare a few minutes here and there to complete tasks.

    Just look through what’s available, pick something that fits into your schedule, and start working.

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    However, these micro jobs sites don’t require any long-term commitment because you can stop working on them anytime.

    You are free to work on as many or as few of these jobs as you want every day depending only on your time availability.

    It helps both students, housewives, homemakers, and everyone else who is looking for some extra spending money.

    2. Offers Flexibility.

    These micro job sites provide superior flexibility to the users.

    You can complete a task whenever you have free time, and it also needs to be taken into consideration that the availability of jobs varies from site to site.

    In addition, you will decide when and how much work you want to do as most of these micro job sites allow users to work as many hours as they want without any predefined schedule or time limit.

    You can even choose which tasks you want or don’t want so that your earnings are maximized accordingly.

    3. Build Skills Effortlessly Through These Platforms.

    Yes, micro job sites build skills effortlessly, so you don’t have to pay a single buck for building skills.

    All you have to do is sign up and start working on available jobs that suit your interests, profiles, and abilities.

    In fact, you can even build multiple skills from home through this platform from different companies.

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    The limit here is only your time availability as well as an Internet connection.

    But the skill isn’t working If you can’t find tasks to build your skill or expertise.

    So, it is always better to have a set of micro-jobs available, so you can work on them seamlessly.

    4. Choose Who You Want To Work With.

    One of the best options for these micro job sites is you can choose who you want to work with.

    For instance, if you don’t like the tasks offered by one company, then you can simply sign up for another.

    This way, your skills, and expertise are maximized without any hassles or restrictions on how many tasks you need to complete in a day.

    5. Make Money To The Best Of Your Potentiality.

    Micro jobs offer an excellent way to make some extra cash on the side.

    If you wish, you can even make it a full-time job.

    Since there are no restrictions on how many hours you spend working on these tasks.

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    Every task is important in micro jobs sites because they give a payout for each task performance.

    So, each time you complete a task, your account gets credited with the corresponding amount.

    6. Run Your Own Business And Refuse To Take Instructions From Others.

    The best part of these micro job sites is that you can do your own business with them to earn more.

    If you are creative enough, then you can build your own website and market it very easily.

    Besides doing these micro jobs, you can also make a group for your website and give tasks to the members for better output.

    So, it is not necessary that you do all small tasks on micro job sites.

    instead, you can get tasks from your own sites and distribute them among others.

    7. No Commute, Which Saves A Lot Of Time.

    “Time is money”, So, it is always better to invest your time into something that brings you more money rather than wasting it on pointless things.

    When working on micro job sites, you don’t have to commute to work or even leave your home.

    You can do everything without any hassle and send the money directly to your bank account every week via online transfers.

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    This helps both employers and employees because people living in rural areas can perform tasks just as well as people living in cities.

    All you need is an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

    Cons Of Micro Jobs.

    Here are the disadvantages of micro jobs:

    1. Accountability.

    Responsibility is a major concern on micro-job sites.

    Employers on these micro job sites lack any accountability, and they can easily create fake accounts to post jobs.

    In fact, some employers try to attract workers by offering more money for the same task to get high-quality results.

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    As far as users are concerned, it is hard to verify whether these employers are paying on time or not.

    Also, some users even complain of getting payments in bogus accounts where they cannot withdraw their money.

    2. Variable Income And Workloads.

    A major drawback of performing tasks on these micro job sites is that the amount you get paid varies from task to task.

    Some employers offer big amounts while others pay very low wages for specific work.

    So, it is not possible for users to make a fixed income every week because the money they make depends entirely on how many hours they spend working on a task.

    As far as the workload is concerned, it varies from user to user.

    Some users finish all their tasks in two days but others take more time to accomplish them depending on the number of tasks they have at hand.

    3. Administrative Responsibilities.

    It is to be noted that these micro job sites do not actually hire their users.

    Instead, they create a platform where employers and workers meet and negotiate the payment for tasks to be performed.

    Thus, you have no legal rights as a user of a micro-job site.

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    If an employer fails to pay you on time or makes a bogus payment, you can’t take legal action against them.

    Likewise, if something goes wrong with the transaction and the money doesn’t reach your account, then you have no one to complain to the micro-job site.

    What Are The Different Types Of Micro Jobs?

    There are several types of micro-jobs, including the following.

    1. Online Tasks.

    On micro-task sites, you find various types of small tasks that you need to perform online.

    These include filling out forms, creating accounts on social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn, posting comments on forums, etc.

    Some workers even get paid for sharing links to various websites with their friends on social networks.

    2. Real-World Tasks.

    As the name suggests, you get paid for performing small tasks in the real world.

    These include writing postcards with motivational messages, taking photos of various locations, etc.

    You can even get cashback rewards when shopping online at e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Snapdeal if you make purchases using coupons printed on these postcards.

    3. Crowdsourcing Websites.

    A crowdsourcing website is a platform where employers come together and work on a project, getting help from the general public.

