22 High Ticket Affiliate Programs In 2024

    Looking to elevate your affiliate marketing business and unlock substantial earnings?

    Dive into our comprehensive guide on the top 22 high ticket affiliate programs that promise lucrative returns.

    In today’s competitive digital landscape, capitalizing on high-paying affiliate programs is paramount for maximizing revenue streams.

    Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer seeking to expand your portfolio or a newcomer eager to explore profitable opportunities, this article will provide invaluable insights into some of the most lucrative affiliate programs available.

    From luxury goods to premium services, we’ll unveil the key players in the high-ticket affiliate space and equip you with the knowledge needed to harness their potential effectively.

    Discover the top-tier programs that align with your niche and embark on a journey towards substantial affiliate earnings.

    Let’s begin!

    What Are High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

    high ticket affiliate programs

    High ticket affiliate programs refer to affiliate marketing programs that offer substantial commissions for each referral or sale.

    Unlike standard affiliate programs, which typically offer lower commissions per sale, high ticket affiliate programs provide significantly higher payouts.

    These programs often cater to products or services with higher price points, such as luxury items, high-end technology, investment platforms, or specialized services.

    Affiliates promoting high ticket programs can earn substantial commissions, making them an attractive option for those looking to maximize their affiliate earnings.

    What Are The Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

    Here are the top high ticket affiliate programs:

    1. Kinsta.

    kinsta high ticket affiliate program

    If you’re lucky, your blog may eventually surpass the capabilities of the shared hosting you currently rely on.

    When that time comes, it’s important to look for a better hosting option.

    For a growing number of businesses, Kinsta is emerging as the top choice in the managed WordPress hosting arena.

    However, this is not just a superficial endorsement of being a managed hosting solution.

    Kinsta offers exceptional performance with really fast load times and top-notch support.

    Moreover, you can rest assured knowing that they are capable of growing along with your growing business.

    Is Kinsta Hosting Affordable?

    No, but it is a positive aspect.


    Because the Kinsta affiliate program offers generous commissions with potential earnings of up to $500 per sale referred through your affiliate link.

    This commission rate is one of the most lucrative among similar affiliate programs.

    Additionally, you will receive a 10% monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer you refer.

    With just one sale, you can secure a lifetime of earnings.

    This is an attractive opportunity worth considering.

    2. Shopify.

    Shopify high ticket affiliate program

    If you’re familiar with the realm of e-commerce, Shopify needs no introduction.

    Its platform powers over one million online retailers spanning across 175 countries, including notable brands like Gymshark, Pepsi, and Staples.

    In essence, Shopify is a significant player in the industry.

    Similar to many exclusive high-ticket affiliate programs, Shopify is selective about its affiliates.

    To qualify as a Shopify affiliate marketer, you must:

    • Own and operate an active website
    • Possess an established audience
    • Generate original content such as online courses, blog posts, videos, or guides
    • Have proficiency in commerce, entrepreneurship, Shopify, or other e-commerce platforms

    In other words, this affiliate program isn’t tailored for beginners.

    However, if you meet these criteria, a substantial income opportunity awaits you.

    Shopify offers a bounty commission equivalent to 200% of the monthly plan price per referral.

    With plan prices ranging from $29 to $299 monthly, potential earnings can reach up to $598.

    Additionally, there’s potential to earn even more through Shopify’s enterprise-grade solutions.

    3. HubSpot.

    hubspot high ticket affiliate program

    HubSpot stands out as a significant player in the expansive realm of digital marketing, so much so that its founders literally wrote the book on inbound marketing.

    With a user base exceeding 113,000 customers spread across more than 120 countries, HubSpot’s suite of products serves a crucial role in lead generation, email list management, user journey guidance, and conversion optimization.

    While undeniably a powerful tool, HubSpot comes with a price tag.

    However, this is precisely why it offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the industry.

    Just take a look at its commission structure:

    • Starter/Basic: $250 per sale
    • Professional/CMS: $500 per sale
    • Enterprise: $1,000 per sale

    Moreover, the benefits extend to cross-selling.

    If a referred customer purchases two products, you earn commissions on both.

