28 High Paying Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2022

    The best way to get started with affiliate marketing is to look for high paying affiliate programs.

    After all, you’re in this business to earn money online and make a livelihood.

    Targeting top paying affiliate programs makes a lot of sense.

    Why not make money as a blogger or an expert in your field?

    Promoting a product that pays a $100 commission takes approximately the same amount of time and effort as promoting one that pays $10, so why not follow the money?

    Finding the top affiliate marketing programs among hundreds of topics (and tens of thousands of affiliate marketing programs) is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    Fortunately, we’ve crunched the facts and come up with this list of 28 high paying affiliate programs.

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    What Are The Best High Paying Affiliate Programs?

    top paying affiliate programs

    We take pleasure in locating the greatest affiliate opportunities.

    Every program on this list pays out massive commissions and is entirely free to join.

    Take a look at this list of the best high paying affiliate programs:

    1. SEMRush.

    semrush high paying affiliate program

    SEMrush is a SEO tool that everyone should be familiar with.

    Over seven million businesses use its suite of over 40 digital marketing tools, which range from keyword research and competitor analysis to content delivery and social media management.

    SEMrush products are used by one out of every four Fortune 500 firms.

    With such clout, it’s no surprise that the brand’s affiliate commissions are so appealing.

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    Affiliates get paid in the following ways:

    • Every new sale is worth $200.
    • Every new lead is worth $10.
    • For each new signup, you’ll get $0.01.

    After the end of the month, commissions are paid out 27 days later.

    Commission: Up to $200.

    Cookie duration: 120 days.


    2. Siteground.

    siteground high paying affiliate program

    This is the first of a number of web hosting providers that have made our list of high paying affiliate programs.

    Not surprisingly, many of these have been cut as the web hosting sector is expected to be valued at around $100 billion by 2025.

    Siteground is used by almost two million domain owners, and they appear to appreciate it since the company boasts a client satisfaction record of 99.7%.

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    Siteground charges a sliding scale of commissions depending on how many signups you generate.

    Earn $75 for each sale by referring 11–20 new clients every month.

    Anyone who signs up for Siteground’s affiliate marketing program will receive a month of free hosting to test out the service.

    Commission: Up to $75.

    Cookie duration: 60 days.


    3. Liquid Web.

    liquid high paying affiliate program

    Liquid Web is a web hosting platform, like many of the affiliate marketing programs on our list.

    It handles over 500,000 sites and has over 45,000 clients globally, with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses.

    Its in-house high paying affiliate program, which is backed by the Impact Radius affiliate network, pays 150 percent of the monthly hosting cost in commissions, with a minimum payout of $150.

    In other words, you’ll get $150 if you suggest a $29 Managed WordPress customer with one site.

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    Alternatively, if the consumer opts for a $400 monthly bundle, you’ll earn $600.

    As if that wasn’t enough, pre-paid plans are eligible for a 50% incentive.

    Affiliates with Liquid Web also get advance notice of special specials and promotions, as well as a dedicated affiliate manager for one-on-one help.

    Commission: 150%.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.


    4. Bluehost.

    Bluehost high paying affiliate program

    Bluehost offers WordPress Web hosting for as little as $2.95 per month.

    Its 750-strong crew is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to run more than two million websites throughout the world.

    Bluehost’s high paying affiliate program pays $65 for every eligible hosting transaction you suggest, despite the company’s low prices.

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    Because it paid out more than $5 million in commissions in the previous year alone, that’s definitely a very appealing possibility for the typical affiliate marketer.

    You may sign up on the Bluehost website using a simple form or through CJ Affiliate.

    Commission: $65.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.


    5. Hostinger.

    hostinger high paying affiliate program

    Make an educated guess as to what Hostinger does.

    It’s a low-cost hosting company like Bluehost, with its entry-level Single Shared Hosting option costing only $1.39 per month.

    To continue our Top Trumps game of web hosting, Hostinger has 29 million subscribers in 178 countries, with 98 percent rating its service as “good.”

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    Hostinger’s inexpensive costs aren’t reflected in low commission rates, with its high paying affiliate program paying out at least 60% of every referred transaction, similar to Bluehost.

    High conversion rates are also promised, as well as a dedicated affiliate marketing account manager to assist you in maximizing success.

    Applications are submitted using a simple online form and are evaluated within three business days.

    Commission: 60%.

    Cookie duration: 30 days.


    6. HostGator.

    hostgator high paying affiliate program

    With a history dating back to 2002, HostGator is nearly ancient when it comes to web hosting providers.

