23 Best Platforms To Create And Sell Online Courses In 2022

    The online education market is projected to be worth $180 billion by 2022.

    There’s no doubt about it, the world of e-learning is expanding rapidly.

    With more people than ever before seeking out ways to further their careers and gain new skills, now is the time for marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike to get involved.

    If you’re keen on starting your own online course business, there are many different platforms that can help you get started today – some for free!

    To help, we’ve compiled a list of the best platforms for teaching and selling courses online.

    So, if you want to start a successful online course business in 2022, check out this list!

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    What Are The Best Platforms To Create And Sell Online Courses?

    Many platforms offer the possibility to create and sell courses online.

    The following list summarizes some of the best platforms that can be used to create and sell online courses in 2022:

    A. WordPress For Selling Courses Online.

    WordPress is open source software and has grown to become the most popular blogging system in existence.

    And it’s no surprise considering how customizable and flexible the platform is.

    This is why many online course creators prefer using WordPress when creating courses for selling online.

    Here are some of the sectors:

    1. LearnDash.

    learn dash

    LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that can help you provide an ultimate online course experience.

    The plugin is packed with tools like quizzes, membership options, payment gateways, and more to give you full control of the learning procedure.

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    LearnDash comes with 3 different pricing plans, meant for both beginners and professionals.

    You can get started for free or choose one of the many premium plans that include special features such as team/client management, affiliates, and more.


    2. AccessAlly.


    AccessAlly is a turn-key WordPress plugin that allows you to create an online course in record time.

    You can even sell access to your courses with ease using this platform.

    Not only does it work seamlessly with key payment integrations like Stripe and PayPal, but it also helps you drive traffic by offering SEO-friendly links and page redirects.

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    The platforms Give training to well over 2,578,387 pupils each day.

    It’s also continuously expanding. With this, you can build your courses and sell them.


    3. Course Cats.

    course cats

    Course Cats is another WordPress plugin that helps you sell online courses with ease.

    It comes with all the features you need to create an e-learning website, including but not limited to coupon codes, social networking tools, email marketing integration, and much more.

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    Course Cats doesn’t come with any free version or trial period.

    However, if you feel like this is what you need, simply open a support ticket.


    4. LifterLMS.


    If you need a learning management system for your online courses, LifterLMS is an excellent choice.

    A WordPress plugin that enables you to turn content into courses, this platform comes with all the features you’ll ever need when it comes to course creation and hosting.

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    Not only does it allow you to create different types of courses but also sell them.

    With this plugin, you can also allow your affiliates to manage the courses they’re promoting.


    B. Marketplace Online Course Platforms.

    Another great way to sell your content is through online course marketplaces.

    Some of the most popular online platforms for selling courses are listed below:

    1. Skillshare.

    skill share

    There are a lot of people that want to sell their products and services online.

    Skillshare is one of the best products of this type for you to look into buying.

    Skillshare has lots of positive feedback on social media and on different review sites.

    There are many people that say it is one of the easiest platforms for them to use in order to get the content they need.

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    The information that Skillshare supplies can be used in any way you want.

    You can also print some of the materials and read them offline and still get all of the benefits from your purchase.

    If you don’t learn anything while using Skillshare, then you will at least have some new skills to show off when you meet new people or do work around your community.

    To publish your course content on this platform you must fulfill their criteria.

    The process is very easy and you will get your course published very soon.

    You can also manage your content on this platform because it has an advanced management system for its users.


    2. Udemy.


    Udemy is an online learning platform that’s been around since 2009.

    Over the years, Udemy has grown to offer more than 183,000 courses taught by expert instructors.

    These courses are available in over 60 different languages and can be accessed on mobile devices or desktop computers.

    The best thing about Udemy is that you get to create your own course using its simple tools.

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    You’ll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

    However, Udemy comes with a price tag for the individual courses and it also has a membership option for people to access all courses.

    One of the best advantages of udemy is that lots of courses are available and there is a wide range of topics covered.

    From the huge number of different course materials, you will be able to choose the best course for your business.


    3. Skillswise.


    If you’re looking for another great website to buy and sell courses, look no further than Skillswise.

    This company is online and you can purchase classes at any time of day or night.

    While the primary focus is on technology classes, this platform does offer a whole lot more than just software and coding classes.

    You’ll find several different courses in the areas of business, design, writing, marketing, and psychology.

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    The prices vary depending on which course you choose but they’re listed right next to each title within the catalog.

    When purchasing your courses at Skillswise you can expect to get instant access as soon as your payment clears.

    And if something goes wrong with your account or purchase, live support is always available whenever you need it.


    4. Skill Success.

    skill success

    Skill Success is a great place for people that need help learning new things or advancing their careers.

    Those that have the proper qualifications can easily get approved to become an instructor and will receive a small commission each time they sell a course through Skill Success.

    You can also see which courses are the most popular because there’s a best-seller list right on the front page of the website.

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    Different types of courses cover topics like Microsoft Office, programming languages, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many others.

    So no matter what you’re looking to learn or teach, Skill Success has something for everyone.