    For instance, if they acquire Marketing Starter and Sales Professional concurrently, that’s $250 plus $500.

    Additionally, HubSpot provides an array of free marketing assets, including demo videos, banners, copy examples, and landing pages.

    These resources are invaluable in persuading your audience to click on your affiliate links.

    4. Cloudways.

    cloudways high ticket affiliate program

    Cloudways serves as a web hosting platform catering to individuals, SMBs, and agencies alike.

    With a track record of managing over 250,000 websites across more than 60 data centers, it boasts an impressive customer happiness score of 94.7%.

    True to its name, Cloudways specializes in cloud-based hosting services, offering a selection of five top-tier infrastructures, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Engine.

    But the options don’t stop there. Cloudways also provides two distinct affiliate commission structures.

    The first, known as the “Slab” model, offers one-off commissions of up to $125, with the potential for even higher earnings for super affiliates generating over 80 sales a month.

    On the other hand, the “Hybrid” version offers 7% recurring commissions along with a bounty payment of $30.

    5. Luxury Card.

    luxury card high ticket affiliate program

    When compiling a roundup of high-ticket affiliate products, numerous credit card affiliate programs could have made the list.

    However, they tend to blend together, making it challenging to distinguish their offers amidst the online cacophony.

    Luxury Card, however, presents a unique solution to this issue.

    Positioned as an exclusive, niche card, it even offers an upgrade option to a 24-karat gold version.

    Beyond its flashy exterior, this card boasts an array of enticing perks, including air miles, airport lounge access, a 24/7 concierge service, and various other travel benefits.

    Admittedly, there’s no shortage of luxury credit card affiliate marketing programs available for collaboration.

    Many of these programs undoubtedly qualify as high ticket affiliate products.

    But how many of them offer publishers a hefty $360 in commissions for each sign-up generated through an affiliate link?

    That’s what sets Luxury Card apart.

    6. Villiers Jets.

    villiers high ticket affiliate programs

    When we envision the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous, the image often includes a private jet soaring through the skies.

    And it’s no wonder why.

    Especially if you’ve ever endured the discomfort of a long-haul flight, seated beside a snoozing neighbor whose sporadic leg kicks served as an unwelcome reminder of your confinement.

    I’ve been that unfortunate passenger.

    But I digress.

    Enter Villiers, among the world’s leading private jet leasing companies.

    With over 10,000 jets available across tens of thousands of international destinations, including numerous “empty leg” flights, there are indeed opportunities for discerning travelers to find bargains, relatively speaking.

    Private jets undoubtedly fall under the category of high ticket affiliate marketing “products.”

    So, what’s the earning potential for affiliate marketers here?

    Affiliates stand to earn a substantial 30% recurring commission on each sale, making it a recurring revenue stream rather than just a one-time transaction.

    For instance, selling Villiers’ cheapest “empty leg” flight could yield a commission of $541.50.

    7. Oceanscape Yachts.

    ocean scape yachts high ticket affiliate programs

    Owning a luxury superyacht remains an aspiration reserved for the wealthiest individuals on the planet, with price tags reaching into the billions.

    However, thanks to companies like Oceanscape Yachts, you can still indulge in the “experience” of yacht ownership.

    While booking a family holiday aboard a luxury cruise ship is an option, sharing the vessel with thousands of other passengers pales in comparison to the exclusivity of having a superyacht all to yourself.

    Imagine cruising through any location imaginable, from the Arctic Circle to the picturesque islands of the Pacific or Mediterranean.

    This affiliate marketing program presents a significant opportunity for earning a substantial income, as yachts undoubtedly qualify as high ticket affiliate products.

    With an average commission rate of $1,250 per sale, it stands out as one of the most lucrative affiliate programs we’ve encountered.

    8. Click Funnels.

    clickfunnels high ticket affiliate program

    For anyone delving into the world of affiliate marketing funnels, the name ClickFunnels is likely to ring a bell.

    Created by Russell Brunson, a seasoned entrepreneur in the world of Internet and affiliate marketing, this platform has garnered considerable recognition.

    Essentially, ClickFunnels enables users to construct sales funnels that effectively convert leads into paying customers.