    It now hosts over two million websites, guarantees 99.9% uptime, and provides free domain registration for the first year.

    The HostGator Web hosting high paying affiliate program is based on sliding commission rates and is powered by the affiliate network Impact Radius.

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    If you recommend one to five sales in a month, you’ll earn $65 for each sale, while super affiliates who suggest 21 or more sales per month will earn $125 per sale.

    It takes two months and ten days to payout.

    That may seem a little long, but it’s to accommodate HostGator’s 45-day money-back guarantee, which should help your affiliate links get a lot of clicks.

    Commission: up to $125.

    Cookie duration: 60 days.


    7. Cloudways.

    cloudways high paying affiliate program

    Cloudways is a web hosting provider that caters to individuals, small businesses, and agencies.

    It offers a portfolio of over 250,000 effectively managed websites across 60 data centers and a 94.7 percent client satisfaction score.

    It’s really impressive!

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    Cloudways is a cloud-based web hosting service that offers a choice of five industry-leading infrastructures, including Google Cloud Engine and Amazon Web Services, as its name indicates.

    Cloudway’s high paying affiliate program offers a variety of commission types, which is exciting for affiliates.

    Either earn up to $125 per sale for 46 – 80 sales per month (or even more for super affiliates that drive more than 80 monthly sales) or take $30 + a 7% lifetime fee to enjoy the benefits of passive income.

    Commission: up to $125.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.


    8. Elementor.

    elementor high paying affiliate program

    Elementor isn’t a hosting platform, which is surprising.

    Instead, it’s a WordPress-specific web construction tool.

    The software as a service application is one of the top 15 most popular WordPress plugins, with over five million active installs and over 3,000 five-star WordPress ratings.

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    That implies it has a well-known brand name, making it much easier for affiliate marketers to “sell.”

    Elementor’s page builder is simple to learn and use, and its high paying affiliate program commission rates are even simpler to understand: you earn 50% of the purchases you generate.

    With costs as high as $999 per year, there’s a lot of money to be made here.

    Commission: 50%.

    Cookie duration: 30 days.


    9. Sendinblue.

    sendinblue high paying affiliate program

    Sendinblue, like SEMrush, offers a full suite of marketing applications.

    It is used by over 175,000 businesses across the world to manage email marketing, and client interactions, create high-converting landing pages, and much more.

    You may earn €5 commissions as a member of Sendinblue’s high paying affiliate program every time a user registers up for a Sendinblue account, plus an additional €100 if that person purchases a subscription.

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    That’s a fantastic bargain since it means you can entice clients with a low-risk offer and then let Sendinblue’s email service work for you!

    One thing to keep in mind: you’ll need to recommend at least one new paid subscription to have your account verified, and you won’t be able to earn any commissions until you’ve been validated.

    Commission: €100.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.


    10. HubSpot.

    hubspot high paying affiliate program

    HubSpot is so well-known that its founders authored the book on inbound marketing.

    HubSpot’s marketing platform is used by over 113,000 clients in over 120 countries to acquire leads, nurture them through the buyer experience, and convert them into sales.

    HubSpot is a terrific tool, but it isn’t inexpensive, as anyone who has used it will attest.

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    With a commission structure dependent on the customer’s initial purchase and product tier, there’s a lot of money to be made here:

    • $250 for a starter/basic package.
    • $500 for a professional/CMS.
    • $1,000 for a business.

    This high paying affiliate program also allows for a lot of cross-selling opportunities.

    You’ll earn $250 + $500 if you suggest a customer that purchases Marketing Starter and Sales Professional at the same time.

    Marketers get access to a variety of free materials, including sample movies, banners, content examples, and landing pages, to assist entice readers to click on their affiliate links.

    Commission: Up to $1000.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.


    11. GetResponse.

    Getresponse high paying affiliate program

    GetResponse is a robust and user-friendly platform for sending emails, developing landing pages, and automating digital marketing chores.

    Again, it’s a big issue since its email marketing program sends out an incredible 764,556,063 emails every week.

    GetResponse effectively operates two high paying affiliate programs, one of which pays a one-time $100 commission for new purchases and the other of which pays a 33 percent cut of continuous subscription income.

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    Get leads. Get sales. Get growing.

    Although each model has a distinct locking time, commissions are paid monthly around the 20th of each month.

    Affiliate marketers get access to specialized support staff as well as business guidance from the brand’s affiliate manager to help them boost those all-important sales.