    5. SimpliVlearning.


    SimpliVlearning provides an opportunity to take a course on any topic that can be technical like SEO, digital marketing, or any business-related topic.

    SimpliVlearning is a platform where you can learn and teach online and grow your own, personal brand.

    It’s a way for people to make their living by creating courses and selling them on Udemy.

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    In fact, if you want to sell your own course then this platform is as good as it gets.

    You start out by setting up a video that explains to your audience what they will learn and then you upload other videos that contain the actual content.

    You can also create other assets like quizzes and even sell other products using SimpliVlearning’s features.


    6. Curious.

    curious provides over 25000 Video lessons that make the platform the best option to learn anything.

    Curious lets you pick a topic you want to learn and provides a vast video library with all types of lessons from different teachers.

    Curious is the place where you can learn and teach everything from cooking, parenting, playing an instrument, and singing to programming languages for web development.


    7. OpenSesame.


    OpenSesame can make teaching and learning easier for online education.

    As an instructor, you’ll get access to some special features that help you sell your courses more effectively on OpenSesame.

    You’re able to create your own personalized store within the platform that makes it easy for students to find what they want or need in order to learn something new.


    C. Standalone Online Course Platforms.

    These sites are built for online courses and just focus on that individual area like-

    1. Thinkific.


    Thinkific is a wonderful tool that can help create, market, and sell online courses.

    The pricing here is also very easy on the pocket.

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    Many of our students have switched from using other specific course websites to Thinkific because it gives you so much more freedom to do what you want with your courses.

    Though it provides a free version you will get more features in the premium plan which is suitable for our learning or course selling through Thinkific.


    2. LearnWorlds.

    learn worlds

    If you think about the best course site for someone that will invest a good amount of time and energy into creating content, designing their site, and marketing it well to students then LearnWorlds is where you should go.

    It’s the perfect option for people that want full control over their website or online courses.


    3. Teachable.


    Teachable is a platform that lets you sell your online courses.

    Instantly build, market, and sell your online course with one complete solution.

    On Teachable, you can seamlessly turn any live or recorded webinar into a pay-per-view video course.

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    Teachable handles the hosting, payments, and even DRM for your content.

    With Teachable you can do a lot of things on your own site as well as bring in people from other websites.

    We recommend trying Teachable first because it has some advanced integration options that might be perfect for someone looking to build a complete course website on their own domain, too.


    4. Ruzuku.


    With Ruzuku, anyone can become a teacher or course creator because it uses an open social learning network to connect both students and faculty.

    All you need to get started is using the free version and creating your first online course takes only five minutes!

    The best part?

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    You don’t have to pay anything until after your first 10 enrolled students.

    We’ve heard that some teachers are making thousands of dollars through the free trial period without paying a penny.


    5. Teachery.


    Teachery is a simple way to get started making money online with your expertise.

    You can create a course from your uploaded media, and have it up and running in no time.

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    Once you’ve enrolled students, Treachery will handle everything for you so you don’t have to spend a single minute more on this than necessary.

    Though the plan is paid you can get a 2 weeks trial period for free and also get paid only after the student pays you.


    D. All In One-Course Platforms.

    These sites are the full package solution that you can use for creating, hosting, marketing your course-

    1. Kajabi.


    Kajabi is an all-in-one course website platform where you can create, sell, host, and market your online courses.

    With Kajabi you get everything you need to create beautiful courses that help students learn more efficiently.

    You can also use it to build a full membership site for ongoing education or branded content websites with the media library and blog.


    2. Kartra.


    Kartra is the all-in-one platform for not only course creators but also membership businesses.

    You can quickly and easily create your own branded courses here along with live events, webinars, and even membership sites.

    Kartra provides you with everything including customer support so you can grow your online business more effectively.


    3. New Zenler.


    New Zenler is a free online course creation and hosting platform.

    You can create your own courses and earn from them as well as from affiliate marketing.

    While you can’t use your own domain name, New Zenler provides everything you need to sell online courses.


    E. Other Online Course Platforms.

    The following sites let you upload your courses and teach students online:

    1. Mighty Networks.

    mighty networks

    Mighty Network is a suite of tools for educators and everyday people to create and host social and educational networks.

    You use it to connect with your students and share your unique perspective.


    2. Pathwright.

    path wright

    Pathwright is a unique platform where you can create and host courses and earn money online from them.

    There’s no limit on how much or how little you want to charge, too.

    You just simply pay $99 per month for the standard plan and then get started right away.


    3. Xperiencify.


    Xperiencify has a unique subscription-based model where you can create your own courses and sell them to students.

    The company provides the tools, technical support, branding, and marketing so all you have to do is upload your course content.

    This is the way you can make money online with your course by promoting your course on



    From the above article, You can choose any platform as per your need to create and sell your courses.

    All of these sites have free trial options so you can try them out risk-free.

    Once you select a site, just follow their guidelines on how to get started creating your first course.

    If you did that in the right way, hopefully, you will start making money online with your course easily.

    Priyansh Gupta
    Priyansh Gupta
    My name is Priyansh Gupta and I am an online entrepreneur. My mission is to teach people who are interested in becoming online entrepreneurs and help them to scale their influence online at startup speed.

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