    Although we generally avoid introducing such affiliate programs due to their saturation in the market, we recognize that some of you may be willing to venture into the Internet Marketing (IM) field regardless of our advice.

    However, ClickFunnels stands out by offering high-ticket affiliate products that boast impressive conversion rates and are preferred by many email marketing experts.

    So, how does this offer stack up against the other affiliate programs highlighted in this article?

    Affiliates stand to earn a generous 40% recurring monthly commission on products priced between $97 and $297 per month.

    Additionally, web publishers have the opportunity to earn $100 per lead on two of ClickFunnels’ other affiliate products, often presented as upsells later in the customer cycle.

    9. Fiverr.

    fiverr high ticket affiliate program

    Some astute observers had predicted a significant change in the job market even before the arrival of 2025.


    Increase in remote work preferences.

    Interestingly, this prediction has actually come true, although not necessarily for the reasons initially speculated.

    This trend also underlines the growing demand for platforms like Fiverr.

    With the emergence of new business ventures, the need for the expertise of skilled creators, marketers, and designers is increasing.

    Fiverr meets exactly these needs and offers a variety of services that attract the affiliate marketing audience.

    Traditionally, Fiverr is not often associated with high-ticket affiliate programs.

    However, whenever a referral opts for the Fiverr ‘Pro Services’ package, affiliates earn a notable commission of $150.

    This commission rate is pretty much in line with what many of the highest paying affiliate programs on the market offer.

    10. Dream Cloud.

    dreamcloud high ticket affiliate program

    There’s an old saying that resonates with many people: “In life, you only truly need two things – a good pair of shoes and a good mattress. Because if you’re not standing up in one, you’ll be lying down in the other.”

    Surprisingly, mattresses are indeed high ticket affiliate products.

    With an industry worth at least US$15 billion annually, providers of the most luxurious mattresses don’t hesitate to tag them with nearly $2,000 price points, firmly placing them in the high ticket category of consumer goods.

    However, DreamCloud takes a different approach, believing that a restful night’s sleep shouldn’t break the bank.

    Their mattresses come at a fraction of the cost compared to their competitors.

    Plus, they offer a generous 365-day trial period to ensure customer satisfaction.

    But what’s the earning potential for promoting these products?

    With an average order value hovering around almost $1,200, DreamCloud mattresses rank among the upper echelons of high ticket affiliate marketing products.

    Unlike some other affiliate offers, though, you won’t earn a percentage of each sale.

    Instead, affiliates receive a flat $150 commission for every single mattress sale, making each sale a substantial opportunity.

    11. Sucuri Security.

    sucuri high ticket affiliate programs

    Now, let’s shift our focus to a somewhat different high ticket affiliate product.

    We often tend to believe that site security breaches are something that only happens to others.

    That’s precisely how I viewed things until a team of Russian hackers dismantled my affiliate marketing business.

    A simple oversight in file permissions was all it took for them to seize control of my site and a staggering 90% of my income.

    That’s when I realized the true value of having a service like Sucuri at your disposal.

    Sucuri offers more than just protection against website compromises; they’re also adept at remedying hacked sites after the fact.

    Moreover, they provide an “emergency hotline” for immediate assistance, ensuring your peace of mind.

    Now, let’s address the affiliate offer through CJ, which employs a commission structure that’s somewhat less straightforward compared to typical high ticket affiliate programs.

    To simplify matters, affiliates receive $100 per sale for the “Agency” package and $210 per sale for those opting for the “Business firewall” solution.

    While this high ticket affiliate program caters to a niche audience, it still presents an opportunity to earn significant income.

    12. WP Engine.

    wp engine high ticket affiliate program

    As you embark on your journey into high ticket affiliate marketing, your initial hosting needs may be adequately met by basic hosting services.

    However, there will come a point when upgrading to a faster, more robust host for your WordPress sites becomes imperative.

    Enter WP Engine, a premium web hosting provider with a premium price tag.

    With rates starting at $25 per month for a single site, WP Engine appeals to a discerning audience seeking top-notch hosting services.