    Register on the GetResponse website or through the CJ Affiliate network.

    Commission: $100 or 33% recurring commissions.

    Cookie duration: 120 days.


    12. Fiverr.

    fiverr high paying affiliate program

    Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace that links businesses with talent in over 300 different digital service categories.

    L’Oreal, Unilever, and are just a few of the big names that use it.

    It also includes a number of additional products, including AND.CO, a freelance business management tool, and Learn From Fiverr, an online training platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

    To put it in a different way, there’s a lot of room for affiliate marketers to profit from this high paying affiliate program.

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    In addition, Fiverr does not have a referral restriction and provides lifelong attribution.

    Because each of its verticals and audiences is distinct, its commissions differ between goods and services.

    The simplest is Fiverr CPA, which gives a dynamic commission per action based on the service purchased, ranging from $15 to $150.

    Other options include:

    • 50% commission for AND.CO.
    • 30% commission on each course order from Learn From Fiverr.
    • On Fiverr Business sales, you’ll get $100 upfront plus a 10% income share for the next 12 months.

    Commission: Up to $1000.

    Cookie duration: No limit, lifetime attribution.


    13. Teachable.

    teachable high paying affiliate program

    Teachable is a software-as-a-service platform that assists aspiring entrepreneurs in creating online training courses.

    With the online education sector predicted to be worth $350 billion by 2025, that’s a sensible place to be.

    Teachable and its customers are clearly reaping a significant chunk of those profits, as the company’s 100,000+ creators have already sold more than $1 billion in courses and coaching through the platform.

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    Teachable’s high paying affiliate program pays out an average of $450 per transaction, with a tiered income structure that starts at 30% per sale and escalates to 50% after certain monthly benchmarks are met.

    Best of all, the revenue sharing approach of its partner program means you don’t only get paid when you introduce a new creation; you get paid for as long as they stay on the site.

    Commission: Up to 50%.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.


    14. GreenGeeks.

    greengeeks high paying affiliate program

    Let’s get back to website hosting now that we’ve had our fill of diversity!

    Another hosting business is GreenGeeks.

    However, it distinguishes itself by portraying itself as the premier environmentally friendly website hosting company.

    GreenGeeks balances its environmental effect by purchasing three times as many Renewable Electricity Credits for all of the energy utilized by its data centers.

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    The 15,000+ members of its high paying affiliate program have earned more than $6.5 million in commissions to date, indicating that this ethical approach to hosting is resonating.

    Commissions are paid on a sliding basis, with the lowest amount being $50 for a single purchase and the highest amount being $100 for six or more transactions in a month.

    Affiliates that generate more than ten monthly sales are eligible for custom commissions.

    Commission: Up to $100.

    Cookie duration: 30 days.


    15. Thrive Themes.

    thrive themes top paying affiliate programs

    Thrive Themes is a company that provides WordPress themes and plugins that increase conversion rates.

    It also offers a variety of add-on goods and services, such as A/B testing for landing pages and an online course creation tool.

    The Thrive Themes affiliate network provides you with a 25% share of all recurring profits in addition to a 35 percent reward for each client you suggest.

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    This implies that if someone you suggest renews for five years, you’ll be paid commissions on each renewal throughout that time.

    Furthermore, as soon as your commissions reach $20, you’ll get compensated through Paypal.

    Affiliates that do well are invited to join the brand’s exclusive Slack channel.

    Commission: 35% + 25% recurring.

    Cookie duration: 2 years.


    16. AppSumo.

    app sumo top paying affiliate program

    AppSumo is a daily deal website for digital products and services that has built a reputation for itself by working with well-known software companies such as Evernote, MailChimp, and Depositphotos.

    Software sales are lucrative, as seen by the high commission rates offered by AppSumo’s high paying affiliate program.

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    You may earn up to 100% of a new AppSumo customer’s purchase price, and you can also earn up to 5% of sales to existing customers, up to a maximum of $50 per order.

    Just a quick note: new AppSumo users may be granted entry-level (i.e. less generous) prices at first before being moved up to the normal terms after a 30-day performance assessment.

    Commission: Up to 100%.

    Cookie duration: 30 days.


    17. Builderall.

    builderall high paying affiliate programs

    Builderall may be thought of as an all-in-one digital marketing toolbox.

    Its current product suite includes over 40 connected applications and solutions that cover everything from email marketing to chatbots to eCommerce and marketing funnel creation.

    Those items may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per month if purchased separately, yet Builderall’s pricing starts at just $29.90 per month.

