13 Best Affiliate Programs For Mom Bloggers In 2024

    Looking to monetize your parenting blog or website?

    Dive into the lucrative world of affiliate marketing with the top mom affiliate programs!

    Whether you’re sharing parenting tips, reviewing baby products, or offering lifestyle advice, partnering with these carefully curated affiliate programs can help you earn passive income while providing valuable resources to your audience.

    From baby gear and parenting books to household essentials and self-care products, these affiliate programs cater to the diverse needs and interests of modern moms.

    Explore our curated list of best mom affiliate programs tailored to kickstart your journey towards financial freedom while sharing valuable recommendations with your audience.

    Best Affiliate Programs For Mom Bloggers.

    Here are the best affiliate programs for mom bloggers:

    1. Amazon Associates.

    amazon associates homepage

    With almost every product under the sun, Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates, is an excellent match for the majority of B2C niches.

    The infant and toddler toys category has over 10,000 products, and it is just one of several mom-friendly categories served by the e-commerce behemoth.

    With so many products to promote, there’s an opportunity to share recommendations for both daily essentials and more costly products like strollers or car seats.

    That’s why it is one of the world’s most popular affiliate programs, with 58.5% of affiliate marketers using Amazon Associates.

    Given the abundance of categories offered and a user experience centered on laser-targeted product recommendations, Amazon has enormous potential for generating multiple sales and commissions with a single click.

    Don’t get turned off by the commission fees, which range from 1% for health and personal care products to 20% for Amazon games.

    amazon commissions

    These prices are quite competitive in some categories.

    Take books for example, Amazon pays 4.5% on physical sales, which is more than twice what Barnes & Noble does.

    Amazon also holds short-term reward events that pay fixed cash amounts for certain behaviors (such as promoting Amazon Prime’s free trials).

    Keep in mind that you must have a qualified website (or app) to become an Amazon affiliate.

    However, if you have a significant social following, you may be qualified for Amazon’s dedicated influencer program.

    2. Etsy.

    etsy homepage

    If you like all things vintage and used, check out Etsy, the home of one-of-a-kind, creative items.

    The marketplace has various mom blogger-friendly product categories, like craft supplies and toys for kids.

    So, if your readers are looking for methods to keep their kids entertained, Etsy is a great choice.

    The Etsy affiliate has regional variants in ten nations and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

    It also offers distinct affiliate programs for the EU and the rest of the globe, so make sure you join the appropriate version.

    Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll receive a standard 4% commission on every sale.

    Interestingly, the program is available to current Etsy sellers, allowing them to earn money by advertising their own businesses (as well as other Etsy shops).

    3. Undercover Mama.

    undercover mama homepage

    We don’t need to remind you that breastfeeding moms find it difficult to dress.

    Undercover Mama is a smart innovative tank top that allows for easy, one-handed nursing access.

    The problem is solved!

    The company offers hassle-free size exchanges and a guarantee of complete satisfaction, both of which generate trust and help you close the deal.

    If you close the deal, you’ll receive a standard 10% commission per sale, but Undercover Mama also offers “aggressive” awards for top affiliates.

    Based on 30-day tracking data from the ShareASale affiliate network, the store has an impressive average order value of $23.80.

    However, it’s not all good news; the affiliate program has a poor conversion rate of just 0.13%.

    There’s nothing obvious wrong with the website, so maybe Undercover Mama hasn’t found suitable affiliate partners yet?

    4. momAgenda.

    momagenda homepage

    Did you realize that being a mom is similar to working 2.5 full-time jobs?

    Given the busy pace, it’s not surprising that momAgenda is a lifesaver for many mothers.

    It specializes in planners and organizers for mothers.

    The brand is well-known, having been featured in high-profile media outlets such as The Today Show and the New York Times.

    It also has celebrity endorsements from people like Felicity Huffman and Rachel Zoe.

    Selling items that your target audience is already familiar with is often simpler.

    With an average purchase value of $65 and a 15% commission rate, momAgenda’s affiliate program has lots of earning potential.

    However, it seems to have conversion rate difficulties, since ShareASale’s 30-day statistics reveal that just 0.59% of site visitors make a purchase.

    5. Momcozy.

    momcozy homepage

    Momcozy gained its reputation by creating award-winning wearable breast pumps, but it also offers a wide range of additional mom-friendly products, such as nursing bras and pregnancy clothing.

    The company offers 100% natural bamboo diapers, a crucial selling factor for those seeking eco-friendly solutions.

    The Momcozy affiliate program pays an impressive commission of 9% per sale and also provides performance-based rewards, with rates reaching up to 13.5% on monthly sales volumes of $15,000 or more.

    And, with its affiliate network partner, ShareASale, reporting an average sale of $105, this is an excellent choice for anybody looking for high-paying affiliate programs in the mom niche.

    6. Finn + Emma.

    finn emma homepage

    More and more moms want to give their newborns the best possible start in life by using environmentally friendly, non-toxic products that also look attractive.

    Finn & Emma uses brilliant colors, heirloom-quality craftsmanship, and safe, sustainable materials — such as 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all-natural wood — to raise the standard of products and increase safety.

    Of course, these features come at a price, allowing the company to achieve an average sale of more than $90.

    When combined with a basic 10% commission rate, frequent promotions, and a competitive, performance-based incentive system, you could be looking at a substantial income from this affiliate program.

    However, the higher price tag may sometimes be a barrier to closing the deal.

    That seems to be the case with Finn + Emma, which has a rather low 1.74% conversion rate, according to ShareASale’s 30-day tracking data.

    7. PatPat.

    patpat homepage

    PatPat, a shopping deal site targeted at mothers and families, is popular among bargain-hunting parents.