    Despite the premium pricing, over 500,000 WordPress bloggers have entrusted their sites to WP Engine.


    Because they understand the value of swift page loading, robust security measures, and dependable technical support provided by WP Engine.

    When it comes to web hosting, you truly get what you pay for.

    Don’t expect lightning-fast page speeds, exceptional customer service, and impeccable uptime from a $5 per month web host.

    Web hosting stands out as one of the premier high ticket affiliate niches, offering affiliate marketers the potential to earn substantial commissions.

    Affiliates can pocket anywhere from up to $200 in commissions for each new WP Engine account sign-up, with the average payout hovering around $135.

    Furthermore, the WP Engine affiliate program presents the opportunity for additional bonuses, with payouts of up to $1,500 available for affiliates who refer 60 or more new accounts each month.

    13. Teachable.

    teachable high ticket affiliate program

    I come from an earlier era of affiliate marketing, where ClickBank reigned supreme as the go-to hub for the latest digital courses spanning various subjects.

    However, as times have evolved, so have the platforms.

    Today’s digital content creators favor platforms like Teachable.

    It’s not just newcomers jumping on board; even respected figures like Pat Flynn have transitioned to these newer platforms.

    In fact, if you take a closer look, you’ll discover a plethora of intriguing courses authored by esteemed individuals in fields such as marketing, design, and beyond.

    For me, one standout offering is Mark Dawson’s course titled “How to Write A Best Seller.”

    It’s a departure from the typical “Internet marketing guru” fare, representing a genuine educational platform where visitors can acquire real skills from seasoned instructors who are experts in their respective fields.

    Moreover, there’s an array of free courses available that you can leverage to engage and pre-sell your audience.

    As an affiliate marketer, you stand to earn a generous 30% commission on any paid courses sold through your referrals.

    This translates to potential earnings of over $100 per sale, as you assist individuals in acquiring new skills or honing existing ones.

    14. Thinkific.

    thinkific high ticket affiliate program

    Imagine if your audience consists mainly of educators rather than learners—individuals brimming with valuable skills or messages they yearn to share with the world but lack the know-how, particularly in a digital realm.

    Setting up their own platform could be an option, but it’s fraught with the potential for costly mistakes.

    Alternatively, they could turn to a platform like Thinkific.

    Thinkific empowers the average person to create and market their own courses while providing robust support for their students.

    What’s more, it includes payment processing by default, eliminating the need to grapple with complex coding.

    In essence, Thinkific is akin to digital publishing in a convenient package.

    As for affiliate rewards, Thinkific offers an enticing proposition: a 30% monthly recurring lifetime commission for every new Thinkific customer you refer.

    While there’s a cap of $1,700 per referral per year, the allure lies in the steady stream of monthly payments you’ll receive through this affiliate program—an intelligent strategy for bolstering your affiliate income.

    With Thinkific, it’s a case of selling once and getting paid multiple times—a win-win scenario for both affiliates and their audience.

    15. Liquid Web.

    liquid web high ticket affiliate program

    It’s quite amusing how many affiliates relentlessly pursue the same old web hosting offers, fixating solely on the payout without considering the quality of the hosting service.

    However, that’s not a concern when it comes to promoting Liquid Web.

    With a legacy dating back to 1997 and an affiliate program nearly as enduring, Liquid Web stands apart from your typical web host.

    In fact, they deliberately eschew shared web hosting because it doesn’t align with their business model.

    Instead, Liquid Web specializes in high-end hosting solutions, spanning from managed WordPress hosting to dedicated server clusters.

    You might be thinking, “But aren’t those products too pricey for my audience?”

    Yet, their managed WordPress services for hosting a single website only cost $19.

    Even on smaller accounts, such as those priced at $19 per month, you can still earn a relatively substantial commission of $150 per referral.

    However, Liquid Web’s commission rates extend all the way up to $7,000 per referral.

    This is an impressive figure, even by the standards of the highest paying affiliate programs we’ve come across.

    Of course, such high payouts are reserved for referrals that make substantial upfront investments.

    In summary, Liquid Web emerges as the standout high ticket affiliate program in this roundup, primarily due to its generous payouts.