    You can earn money by participating in these projects as ‘task workers’.

    The crowdsourcing website also provides a payment gateway, so you can get paid via online transfers.

    How Do Micro Jobs Sites Pay?

    Micro job sites are paying different methods like PayPal, bank transfer, etc. But the best method is online transfers because it is fast and secure.

    Many users are now preferring to choose only this payment method for their earnings on micro job sites.

    Micro job sites are a good source of earning extra income which gives you more freedom to work from home easily.

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    You can earn quite well and withdraw it fast which is really a good benefit.

    But one thing you should remember is that it is nearly impossible to earn your entire livelihood from performing micro jobs, but it’s an excellent way to supplement your current income sources.

    What Is The Maximum Amount Of Money That Can Be Made Via Microsites?

    The maximum amount one can earn through microsites is purely dependent on the amount of work that they do.

    Some users earn a considerable amount working on these sites while others earn very little.

    It all depends on how hard you’re willing to work and how many hours you spend doing a task.

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    You can even get more work on the basis of your performance.

    If you complete a task successfully, more jobs will be offered to you by the employer.

    However, the micro job task can be starting at 0.1$ to a maximum of $50. Which depends on the task and the time of performing.

    What Are The Best And Legitimate Micro Jobs Websites?

    Though there are numerous micro job sites available today, we can not trust others easily and we also know that if we give our important information like email, and address to anyone then they will misuse it.

    So we should be very careful about giving any personal or financial details on such sites.

    You don’t need to worry more because here is the best site on which you can do your task safely.

    1. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk).

    amazon mturk micro job site

    Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is one of the oldest and best micro job sites in the world.

    It’s owned and operated by Amazon, which means it has a well-established background.

    You can get paid for performing simple tasks like filling out forms, writing product reviews, etc.

    Since everything here is done online, you can access the site from any part of the world.

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    However, it’s not a good idea to make MTurk your primary source of income as you may not get enough work on a regular basis.

    But you can still use it as a side-income source because there are many users registered here.

    Though this is an American website you don’t need to worry about it as you can get your payment in the form of Amazon securely.


    2. Clickworker.

    clickworker micro job site

    Clickworker is an established site that enables employers from all around the world to collaborate with each other.

    You can choose your own task and make money doing it.

    It has a very large user base so you have lots of options here to choose from.

    The tasks are simple and you can easily perform them within a few minutes.

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    It’s a good site for beginners because there are no fees or financial requirements involved.

    No money is required to get started with clickworker.

    They recommend you to have an initial payment of at least $10 from your account before you withdraw your earnings from this website.

    But the minimum amount required depends on the payment method you’ve selected.


    3. Crowdsource (Now Called One Space).

    onespace micro jobs website

    Crowdsource is another great micro job site that pays its users for completing various tasks.

    This website has very good reviews because of its fast payments, simple system, and high-quality jobs.

    However, you should know that the majority of the jobs on this website are location-specific, which means you can access them only if you’re located in a certain country.

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    But it’s not an issue because most people who visit websites like Crowdsource want to work from home and get paid without any problem.

    You can also do tasks on your smartphone or Pc.


    4. Rapidworkers.

    rapidworkers micro jobs site

    Rapidworkers is a fantastic micro job website that enables you to earn money from your home.

    They have a very wide range of tasks which is suitable for all categories.

    The best part about this site is that they don’t ask for any minimum payment, so you can get started with as little as 0$.

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    But the minimum amount required depends on the payment method you’ve selected.

    Although it’s a well-known site, there is no doubt that it will get its users in an incredibly short time.

    And don’t forget that this website also provides a secure and private environment for all its members.


    5. Microworkers.

    microworkers micro job websites

    Microworkers is a global micro job site that pays its users for completing small tasks.

    The best part about this site is that you can do whatever task you want as it has over a thousand employers offering jobs at any time.

    However, If you’re not satisfied with the amount then there are some other websites present which is offering minimum payouts of less than that.

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    But be careful about these sites because we don’t know much about them and they may not offer enough work to their members.

    This website also has no geographical limitations And, it offers many options like data entry, audio transcription, etc.

    So if you’re looking for a great international platform then Microwers is an ideal choice for you.


    6. PicoWorkers.

    picoworkers micro jobs sites

    PicoWorkers is a very different site that pays its users for completing small tasks.

    Now it’s so simple to earn money online with PicoWorkers.

    You can complete tasks from any part of the world as it is a worldwide site.

    The great thing about this website is that you can do whatever task you want and whenever you want to do it.

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    There are no restrictions here so any person from any corner of the world can enjoy this opportunity to earn money online easily.

    Though it doesn’t offer any high-paying tasks like the others, it’s an excellent choice for earning some extra cash online.

    You can choose your own task and earn money doing it.


    7. GigBucks.

    gigbucks micro jobs websites

    Gigbucks was registered in 2010, Since the beginning, they paid their users to complete tasks online.

    It’s very easy to use and understand this website.

