15 Best Ways To Make Money Blogging In 2022

    Nowadays everyone wants to have a blog.

    Whether it is about their favorite band, celebrity, player, or just a platform for them to rant about how bad the current world is.

    Whatever type of blog you have, you can use many methods to make money blogging.

    But for doing that you just have to be creative and not boring.

    Besides, most of the ways require huge traffic to your blog.

    So, In this article, we’ll show you 15 different ways you can use to make a lot of money from your blog.

    Let’s get started!

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    How To Make Money Blogging?

    how to make money blogging

    If you want to make money online from a blog, the first thing you need to do is start a blog.

    You can start a WordPress blog like mine within 5 minutes on BLUEHOST for just $2.95/month.

    You can find out more about blogging by reading my blog articles.

    Once you’re ready, it’s time for step two: figuring out what type of content will work best for your blog.

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    Your goal should be to create something that people will enjoy reading and that they’ll come back for more without feeling like they’ve been force-fed information.

    After this, there are many ways you can monetize a blog.

    So let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make money blogging:

    1. Monetize Your Blog With Advertisements.

    monetize blog

    Advertising is the most popular way to make money from blog.

    You can sign up with an ad network like Google’s Adsense and get paid whenever you display ads on your blog.

    But before doing this, make sure that you’ve established a steady readership to maximize your income and minimize the risk of getting rejected.

    According to a data dsim,  Google Adsense is the biggest contextual advertising network.

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    Also, it pays higher compared to other networks on average.

    Around 68% of revenue will be deducted for creators which is much more comparatively.

    Using Google Adsense, you can sign up and allow Google to place ads on your blog. 

    Google does this by identifying content on your blog and ensuring relevant advertisements are displayed. 

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    If any of your readers then click on the ads, then you are paid per click.

    In order to make money with blog in this way you need to apply for Adsense, and once approved you need to ensure you comply with the terms of service and stay approved. 

    This is a really easy way to make money blogging. 

    As long as you have good content on your blog that generates traffic, then you should be able to make money from a blog in this way.

    They also have the best system to manage your account which allows you to easily track your earnings and play around with different strategies for optimizing your eCPM, CTR, etc.

    Also Ezoic, Mediavine, etc, are the top-class ad platforms that you can start with your blogging.


    2. Affiliate Marketing.

    affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing and the use of affiliate links is one of the best and easiest ways a blogger can make money with a blog. 

    The way it works is that the blogger finds a product they like and one they feel their audience will relate to and want to purchase.

    You can sign up with any affiliate program that offers products related to your niche and get paid when someone buys something through your link.

    But before doing this, make sure that you’ve established a steady readership.

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    So it makes sense for both you and the company offering the product or service.

    The product should be something your audience relates to, so if for example, you are a food blogger you could showcase cooking equipment in your blog using affiliate links. 

    This is done by you promoting the piece of equipment by writing about it in your blog, or reviewing it, and then promoting it to your audience. 

    If your audience clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase of the product, then you as an affiliate marketer are paid a commission.  

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    This way content will help you make money with a blog.

    And don’t forget to give out clear instructions on how people can buy what they want through your site so there are no misunderstandings down the line about where their money is going to go.

    The rates of commission vary depending on the product, but essentially you could earn passive income, and make money from blog, very easily. 

    Once the affiliate links are on your blog then there is no real further work to be done by you. 

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    In order to find the right products to promote you can find them on affiliate networks such as Clickbank, or you can join affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates.

    Amazon is a far more popular affiliate program that allows bloggers to sign up easily and make money blogging but they are not the only one that you can use.

    There are many others available who offer various types of products at different prices with varying commissions.

    Among them are Commission Junction, Flex Offers, Tradedoubler, etc.

    Important information about affiliate marketing:


    3. CPA Marketing.

    cpa marketing

    CPA Marketing (Cost Per Action marketing) is one of the most popular ways to monetize a blog and make money blogging.

    It’s more popular than Adsense because it doesn’t just allow you to make money through clicks on ads but also from actions performed by users.

    The most common CPA offers are lead generation.

    You can make money from blog by generating leads for other companies.

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    As most consumers are online these days this means more companies are looking for collaborations online where they can look at creative ways to get new leads.

    Companies will pay bloggers for access to their audience, or email lists, so they can promote their products. 

    In essence, the blogger acts as a matchmaker introducing the company to your audience. 

