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    Benefits Of Publishing Articles On Our Website:

    1. Domain Authority (DA) is 50+.
    2. Page Authority (PA) is 40+.
    3. The age of the domain and website is about 2 years.
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    Categories We Accept:

    1. Make money online.
    2. Online Business Ideas.
    3. Blogging.
    4. Affiliate Marketing.
    5. Marketing.
    6. E-commerce.
    7. Freelancing.
    8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    9. Cryptocurrency.
    10. Web Hosting.
    11. Casino And Gambling.

    Guest Post Charges.

    For a fee to publish your article on our site, you must contact us via email at

    Guidelines for the Guest Post's Content Quality.

    1. Content Quality:
    1.1 The article has to be more descriptive and focused mainly on the topic (see the above categories).
    1.2 Put your efforts to write original content. The use of copied content or content that is duplicated will not be permitted.
    1.3 Add a featured image in your post. The image should not have a copyright issue.
    1.4. It is required of the content author to include a link to any highly reputable website relevant to the topic of their article.

    2. Content-Length:
    2.1 The article must be at least 1000 words long and can be any length up to any number of words in total, and it must be related to the topic.
    2.2. The quality of the work is of the utmost importance, and we will not tolerate thin or duplicate content.
    2.3. The article's lengthy paragraphs should be broken up using subheadings, points, etc.
    2.4 Create a neat and organized display, and add in the appropriate bullets and lists.

    3. Affiliate Links:
    3.1 Absolutely no affiliate links of any kind are permitted. (Also prohibited are banners with affiliate links.)
    3.2 You are permitted to link to your own website or blog post; however, linking to other paid sources, such as promotional or lead pages, as well as affiliate pages, is prohibited.

    4. Copyright:
    4.1. By submitting the article, you are granting us full copyright ownership so that we can handle DMCA issues.
    4.2. The digital priyansh administration has the sole authority to decide whether to publish an article, rearrange it, move it, or edit it.
    4.3 It is against our policies to republish articles that have previously been posted on our website, and if we find that you are participating in such activity, we will immediately remove the article from our website.

    5. Article Publication and Updation:
    5.1. Once we have received your article, a member of our team will review the article you have submitted to check for quality and plagiarism. Your article must be plagiarism free. If even one percent of plagiarism is found in your article, we will not accept it.
    5.2 If it turns out that revision is required, a member of our team will email you. Only articles that pass TOS and quality inspection will be published.

    How To Apply For A Sponsored Guest Post Opportunity?

    If you have read and agree to the above terms, write an email to