What Is Print On Demand? Definition, Strategies, Benefits, Drawbacks & Tips.

    Print on demand is nowadays a trend for designers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

    All of these are struggling with inventory-based businesses, where you have to buy products in bulk and sell them.

    Now print on demand is the best option for them which provides a new way to earn money online.

    When you need a personalized design that will be on your t-shirt, bag, shoes, etc,  you’ll have to visit a customized clothing website.

    Then They will provide you with different types of products like polo shirts, hoodies, caps to name it whatever you want with so many regulations.

    But you can convert this idea to a business module.

    So in this blog post, we’ll know how print on demand works and how to get started with this business module.

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    What Is Print On Demand?

    Print on demand is a dropshipping process where you work with a supplier or contractor to customize white-label products (like baseball hats or t-shirts) with your own designs to sell under your own brand.

    The Word Print on Demand is used to refer to personalizing services for t-shirts, bags, caps, etc.

    That means you don’t have to sell them in bulk, which means someday an order will be placed on your website and you’ll receive some money for it.

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    So that means no need to buy products in bulk and there is no risk of inventory either because the payment will be received only after the sale has been made.

    Print-on-demand services are helpful for designers, fashionistas, or photographers who want to make new products for their audience without spending more time online.

    It will allow you to make money online and provide you the flexibility of selling products and making sales without managing any inventory.

    What Is The Difference Between Print On Demand And Traditional Manufacturing?

    Difference Between Print On Demand And Traditional Manufacturing

    As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to manage inventory for this method as no products are made until an order is placed from a customer.

    Print-on-demand websites handle everything from file processing to production and shipping.

    These sites take care of all the processes after you place an order with them starting from printing, packaging, and shipping.

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    And finally, they send an invoice for their services which consist of printing and postage costs.

    If we talk about traditional manufacturing then it takes time in making customized things like t-shirts or mugs which are done before selling.

    This means if you want to sell it through the market, the customer can choose or deny it, you can’t assure that but in the ready to print on demand business, it all happens before making the design.

    What Are The Advantages Of Print On Demand Business?

    Advantages Of Print On Demand

    There are lots of benefits to starting a print-on-demand business.

    Some of them are mentioned below:

    1. You Can Create Custom Designs.

    Yes, The positive factor is that you can make your custom design anytime and print it on various products.

    Whatever the design is if it’s for a t-shirt or mugs, you will not find them on many other products.

    If your customer requires quick delivery with several custom designs, you don’t need to be worried.

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    Because you can easily make the design anytime with perfection which is the main key point from the customer ends.

    However, the print-on-demand business relies on supposed to make such kind of creative and custom designs within the periods.

    2. Create Products Quickly.

    The Print-on-demand business is very advantageous when it comes to the creation of products.

    You don’t have to do all that hard work in making, printing, or managing inventory because all these things are done digitally.

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    All you need is just to design your product and choose your options like material type, print color, etc. which makes this process easy for both experienced professionals & novice designers.

    So basically, there is no worry of wasting time in designing many products but if needed then again you can customize the product with another option easily anytime anywhere you want.

    3. Shipping Is Done By Print On Demand Company.

    One of the important parts of the print-on-demand business is to deliver the product to the consumer’s location,  it’s done by a print-on-demand company which is providing all the facilities like shipping anywhere in the world.

    It works just like an e-commerce store where you have to create your products or design whatever you want then list them out on their platform and set a price for them.

    Customers who want to buy your product will put the order online through any platform of your choice.

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    The product will be printed as per order within a few days’ time after checking everything about quality.

    Then, package & ship it with all packing material safely, so that it doesn’t damage during transportation or anything else.

    After completing this process every task, the invoice has to be provided to customers so they can pay according to what they need.

    4. Automated Business Model.

    The whole procedure is automated which means you don’t have to manage any task by yourself.

    With the help of a print-on-demand company, it will provide you with all the facilities like payment management, order processing, shipping & handling, they all are used to make customized products within a short period of time without any delay.

    That’s why if your plan is to start a business based on custom designs then there is no better option than a Print-on-demand business over traditional manufacturing.

    5. Low Investment And Lower Risk.

    As the print-on-demand business doesn’t require any inventory or storage, so basically these two features are responsible for reducing the risk.

    As this business model operates online which means you don’t have to expenses on office space nor do you need any staff members with high salaries or hiring managers who can handle your marketing or manufacturing processes?

    Print-on-demand businesses also offer unique pricing promotion options to attract customers.

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    This way it is easy to make both old & new customers meet up together.