    The PatPat team works directly with manufacturers to get clothes and other items at the lowest feasible cost.

    This contains a constantly updated flash sale category with savings of up to 20%.

    As if that weren’t enough, affiliate marketers can share a 10% discount coupon with new customers, making it simpler to convert first-time visitors.

    PatPat’s affiliate program is accessible via the ShareASale, Awin, CJ Affiliate, and Commission Factory networks.

    Commission Factory has the longest cookie period (60 days), while Awin and CJ give the highest commissions of up to 13%.

    Network Commission Cookie Duration Market URL
    ShareASale 12% 45 days Multiple Sign Up
    Awin Up to 13% 45 days Global Sign Up
    Commission Factory Up to 12% 60 days Global Sign Up
    CJ Affiliate Up to 13% 45 days Multiple Sign Up

    8. Earth Mama Organics.

    earth mama homepage

    Earth Mama Organics, like Finn + Emma, is a parent and baby business that specializes in toxin-free products.

    Instead of clothing and toys, the website provides traditional herbal treatments, balms, and beverages that are intended to support mothers throughout pregnancy, delivery, and nursing.

    It has received several certifications, including USDA Organic, NSF Organic, and the Non-GMO Project, which reinforce its narrative on natural ingredients and sustainability.

    Earth Mama pays an impressive 20% on every sale, making it potentially one of the highest-paying mom affiliate programs.

    However, its average sale ($23.70) and conversion rate (1.35%) are very low, so you’ll most likely need to recommend a lot of visitors to make good commissions.

    9. Green Kid Crafts.

    green kid crafts homepage

    Whether you want to instill a love of science and the arts in your children or just keep them entertained over the school vacations, Green Kid Crafts offers the solution: art and science-themed subscription boxes.

    Since 2010, the firm has sold over 1.5 million boxes intended to help kids explore and develop a passion for creativity-fueled learning.

    Each box comprises up to six activity kits based on a common subject; prior examples include Nocturnal Animals, Mad Scientist, and Around the World.

    Start promoting Green Kid Crafts and get a 15% commission on each sale, with the opportunity to earn monthly bonuses for hitting subscription goals.

    Green Kid, like other subscription box businesses, has a rather poor conversion rate (only 0.45%, according to ShareASale’s 30-day data).

    However, with an average sale of more than $100, there is still room to earn substantial commissions here.

    10. Ergobaby.

    ergobaby homepage

    Carrying a baby might be a workout, but Ergobaby eliminates the need to break a sweat.

    The firm makes baby carriers that appropriately transfer your baby’s weight over your shoulders and hips.

    Ergobaby’s products have received multiple awards from publications like as Good Housekeeping and The Bump – important trust factors that may help you convert clicks into money.

    Speaking of which, Ergobaby’s affiliate program offers a 4% commission on all purchases.

    While it may not seem impressive, the average selling price of $150 or more is highly appealing.

    Another advantage of this affiliate program is that even if you don’t have a website, you can promote your text links via an email marketing list, providing you with more flexibility in your affiliate marketing strategies.

    11. SnoofyBee.

    snoofybee homepage

    Between carrying diapers, food, milk, extra clothing, and a baby, new parents sometimes feel as if they don’t have enough hands.

    Fortunately, SnoofyBee is ready to assist with its innovative baby accessories.

    Its main product, the Playtime Pad (which was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank), is intended to make diaper change easier.

    But the firm also sells a variety of other useful baby products, such as a backpack that allows you to reach all of your belongings while carrying your baby and a suction bowl that helps decrease the mess of mealtime at home or on the go.

    SnoofyBee’s regular orders vary between $30 and $60, and their affiliate program pays a fixed commission of 20% per sale.

    12. The Spoiled Mama.

    the spoiled mama

    Navigating the minefield of skincare products when pregnant may be difficult.

    With an increased vulnerability to skin disorders and heightened awareness of toxins, it’s difficult to find safe alternatives.

    That’s where The Spoiled Mama steps in.

    The online store provides vegan, organic, toxin-free pregnancy skincare products that are safe for both mother and baby from the first to the fourth trimester, with all components acquired from ethical, socially, and ecologically responsible suppliers.

    Register for the Spoiled Mama affiliate program via ShareASale and earn a flat 10% commission on all new customer purchases.

    The firm has a strong $70 average sale and often receives orders over $150.

    However, like many other affiliate networks, it seems to have difficulties with closing the deal.

    ShareASale claims a 30-day conversion rate of just 0.46%.

    13. Baby Tula.

    tula homepage

    Baby Tula, like Ergobaby, is a high-end baby carrier and sling brand that prioritizes function and ergonomics.

    However, unlike other baby carrier businesses, Baby Tula encourages parents to look and feel nice while using their products.

    Its carriers come in a variety of appealing colors and designs, resulting in Forbes designating the Explore Baby Carrier as the most stylish baby carrier.

    Baby Tula has an average sale of $140 or more, indicating that there is potential for a good income here.

    However, there is a lot of confusion about commissions.

    Baby Tula’s website offers rates of up to 10% per sale, however, Impact, the brand’s affiliate network partner, cites a fixed 4% commission rate.


    Leveraging the power of mom affiliate programs can significantly boost your revenue streams while adding value to your audience’s lives.

    By carefully selecting affiliate programs that align with your niche, you can generate passive income while promoting products and services that resonate with your audience.

    Remember to continuously monitor your performance, optimize your strategies, and stay updated on new opportunities to ensure long-term success in your affiliate marketing efforts.

    Start monetizing your mom-centric content today and embark on a journey towards financial independence while doing what you love most – sharing your experiences and insights as a mom.