    This only works where the company has a product that resonates with your blog and audience. 

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    So be choosy about which companies you work with.

    Although there are some downsides to this, such as low payouts and a lot of fake traffic.

    But many people still choose CPA over Adsense.

    So there might be some benefits that we’re not seeing right now.

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    If you want to get started with CPA, then check out MaxBounty or Peerfly.

    CPA marketing isn’t for everyone.

    If you’re new to making money online, then stay away from this for now.

    If you’re not skilled then It will waste your time and not give you any results.

    Important information about CPA marketing:


    4. Native Advertising.

    how to make money by blog

    Native advertising is the most interesting way to monetize a blog and make money blogging.

    It’s similar to regular advertisements, but it doesn’t feel like an advertisement since it looks pretty much like ordinary content.

    Some of the most popular blogging platforms are using this form of marketing in order to make money from blogs.

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    And traditional media companies are also jumping on board right now with native ads.

    You can get started with NativeAds for free and they’ll pay you per thousand impressions or clicks that happen when people view or click through your content.

    So these advantages make the native ads completely different from the traditional display ad.


    5. Sell Sponsored Posts.

    make money blogging

    Sponsored Posts have been around for quite some time now and they are one of the most popular ways to monetize a blog and make money blogging.

    You can get paid when companies want you to write reviews or recommendations for their products or services in exchange for money, freebies, samples, etc.

    Some blogs make millions of dollars every year by doing sponsored posts alone because it’s both effective and easy to do after establishing a steady readership.

    However, this should not be what you rely on as your main source of income because it can easily dry out if companies stop coming to you with offers like these.

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    It is always a good idea to increase the traffic to your blog, this means you can really optimize any chance you have to make money from a blog. 

    With an established and engaged audience, you can then sell sponsored posts. 

    The posts are sponsored by companies who pay you to post about their product or service.

    Companies like to have their products featured on blogs as it is a great way of directly marketing to specific and targeted consumers. 

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    Sponsored content is a great way to make money from a blog. 

    As long as the sponsored content relates to your blog niche, and your audience is attentive you can make money from a blog post that is sponsored. 

    In addition to sponsored posts, you can also offer product reviews that are paid for. 

    Such paid advertisements are known as advertorials, and if you do this well you can make money blogging.

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    You should not alienate your readers.

    Therefore, make sure your sponsored posts are relevant to your audience. 

    If you have a blog about gardening make sure your sponsored posts are related to the same topic.

    There would be no point in having a sponsored post about electric knives if your blog is solely related to gardening. 

    Your sponsored post should feel authentic and relate to your niche otherwise you could lose your audience.  

    As a blogger you can get sponsorship for videos, articles, photography, and social media posts.


    6. Sell Ad Space On Your Blog.

    how to make money from blog

    In addition to Adsense, you can sell ad space on your blog to advertisers directly and make money blogging.

    If your blog is popular enough, then you can sell ad space on it to companies or individuals who want to promote their products or services.

    Advertisers then pay to use space on your blog to advertise their products and sponsor your blog posts.

    You’ll be able to specify the space on your site that you’re willing to give, whether it’s a banner advertisement on the upper part of one of your pages, two sidebars, etc.

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    Then decide how much you would like for each and let advertisers contact you if they’re interested in buying any ad space from you in order to market their brand and get traffic back in return.

    You can charge different prices for the different spaces including top banners and side banners.

    The price paid for the advertising space depends on the number of visitors you have to your site, so if you have a lot of traffic to your site then you can make money with a blog.

    If your blog does not get a lot of traffic then you can use SEO tools to optimize your site to increase your traffic. 

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    As long as you have sufficient traffic you can make money from a blog by selling ad space. 

    Some advertisers pay based on visitor numbers, but others pay a direct price based on what you want to charge. 

    This is more of a flat fee arrangement whereas pay per click relates to the number of clicks made by visitors to specific ads placed on your blog.

    In this way, you can make money blogging.

    This has been an effective way of making money with blogs but if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    Then It will take a lot of time to give away good spots for free.


    7. Sell Your Own Digital Product.

    sell digital products

    You can also make money blogging from selling your own digital product that you create and market to people directly.

    Some popular examples would be ebooks, courses, etc.

    The digital market has exploded and more and more people are selling their own digital products, this could be e-books, digital prints, digital coloring books, and digital templates. 

    Selling your own digital products can earn a lot of money from a blog, especially if your product is of good quality. 