    16. Smart Proxy.

    smart proxy high ticket affiliate program

    Proxies are widely employed in affiliate marketing for tasks such as web scraping and research tools.

    However, this is just scratching the surface of their potential utility.

    In today’s world, where we contend with a geographically restricted internet—a concept many find perplexing—accessing content from other countries or even one’s own while abroad becomes essential.

    Enter SmartProxy, offering a viable solution to this dilemma.

    They provide both residential and data center proxy products, with prices starting at a reasonable $50 per month.

    Unlike the run-of-the-mill cheap proxy bundles that often yield subpar results, SmartProxy’s offerings are of a different caliber.

    Their products are compatible with all major browsers and devices, boasting tens of millions of IPs, thereby minimizing the risk of your scraper or streaming service being blocked.

    Now, onto the burning question: How lucrative is this affiliate program for marketers?

    SmartProxy’s affiliate program offers an impressive 50% commission rate on all sales.

    With some of their proxy packages priced at $400 per month, it’s conceivable to earn up to $1,500 for a single sale.

    Given its relevance and earning potential, promoting this affiliate program to the appropriate audience makes it one of the top choices available.

    17. BigCommerce.

    bigcommerce high ticket affiliate program

    When it comes to setting up an e-commerce store, you generally have two options:

    1. Do everything yourself, including hosting, domain name, and website design.
    2. Opt for an off-the-shelf solution.

    While many new online store owners might instinctively turn to Shopify, it’s worth exploring other alternatives.

    Enter BigCommerce, a popular choice that simplifies the process of launching your online store and showcasing your products.

    Already trusted by industry giants like Ben & Jerry’s, Skullcandy, and Jeep People, BigCommerce offers a reliable platform to kickstart your e-commerce venture.

    With BigCommerce, you have the freedom to design the store you envision rather than being confined to a set of templates.

    Moreover, the resulting website is optimized for seamless viewing across various devices, ensuring a consistent user experience.

    Powered by Google Cloud hosting, each page of your store loads swiftly, enhancing user satisfaction.

    However, one of the standout features of BigCommerce is its scalability.

    This means your e-commerce store can grow alongside your business, sparing you the headache of switching providers midway—typically at the most inconvenient time.

    Now, let’s delve into what this high ticket affiliate program has in store for you.

    The commission structure is refreshingly straightforward: You earn 200% of your referral’s first monthly payment.

    For instance, if they sign up for the ‘Plus’ plan, you’d pocket $159.90.

    This figure skyrockets to $1,500 per sale if your referral opts for an ‘Enterprise’ plan with BigCommerce.

    With the right audience, this affiliate program has the potential to become a significant revenue stream.

    18. Capitalist Exploits.

    capitalist exploits high ticket affiliate programs

    If you’ve ever watched “The Big Short,” chances are you’ve found yourself thinking, “I could do that.”

    However, let’s face it, you’re not Dr. Michael Burry.

    But here’s what you can do: heed the advice of a seasoned group of investors, precisely what the Capitalist Exploits newsletter offers.

    Unlike speculators or YouTube stock trading “experts,” these individuals back up their insights with tangible investments.

    What sets Capitalist Exploits apart is that their website isn’t merely a sales pitch.

    They generously share a wealth of free information through blog posts and downloadable reports.

    However, don’t mistake this for an indication of affordability.

    In reality, the Capitalist Exploits ‘Insider’ investment newsletter comes with a hefty price tag of $1,999 per year.

    Now, here’s the silver lining: Website owners stand to earn a generous 50% affiliate commission on any products purchased through their affiliate link.

    This translates to a potential earning of $999.5 for each referral signing up for the newsletter.

    But that’s not all—Capitalist Exploits offers other high ticket items, some priced as high as $3,499.

    What’s more, subscribers to their free newsletter may even enjoy discounts on these products, providing further incentive for promotion.

    19. Plus500.

    plus500 high ticket affiliate program

    Established in 2008, Plus500 stands out as an online broker that opts for specialization rather than attempting to be a Jack-of-all-trades.

    Their focus lies in Contract for Difference (CFD) trading, spanning over 2,000 financial instruments.