    They don’t offer daily work but you can find high-quality tasks here that are worth your time.

    This website is really where you can make money authentically because it pays its members for every task completed successfully.

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    You Can also do tasks on your smartphone or Pc.

    You can provide any kind of services at big bucks like translation, virtual assistance, and graphic design.

    So this is one of the best micro job sites to earn money from home without any problem.


    8. Zeerk.

    zeerk micro jobs website

    Zeerk is a very new yet powerful website to make money online.

    We know that it’s a relatively new site in the micro job market.

    But this site is growing fast and gaining the trust of its users by offering quality tasks.

    You can do various types of jobs here like graphic design, logo designing, data entry, etc.

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    And they will pay you for your work in a timely manner without any issue whatsoever.

    So give them a try once and we’re sure you’ll enjoy working on this website with hundreds of other members from all over the world.

    However, you can earn from $4 to $200 easily depending on your task.


    9. Task Rabbit.


    Task Rabbit is one of the oldest micro job sites (2007) that pays its users to do various tasks.

    If you’re good at working with customers then Task Rabbit is the best choice for you.

    You can get paid to do almost anything like cleaning services, babysitting, dog walking, etc.

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    It’s all up to your imagination what you want to earn money from.

    All of this website’s tasks are divided into different categories.

    So choose whatever suits your skills & start earning immediately without any hurdles.


    10. SEOClerks.

    seoclerks micro jobs site

    SEOClerks was initially built for SEO purposes but it’s now the biggest micro job site on the internet.

    It provides many kinds of services like web development, logo designing, data entry, etc.

    You can earn anything from $5 to $2000 easily here depending on your skills and task type.

    You’ll be able to understand this website pretty quickly because of its very simple interface.

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    All you need to do is choose a work & read the description properly before starting the task.

    This site will also pay you through PayPal without any issue whatsoever.

    If you’re struggling with money then start earning a minimum of $500 per month here easily.


    11. Fiverr.


    Among all the websites, Fiverr is a very popular site.

    You can sell your skills and products online on Fiverr easily.

    All you have to do is sign up for free with a simple profile and start selling your service or product without any hassle.

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    They pay their users through PayPal so there is no problem here whatsoever.

    You can also buy services from others using this website if that’s not your thing then you can just start doing favors for other people as well to improve your earnings even more.

    In short, this website is really an excellent job site worth trying out now & it’s a good alternative for freelancers.


    12. Appen.

    appen micro job websites

    On, You can find the job that you love most.

    Because Appen is a very big company that pays its users for many kinds of tasks.

    You can find international tasks related to social media, search engine optimization, language translation, etc.

    All you have to do is join this website through your Facebook & start earning money instantly without any issue whatsoever.

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    This website has a huge number of members which is increasing daily because it’s really great at what it does.

    You should give them a try if you want to earn some dollars online while doing the things you love most.

    This is a genuine site that has been mentioned in Microsoft or IBM.

    So you can expect real services while working on this site.


    13. Freelancer.


    Freelancer is one of the best places to find jobs online.

    You can start freelancing / small jobs on this website without any issue whatsoever.

    All you have to do is create a profile and start offering your services for free or for money as well.

    This site has almost all types of categories like mobile development, logo designing, data entry, etc.

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    You’ll be able to find something related to your skills easily on this website without any hassle at all.

    All their services are divided into three main categories; simple tasks, tough tasks, & rush jobs.

    So choose whatever suits your skills better & start working instantly without any trouble at all.


    14. Upwork.


    Upwork is a very popular site that pays its users for doing various tasks.

    You can find almost anything on this website from social media to data entry, etc.

    It’s all up to you what you’re going to do here and how much money you want to earn as well.

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    This website is getting better day by day because it’s really a great platform to find jobs online.

    So you should give them a try right now & start earning money easily.

    Now Upwork can be used as a freelancing website as well as a job site so it might be worth trying out for you.


    15. PeoplePerHour.

    people per hour

    PeoplePerHour is another popular job site where you can find jobs easily related to your skills & expertise.

    You’ll be able to start working on this website without any issue whatsoever.

    So We would like to recommend you to give it a try, you’ll love this website if you’re looking for money.

    All the tasks on this site are divided into various categories like logo designing, data entry, writing, SEO services, etc.

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    So just choose whatever you want to do right now and start earning money instantly without any issue at all.

    PeoplePerHour is a trusted website that has been verified by many big companies like Microsoft & Freelance.

    So you can expect real money here.



    If you want to become successful online then you need a very good job site.

    Because we can’t earn money without a proper place where we can do jobs right?

    So these are the list of best job sites that pay their users for doing various tasks like data entry, filling forms, etc.

    All these websites have been mentioned after thorough research so you can expect real money here.

    All you have to do is join these websites instantly without any hassle at all.

    And, always go for popular websites that have been around for several years.

    This way you’ll make sure that their support team is available round the clock when you need them most.

    Priyansh Gupta
    Priyansh Gupta
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