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    The potential to earn is high because there is no middle-man to deal with and you will make money blogging for every sale you make.

    The digital product you make can be sold directly through your blog. 

    In order to make money blogging using digital products, you need to ensure you invest the time in creating a really great product. 

    The digital product should be extremely well put together, and this can take time as you want to ensure that the writing and graphics are good.

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    Creating your own digital product should take some research and time but once it’s done, It will open the gates wide for more income opportunities.

    Because other blog owners will want to spread the word about your content which means free traffic coming back in return.

    You may decide to pay someone to create designs for you, or to write the e-book, so factor in these costs. 

    Also, remember, if you are selling your digital product on your site you need to ensure your blog is set up for direct sales. 

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    This means you will need payment structures and methods in place, shipping costs sorted, and taxes covered (where applicable).  

    To make money from a blog in this way takes more effort but is worth it.

    Besides, there is a huge earning opportunity to sell digital products.

    You can sell your products from platforms like Clickbank which allows you to make more money by promoting affiliate offers to the customers.


    8. Sell Your Own Physical Product.

    sell physical products

    If you have a physical product or something that people will be able to touch or test, then selling it directly through your blog is also one of the best ways to monetize evergreen content and make money blogging.

    Whilst setting up an e-commerce site is another way to make money from blogs, it can be time-intensive. 

    There are already thousands of e-commerce websites, and if you want to create a successful one you have to work hard. 

    You will need to find a niche, and then ensure you have a good marketing strategy that will connect you to consumers who will buy.

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    Many successful bloggers are doing this right now because not only are they making money from sales but also from affiliate offers as well.

    And depending on what type of product you’re selling, It could bring in a lot more traffic compared with other options on this list.

    So if you already have an online store set up and ready to go then.


    9. Sell Your Online Courses.

    sell online courses on instagram

    Selling your courses online is actually a high-earning way to make money blogging.

    Many content creators are selling their courses online. 

    If you have a successful blog, with an attentive audience, you could sell a course about how you make money from blogging. 

    People are keen to learn and like to follow success stories.

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    You could sell your course directly from your website and would be able to keep all the money made. 

    This is a great way to transform blog content into a set of lessons where people have to pay in order to access them.

    So they’ll be paying not only for the product but also for the knowledge inside, so it’s both an information product and service combined which means more money in return.

    To do this, and to make money from a blog this way, you need to ensure the course contains content that your audience would be interested in. 

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    You need to offer value to the audience, and they should feel like you have something to teach them.

    And since your blog already has traffic flowing through it, you’ll be able to increase sales even more when launching your course or program directly on there.

    A lot of blogs are educational, so it makes sense to earn money from a blog by monetizing it and selling courses that educate your followers.


    10. Build An ‘Email List’.

    build an email list from blog

    Building an email list is arguably one of the best ways to make money online with blogging because it allows you to create long-term passive income.

    Basically, when building an email list, you capture subscribers’ emails by giving them something in return for their email address which can be a free ebook or monthly newsletter, etc.

    Then you market your product(s) or services directly to them over time.  

    And since these people opted in themselves to get updates from you for free then they’re more likely to buy stuff from you compared with other marketing methods out there.

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    Get leads. Get sales. Get growing.

    Once you have an attentive audience you can start to generate an email list. 

    The email list usually consists of loyal audience members and readers of your blog. 

    These readers want to be kept up to date with any news you have, so the email list becomes one of the best ways to make money blogging. 

    You could end up with a dedicated and important email list where you can market directly to those interested.

    So this is why many marketers are making millions of dollars every year through email marketing alone because people are still checking their inboxes daily unlike social media platforms where posts are gone in a day or two.


    11. Flip Your Blogs (Create -> Sell -> Reinvest).

    flip blogs

    As more and more people are creating websites, there is a growing industry that flips websites.

    This is a good way to make money blogging as it means that if you have good content, and a loyal following, you can sell your website to someone else and cash in.

    First, you have to find profitable blogs that are already making income somehow.

    Then you need to turn them into products, courses, memberships, or whatever way you want by adding more content and rebranding the thing completely.

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    After branding your blog this way, It will help you reach out to a larger audience with information they would be willing to pay for.

    And once you have created something good enough for other people’s eyes.

    Then It would be much easier to sell it in places like motion invest, flippa, and fireflipper.