    For the uninitiated, a CFD, or ‘Contract for Difference,’ entails receiving payment based on the difference between the opening and closing price of a given instrument on a particular day.

    These “financial instruments” encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from cryptocurrencies and commodities to Forex and indices.

    With Plus500, investors engage in speculation on the closing price of these instruments, with payouts awarded if their predictions prove accurate.

    While CFD trading is prohibited in the United States, Plus500 extends its services to 50 other countries.

    One of the key attractions of Plus500 is its low trading costs and commission-free structure.

    However, perhaps even more noteworthy is their commitment to protecting visitors against negative balances, thereby mitigating the risk of substantial losses.

    As for the affiliate program, Plus500 offers a commission of $150 per referral.

    While this may appear modest compared to other high ticket programs, it still surpasses the affiliate commission typically earned through promoting average credit card offers.

    20. STD Check.

    stdcheck high ticket affiliate programs

    Every year, thousands of women face infertility due to undiagnosed STDs.

    As for men, well, many tend to overlook the importance of STD testing, operating under the misguided notion that if they can’t see the illness, it must not exist.

    These are compelling reasons why STD testing is crucial, provided one can overcome the psychological barrier of scheduling an appointment.

    However, for many individuals, the stigma associated with the testing process proves to be a significant deterrent.

    This is where STD Check comes in—it offers 100% confidential testing at local testing centers.

    Plus, results are delivered in as little as two days, offering peace of mind without compromising confidentiality.

    In most developed countries, including the US, STD infection rates are on the rise, with millions of cases reported annually.

    Unfortunately, this translates to a growing market demand.

    As a blogger or website owner, you stand to earn an average of $102 for each referral directed to STD Check through your affiliate links.

    21. Embroker.

    embroker high ticket affiliate program

    Business insurance has been an integral part of our society long before personal insurance, owing to factors such as trade routes and piracy.

    In essence, reliable business insurance serves as a safeguard against financial ruin for business owners.

    But how does one navigate the maze of options to find the best coverage?

    Enter Embroker.

    Established in 2015, Embroker has assisted over 20,000 businesses in securing their ideal insurance policies.

    Their innovative technological approach to this age-old problem has revolutionized the process of sourcing, pricing, and selling business insurance.

    As an affiliate, you stand to earn a flat $250 commission for every new customer you refer through an affiliate link.

    With the right mindset and audience, this affiliate program has the potential to generate substantial income, perhaps even serving as a replacement for traditional employment.

    22. Frontpoint Home Security.

    ascend high ticket affiliate program

    In an ideal world, leaving your front door unlocked each night would be the norm.

    But alas, we don’t reside in such a utopia—we live in the real world.

    Here, crime rates are on the rise, and all too often, criminals escape unpunished for their misdeeds.

    For this reason, endorsing a program such as Frontpoint Security is an easy sell.

    In today’s uncertain times, people yearn for the assurance of safety within their homes, and they’re willing to invest in it year-round.

    Frontpoint Security holds appeal across various niches, spanning from personal security to smart home technology.

    Now, let’s talk numbers.

    Website owners can earn a generous $125 per referral by assisting individuals in enhancing their home security.

    This figure surpasses the earnings of many affiliate marketers specializing in credit card affiliate programs.

    While it may be easy to overlook this affiliate program, it undoubtedly warrants a prominent spot on your list of potentials.


    Leveraging high-ticket affiliate programs presents an unparalleled opportunity for affiliate marketers to scale their earnings and expand their online businesses.

    By strategically aligning with premium brands and services, you can unlock substantial commissions and establish yourself as a formidable force in the affiliate marketing realm.

    Remember, success in this arena hinges not only on the programs you choose but also on your ability to execute a robust SEO strategy that drives targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

    Continuously monitor industry trends, adapt your approach accordingly, and consistently provide value to your audience to maximize your earning potential.

    With the insights gained from our guide on the top 22 high-ticket affiliate programs, you’re equipped to embark on a lucrative affiliate marketing journey that promises significant returns.

    Seize the opportunity, optimize your efforts, and watch your affiliate earnings soar to new heights.