    It is good for novice designers too because every task of designing and other stuff is managed by print-on-demand companies.

    By following all their guidelines, one can easily maximize product design within a short period of time without making anything hard like in traditional manufacturing where everything needs to be managed.

    What Are The Disadvantages Of Print On Demand Business?

    Disadvantages Of Print On Demand

    Here are some disadvantages of print on demand business:

    1. Lower Margins.

    The print-on-demand business model is just like a child of eCommerce.

    Its growth and success rate depend on the revenue from selling products as it doesn’t have any inventory or storage facility.

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    So, as this kind of business deals with digital design so margins are very low in this industry which makes it impossible for large companies to invest more money in product design, especially when they have to create an inventory first.

    That’s why all major brands go for traditional manufacturing instead of starting a new business based on custom designs because they can’t afford these types of risks due to the low margins involved in print-on-demand businesses.

    2. Less Control Over Shipping And Handling.

    As it is like an eCommerce business so there are all chances to lose control over shipping & handling.

    A print-on-demand company manages every task like shipment including the materials used for packaging.

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    They also handle any issues related to customer complaints or refunds which means you can’t do anything if something wrong happens with your shipment. 

    So if you are planning to start a new product based on custom designs then we would prefer to do market research before starting the business.

    3. Limited Customization.

    Nowadays, most print-on-demand companies allow their users to create designs but only with a few customization options.

    So if you want to develop your own brand and run it like a business then this model is not for you because you need to have full control over everything including product quality, design, and features.

    Where To Find Design Ideas And Designers?

    Where To Find print-on-demand Design Ideas And Designers

    To start the business, you must first find the design idea and of course the designer. 

    You can do this by searching on Google, that’s the easiest way to find new ideas and creative designs.

    Also, if you have a friend who is an expert in designing stuff then there is no better place than asking them for some unique but creative design ideas.

    Most designers give their work for little expense initially so don’t hesitate to ask your friends or colleagues for help.

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    In order to get creative designs from talented designers, you can go with Fiverr which is one of the best places on the internet where you can hire different artists for all kinds of designing stuff according to your personal requirements and demands.

    Besides, you can find Upwork where you can easily connect with different designers from all over the world.

    This way it will be easy for you to start a new business based on custom designs because everything depends on good design only.

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    Lastly, if you want to start a product design business then you need to know about Alibaba where most of the manufacturing companies register themselves in order to attract local and international customers who are looking for cheap production services.

    Especially when it comes to printing & designing stuff.

    So before starting a print-on-demand business make sure that your target market is millions of potential buyers because any industry cannot survive without a large number of customers who will pay for products on a regular basis.

    Some Tips For Starting A Print On Demand Business.

    print on demand tips

    Here are some tips for print on demand business:

    1. Always Order Samples.

    Before you order for a bigger quantity, always ask the print-on-demand company to send you samples of your product.

    You can ask them for video color matching and other digital designing stuff so that you know what you are getting into before spending more money on manufacturing.

    2. Be Strategic About Shipping And Handling.

    Since you are starting a print-on-demand business, it is better to choose to ship & handle carefully because no one wants to order products and discover that they were sent over the border which means extra fees on their end.

    3. Create Mockups That Show Off Your Products.

    To make your products more attractive and eye-catching, you need to create a mockup that shows your product from both sides and all dimensions.

    You can do this by using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tools because they are the best software for creating high-resolution images and designs.

    4. Focus On A Niche To Make Marketing Easier.

    A perfect and focused niche will do better than a general product.

    Think about the people who are going to buy your products and then try to search for a market that needs exactly what you have.

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    It will be an added benefit because it will allow you to offer more value and quality through a diverse product range.

    These are some simple but necessary tips that every entrepreneur must follow before starting a new business based on custom designs.

    5. Focus More On Product Quality.

    Always focus more on product quality because if you don’t do this then your customers will run away from you very soon after receiving substandard or poorly printed stuff.

    Always use high-quality packaging material for shipments along with good customer service support.

    6. Be Unique And Creative.

    Never copy someone’s idea and design because it’s an unethical way of doing business and doesn’t give a good impression about your brand over the customers as well as fellow designers who work with you. 

    So try to be unique in all possible ways so that you can attract more customers to your business.


    We hope this article has given you a better understanding of what print on demand is, how to use it in your business, and why.

    You will also get knowledge about how to expand your print-on-demand business and what to avoid.

    If you can manage this guideline that we discussed in this post then you can definitely start a print-on-demand business and make it happen.

    So, Let’s make your ideas printed.