    So don’t just keep building new blogs all the time since it takes too much time and money compared with flipping an existing one first before reinvesting again in another profitable blog later.

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    For example, if your website is earning you $700 a month through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and ads, then you could value that up and sell your website for $700 x 22 monthly income.

    This could be a substantial amount of money. 

    Another way to make money from a blog is to create and sell websites from scratch.  

    Once you sell and start making money you can reinvest in creating more websites. 

    Websites such as Flippa, and We Buy Websites, are popular sites for selling websites.


    12. Sell Your Services.

    how to make money with blog

    This is the most underrated and overlooked way to make money blogging by selling your services.

    After all, You can’t go wrong with selling something that you can offer in person rather than through an email or a blog post alone.

    So there are many problems you could be solving such as designing logos, promoting products, ghostwriting books, or even building websites for people.

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    But it’s still possible if you want to do this since we’re living in the digital age where anything is possible.

    And besides, It’s both an information and service combination which means more income opportunities in return for your time and effort.


    13. Offer Membership.

    how to make money with a blog

    This is another way to make money blogging by using something called membership sites. 

    Membership sites are usually for paid access where people have to pay in order to get more information from you over time. 

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    Similar to the email list concept, You can create a membership site where anyone would have to pay monthly or yearly fees in order for them to access your blog posts and other materials added inside.

    And since your blog already has traffic flowing through it, you’ll be able to increase sales even more when launching your course or program directly on there.


    14. Sell Backlinks.

    how to make money from blogging

    You can also sell backlinks from your blog posts to make money blogging.

    Backlinks are important in SEO because they help to rank a website on search engines like Google and drive more traffic.

    So basically, people will pay for a link from your website back to theirs in return for a few bucks or sometimes a favor instead. 

    Selling backlinks can ensure that you have a blog that makes money.

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    This involves you placing backlinks on your website, but you must ensure that the backlinks are good quality ones and are placed organically. 

    The links should be your actual visitors and be easily accessible to them. 

    Backlinks are essential links incoming to your site, and these links direct visitors from one website to another website. 

    If you sell backlinks then your website is linking up with another website.

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    If you create and share links you can make money from blogging, the link quality and relevance matter so only share those links that are relevant to your niche. 

    Also, think about whether your audience will appreciate your links, if you have built an audience that means you have built authority and trust so you don’t want to breach that trust by including links that do not appeal to them. 

    If you have a good website that is well established you can sign up with backlink selling sites such as and start looking for links that you want to sell on your site.

    But make sure not to overdo this method because Google is getting smarter with their algorithms these days and if they find out you’re spamming them with low-quality links then you could get banned from their search engine forever which means bye-bye income.


    15. Accept Donations From Visitors.

    how to make money from blogger

    Lastly, you can also make money blogging from your visitors whenever they feel generous enough to donate a few bucks through PayPal.

    But keep in mind that this is completely optional and not everyone will do it, especially when their expectations are low for your blog posts.

    But if done right then it could add up to a decent amount of money dispersed throughout the year which doesn’t hurt at all.

    If you have a loyal audience, who is engaged and connected to you and your content you can ask them to donate to you. 

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    Some bloggers use donations to help create content, or develop digital products and find it can be a good way to earn from a blog.

    As long as you have followers who understand and support your journey, you should have people willing to donate sums of money. 

    These donations can cover your expenses including research, content, and web hosting costs.

    And besides, It’s also another way to say “thanks” in return for creating something with passion and love rather than just doing it.

    So don’t be afraid to try new things in life since there’s always a way out depending on how creative you are when solving problems in life.



    After reading about the ways to make money blogging,  don’t think it’s impossible to do since anyone can do it. 

    So don’t let your dreams fade away and wake up each day to work hard and stay focused on whatever you’re passionate about in life.

    But if you really love doing other stuff instead of writing then it’s fine as long as you’re creating something that others will benefit from.

    No matter what the topic is.

    And once your blog grows bigger over time, It will become easier for you to decide whether or not blogging alone is enough for you to reach out to more people around the world.

    Because at the end of the day, You don’t want all that traffic going through your blog without converting those visitors into customers who’d be to pay for your existing products or services. 

    So, these are the methods to make money blogging. 

    Priyansh Gupta
    Priyansh Gupta
    My name is Priyansh Gupta and I am an online entrepreneur. My mission is to teach people who are interested in becoming online entrepreneurs and help them to scale their influence online at startup speed.

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