11 Best Yoga Affiliate Programs In 2024

    Looking to monetize your passion for yoga?

    Dive into the world of affiliate marketing with the best yoga affiliate programs available today.

    Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your journey, these affiliate programs offer lucrative opportunities to earn commissions while promoting products and services aligned with your practice.

    From yoga apparel and accessories to online classes and wellness retreats, discover the top affiliate programs that cater to yoga enthusiasts and practitioners alike.

    Unlock the potential to earn passive income while sharing your love for yoga with others.

    Best Yoga Affiliate Programs.

    Here are the best yoga affiliate programs:

    1. Manduka.

    manduka homepage

    Manduka began by selling high-quality yoga mats and has since expanded to include towels, props, accessories, and clothing.

    The brand’s best-selling product is the Manduka Pro mat, which is recommended by teachers worldwide.

    Although Manduka mats are slightly more expensive than average, they come with a lifetime guarantee that covers up to 10 years of regular use.

    Manduka has 4 different rewards and affiliate programs:

    • Yoga teacher reward program
    • Yoga teacher discount program
    • Influencer program
    • Publisher affiliate program

    If you are a “traditional” affiliate with a website, the best choice is #4.

    You will find it on the Rakuten affiliate network.

    The yoga affiliate program provides a 6% commission on all purchases and has a 30-day cookie window.

    Commissions are paid via PayPal, direct deposit, or cheque.

    Unfortunately, you will not be approved for Manduka’s affiliate program if you own a coupon-based affiliate website.

    Manduka’s view of what constitutes a “coupon website” determines whether you qualify.

    2. Wai Lana Yoga.

    wai lana homepage

    Wai Lana is one of the world’s most popular yoga instructors, with a long-running television show that airs on five continents.

    She has produced and presented about 200 half-hour shows throughout her career.

    Wai Lana also has an online shop that sells a wide variety of yoga-related items, such as yoga mats, DVD sets, essential oils, and cassava chips.

    You can find her yoga affiliate program on the ShareASale affiliate network.

    It offers a 15% commission on all Wai Lana Yoga purchases and has a 120-day cookie period.

    Those terms and conditions seem very appealing.

    However, with affiliate marketing, large commission rates mean nothing if the items do not sell.

    I would rather earn 5% on thousands of sales than 15% on no sales.

    With that in mind, it’s worth noting that Wai Lana Yoga’s latest transaction occurred in March 2021, according to ShareASale statistics.

    3. Yoga Burn.

    yoga burn homepage

    Yoga Burn provides more than a dozen online yoga classes designed to help people lose weight.

    Zoe Bray-Cotton, an internationally recognized personal trainer and yoga teacher, conducts the classes.

    Customers may download lessons quickly or get the whole course content on DVD.

    In addition to its training program, the company offers a product called Coffee Ignite, which it says is the world’s first and only formula that boosts metabolism when combined with coffee.

    It is 100% natural, vegetarian, and free of fillers and preservatives.

    Register for this affiliate program via the ClickBank affiliate network.

    You’ll earn a whopping 30% commission on every sale made via your affiliate links.

    4. Barefoot Yoga.

    barefoot yoga homepage

    Kelly LeFebvre founded Barefoot Yoga in 1996. Inspired by her experiences in India, she began selling yoga mat bags.

    Since those early days, Barefoot has grown tremendously, selling over 5,000 products through its eCommerce site and from around 2,000 yoga studios and facilities.

    One of its best-selling products is a range of yoga pillows made of 100% cotton that can be washed in a machine.

    At the time of writing, the Barefoot website was experiencing supply difficulties in numerous categories.

    If you want to participate in this program, remember to check back regularly to make sure you’re linking to live products.

    ShareASale is the preferred affiliate network for this yoga affiliate program.

    It provides a commission of 10% on net sales generated from your website.

    The affiliate program has a long cookie window of 60 days.

    Commissions can be paid by direct deposit or cheque.

    You’ll get access to a big library of marketing materials, including advertising banners, to help you close the sale.

    5. Jade Yoga.

    jade yoga homepage

    JadeYoga began in 2000 with a simple goal: to create a better yoga mat.

    It discovered that the existing products were too slippery, so it began creating yoga mats made of natural rubber.

    All of its products are made in the United States of America and are chemical-free.

    Sustainability and eco-friendliness are important aspects of JadeYoga’s branding.

    It does more than simply talk the talk; it plants a tree for every mat sold.

    This yoga affiliate program is available on AvantLink.

    It provides a 30-day cookie period and a 10% commission rate.

    Currently, the program only applies to JadeYoga’s US website, so you will not get commissions on purchases from other JadeYoga retailers.

    Payments are processed by AvantLink’s partner Tipalti, which accepts PayPal, direct deposit, and wire transfers.

    However, it charges a fee for wire transactions.

    The minimum payment threshold is $25, however it can be increased to $1,000.

    6. Gaiam.

    gaiam homepage

    Gaiam offers over 1,000 yoga products, including mats, props, accessories, clothes, and other yoga-related items.

    The Gaiam site has a yoga mat finder, which allows users to choose their ideal mat based on a range of preferences, including material, thickness, and style.

    The biggest mats are ten inches longer and two inches wider than regular yoga mats.

    The firm provides free delivery on all purchases over $125 and conducts regular site-wide promotions.

    The Gaiam affiliate program is available on Rakuten LinkShare.

    It is now recognized as one of the Linkshare’s premium affiliate programs.