    That’s an easy sell for the company’s tens of thousands of affiliates, who earn a combined $1 million or more in commissions each month.

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    You earn 100% of the original sale value as a Builderall affiliate, which is already rather appealing.

    You’ll also get 30% of recurring income and a 30% commission on sales from any other affiliates you bring on board, making it even more appealing.

    Consider all of that wonderful passive income!

    Commission: 100%.

    Cookie duration: 30 days.


    18. Kinsta.

    kinsta high paying affiliate program

    Kinsta provides premium WordPress website hosting.

    Its customer roster reads like a who’s who of IT and digital enterprises, with names like Buffer, Tripadvisor, and Ubisoft among them.

    The commission rates on Kinsta are equally outstanding.

    It’s one of the high paying affiliate programs we’ve ever seen.

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    Depending on the type of package selected, affiliates might earn $50 to $500 for each transaction.

    But that’s not all: each month, Kinsta pays out a ten percent lifetime commission.

    With a turnover rate of under 4%, recurring affiliate money has genuine value.

    Commission: Up to $500.

    Cookie duration: 60 days.


    19. Shopify.

    Shopify top paying affiliate program

    In producing our list of high paying affiliate programs, we looked at a lot of major brands, but Shopify is by far the biggest.

    The software as a service eCommerce platform is used by more than 1.7 million firms in 175 countries to sell more than $200 billion worth of goods.

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    Unlike many huge firms, Shopify pays a one-time payment equal to 200 percent of the subscription charge for its Basic, Shopify, and Advanced offerings, increasing to a tantalizing $2,000 for Shopify Plus sales.

    Payments are made twice monthly via PayPal, with a minimum amount of $25.

    Commission: Up to $2000.

    Cookie duration: 30 days.


    20. WP Engine.

    wp engine high paying affiliate program

    WP Engine is another web hosting company that focuses on the profitable and large WordPress hosting market.

    The brand’s reputation – people, adore them — makes this one of the greatest and high paying affiliate programs in the hosting space.

    This is despite the fact that their cheapest hosting package costs $30 per month and their “best value” package costs over $300.

    WP Engine has two commission schemes to choose from.

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    On sales of WP Engine and Genesis Pro products, earn $200 or 100% of your first month’s payment or 35% on StudioPress Theme purchases.

    There’s also an enticing incentive package depending on referral volume.

    If you recommend five sales in a month, you’ll get a $100 incentive, and if you refer 60 or more sales in a month, you’ll get $1,500.

    Commission: Up to $200.

    Cookie duration: 60 to 180 days.


    21. Doggy Dan Training.

    dog trainer high paying affiliate program

    Doggy Dan Training is now the most popular dog training product on ClickBank.

    If you’ve been in affiliate marketing for a long time, you’ll know that the dog training area has some of the best and high paying affiliate programs.

    More than 57,000 dog owners have purchased Doggy Dan’s training goods, indicating that he is barking up the correct tree.

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    With a substantial commission rate of 70% and a return rate of 3%, there’s much to make affiliate marketers wag their figurative tails.

    Doggy Dan’s affiliate marketing network offers lots of opportunities to monetize your traffic, thanks to a 60-day cookie life.

    Commission: 70%.

    Cookie duration: 60 days.


    22. ClickFunnels.

    clickfunnels high paying affiliate program

    ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder and website builder for business owners who don’t know how to code.

    It’s clearly good at what it does, having signed up over 110,000 clients and assisting them in generating about $12 billion in sales.

    When you join as a ClickFunnels affiliate, you’ll be eligible for recurring 20% commissions on front-end product sales.

    However, things improve from there.

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    If you earn $1,000 in affiliate commissions in a single month, you can qualify for recurring commissions of 30%.

    If you have 40 active live accounts for at least 30 days, you can get your monthly recurring commissions boosted to 40%.

    Furthermore, sales of ClickFunnels'”One Funnel Away” and “30 Days” packages earn you $100.

    Commission: Up to 40% recurring commission.

    Cookie duration: Lifetime.


    23. Capitalist Exploits.

    capitalist exploits high paying affiliate programs

    Capitalist Exploits is committed to locating investment opportunities with asymmetric risk/reward ratios.

    For individuals who don’t speak finance, it provides courses that teach people how to get the most out of their money.

    Those goods start at $1,999 a year, but they come with a 100% money-back guarantee, which gives your audience a lot of confidence.

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    With such pricing, a 50% commission rate for each transaction becomes quite appealing.