    To register, you have to first create a Linkshare account.

    Then search for the Gaiam affiliate program and click apply.

    You should get a response within 24 business hours.

    If your application is approved, you will get 8% of each sale that converts during the 14-day cookie window.

    You will also get access to a marketing material library that includes eye-catching banner creatives as well as regular emails with the most up-to-date product information.

    Unlike most other yoga affiliate programs, Gaiam has no minimum payment requirement, so you’ll get regular commissions regardless of how much you sell.

    7. Buddha Groove.

    buddha groove homepage

    Buddha Groove is a website that offers “items and gifts that invigorate the human spirit.”

    That means something like jewelry, garden decor, and meditation tools.

    It only offers a few yoga-related goods, such as yoga leg pillows that serve as neck supports for extended meditation periods.

    It also sells yoga-related accessories like activity cards, books, and incense holders.

    SOVRN manages its affiliate program.

    It offers an 8% commission on all sales.

    Buddha Groove offers 4 payment methods: PayPal, direct deposit, check, and wire transfer.

    For wire transfers, the minimum payment threshold is $50; for all other methods, it is $25.

    SOVRN manages all associated costs.

    Commissions are paid 90 days after the selling date.

    So, if you earned a commission in January, you will get it by the end of April.

    Affiliates will get payment from Sovrn Commerce 90 days after the end of the month in which commissions were earned.

    For example, commissions made in January will be paid out by the end of April.

    8. Organic Basics.

    organic basics homepage

    Organic Basics is a Copenhagen-based company that sells underwear and activewear made using eco-friendly and sustainable methods.

    Every fabric in the company’s products is hand-picked and made from natural, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, or low-impact materials.

    The Organic Basics site stocks a small selection of yoga shorts, tops,  and yoga bras.

    The company’s affiliate program is powered by Impact Radius.

    It pays a 10% commission on all purchases and has a 30-day cookie period.

    Commissions can be paid in your preferred currency by direct transfer, PayPal, or BACS.

    When applying for this affiliate program, make sure to provide a link to your YouTube channel, Instagram account, or blog.

    Organic Basics is mainly looking for affiliates who care about:

    • Sustainability
    • Eco-friendly lifestyles
    • Working conditions in the fashion industry

    To get accepted, you must have at least 1,000 followers and provide high-quality, inspirational, and visually appealing content.

    If you pass, you’ll get free review products as well as a 10% discount code that you can share with your audience.

    Organic Basics may also highlight your profile on its Instagram page or website.

    9. Uplift Active.

    uplift active homepage

    Uplift Active sells high-quality aerial yoga gear and equipment, ranging from gentle inversion therapy to intense body strengthening.

    The products it sells have a low return rate of 1% to 2% and can be shipped worldwide.

    Best-sellers include the aerial yoga hammock set, which comes with all of the essential rigging equipment, as well as a knot-tying guide and instructional videos.

    The company’s affiliate program, which is managed by Affiatly, pays a 10% commission on almost every product.

    The only exceptions are aerial rigs, which have a commission maximum of $40 and are not eligible for discount coupons.

    Payments are made monthly via PayPal, with no minimum amount.

    Once you register for the Uplift Active affiliate program, you will get a response within a week.

    You will get advanced notice of new product releases and upgrades, and you may be selected to receive new products for testing.

    Uplift Active provides help to affiliate marketers through a personal affiliate manager, who should reply within three hours.

    10. Lululemon.

    lulemon homepage

    Lululemon is one of the world’s most well-known yoga companies, with millions of social media followers and a large network of ambassadors ranging from trained instructors to fitness professionals known as the Sweat Collective.

    Its yoga clothes and accessories are made of high-quality fabrics that are designed to keep people comfortable.

    The brand’s products are quite pricey but incredibly popular, enabling the website to boast an average order value of $100 or more.

    The company’s yoga affiliate program runs on Awin.

    It offers a 30-day cookie period and a commission rate of 5%.

    If you are approved, you will be welcomed to Lululemon’s Facebook-based yoga community for affiliate marketers.

    This is an excellent place to get guidance and help from experienced Lululemon affiliates.

    11. prAna.

    prana homepage

    Beaver and Pam created the confusingly titled prAna in 1992 with the goal of creating a sustainable and stunning apparel company for people who lead active lifestyles.

    It offers a variety of yoga accessories and clothing made from ethical materials like organic cotton and hemp.

    The firm has also made initiatives to reduce the negative environmental impact of its packaging, such as roll packing, recyclable raffia ties, and other sustainable techniques for reducing plastic and paper waste.

    PrAna’s yoga affiliate program is available on the CJ Affiliate network.

    It offers a 5% commission rate and a 7-day cookie duration, with a seven-day EPC of $36.81.

    Commissions can be paid to US-based affiliates via cheque or direct deposit.

    Commissions are paid to overseas affiliates using Payoneer.


    Delving into the realm of yoga affiliate programs presents an exciting avenue for both yogis and digital marketers alike.

    By harnessing the power of affiliate partnerships, you can not only monetize your passion for yoga but also contribute to the growth of the wellness industry.

    As you embark on your affiliate journey, remember to prioritize authenticity and relevance in your promotions to foster trust with your audience.

    With the right approach and dedication, these affiliate programs offer boundless opportunities to generate passive income while sharing the transformative benefits of yoga with the world.

    So, seize the opportunity to align your passion with profit and embark on a fulfilling journey as a yoga affiliate marketer today!