    Furthermore, their items have incredibly low return rates, so once you drive a sale, it’s likely to stick.

    Affiliate commissions are given on items sold in the preceding month on a monthly basis.

    Commission: 50%.

    Cookie duration: 365 days.


    24. Thinkific.

    thinkific high paying affiliate program

    Thinkific is a similar company to Teachable in that it allows users to create and sell online courses and membership sites.

    Over 50,000 content providers have utilized the platform, generating more than $650 million in revenue.

    Thinkific’s high paying affiliate program, like Teachable’s, is based on a revenue-sharing approach.

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    You’ll get a 30% recurring commission on any monthly or yearly paid plans for as long as they stay enrolled if a new customer hits your unique affiliate link and signs up.

    That means you may earn up to $1,700 per year for each referral!

    Commission: Up to $1700.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.


    25. BigCommerce.

    bigcommerce high paying affiliate program

    BigCommerce is a versatile, open software-as-a-service platform that assists e-commerce enterprises in expanding their operations.

    More than 60,000 merchants in over 150 countries use its solutions, which cover everything from SEO and site speed optimization to page development and checkout customization.

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    The Impact Radius affiliate network powers BigCommerce’s high paying affiliate program, which pays substantial commissions of up to 200 percent of a customer’s first monthly payment, or $1,500 for corporate clients.

    This high paying affiliate program pays out $40 per enterprise-level lead, up to a limit of 20 leads per month, so you don’t even have to close the purchase to make it work for you.

    Commission: 200%.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.


    26. Shift4Shop.

    shift4shop high paying affiliate program

    Shift4Shop is a turnkey eCommerce system that makes building, monetizing, and scaling websites simple.

    Its payment processing software is trusted by over 200,000 clients and is used to handle over 3.5 billion transactions worth over $200 billion each year.

    With companies like UPS and Hickory Farms on board, it’s no surprise Shift4Shop has amassed a network of over 4,000 successful affiliate marketers who collectively make almost $1 million each year in commissions.

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    Shift4Shop’s high paying affiliate program is powered by ShareASale, one of the leading affiliate networks, and offers commissions of up to $100 for each client who signs up after clicking an affiliate link.

    It also rewards outstanding achievers with bonuses and incentives.

    Commission: $100.

    Cookie duration: 120 days.


    27. Flywheel.

    flywheel high paying affiliate program

    For site designers and creative firms, Flywheel provides managed WordPress hosting.

    Over 35,000 agencies and creative companies, including huge names like Casper and Expedia, rely on it.

    We’ve already discussed (in detail) how hosting firms run some of the most lucrative affiliate schemes, and Flywheel is no exception.

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    Affiliates may earn up to $500 per referral source in commissions worth 300 percent of the client’s first payment on any Flywheel plan.

    And if you’re lucky enough to introduce a customer who purchases many plans, Flywheel’s high paying affiliate program will pay you a commission on each one.

    Commission: Up to $500.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.


    28. Keap (Formerly Infusionsoft).

    keap high paying affiliate programs

    Keep is a customer relationship management (CRM) and sales and marketing platform that aims to assist its users in generating more leads, improving conversion rates, and providing a better customer experience.

    Business News Daily ranked it the best CRM for ease of use, while PCMag named it the best marketing automation tool for rookie marketers and entrepreneurs.

    But Keep isn’t only good for customers; it’s also one of the greatest and high paying affiliate programs we’ve seen.

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    You’ll get paid a commission if your referral signs up for Keep and stays for at least 60 days.

    • Referrals to Keep Lite will earn you $100.
    • Referrals to Keep Pro and Max will earn you $250.

    Following the customer’s initial purchase, all commissions are paid two monthly billing cycles later.

    Commission: Up to $250.

    Cookie duration: 90 days.



    There are so many high paying affiliate programs to choose from that this list could easily be twice as large!

    However, “high salary” does not imply “assured earnings.”

    In fact, the greater the transaction, the more powerful your authority site must be.

    The ordinary blogger must put forth a lot of effort, which includes:

    • Putting together your affiliate website.
    • Conducting keyword research to identify chances for related content.
    • To generate quality visitors to your affiliate blog, you need to provide content.
    • Choosing the finest high paying affiliate programs with which to collaborate.
    • Obtaining high-authority backlinks to improve search results.

    But don’t let that deter you; DigitalPriyansh is here to assist you.

    Check out my other affiliate marketing articles as they will be of great help to you.

    Thanks for reading!