What Is Domain Flipping And How To Flip Domains For Money?

    Marketers are always looking for new ways to make money online.

    One of the easiest ways is through domain flipping.

    Domain flipping is when an individual buys a domain name for cheap and then sells it for more money than they bought it for.

    People often think of domain flipping as a get-rich-quick scheme, but the truth is that it takes patience and hard work to make it in this industry.

    It’s not easy at first, but once you learn how to successfully flip domain names for profit, you’ll be able to start buying low and selling high.

    This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about flipping domains.

    Increase your knowledge with our step-by-step guide on Domain Flipping.

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    What Is Domain Flipping?

    Domain flipping is simply the act of buying a domain name for cheap, then selling it for more money than you bought it for.

    Domain flippers achieve this by utilizing simple marketing tactics.

    While everyone else is wasting their time and money on costly advertisements, domain flippers are making thousands in profit per day.

    Of course, most people fail at their first attempt because they don’t know what they’re doing.

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    It’s essential to learn how to correctly flip domains if you want to make big bucks.

    There were dozens of times when potential customers failed because the domain name or websites looked like shit or didn’t look “professional” enough (even though the customers were professionals themselves).

    Domain flipping is also referred to as domain trading because you trade a domain just like the stock market.


    Why Would You Flip A Domain?

    Why Flip Domains

    There are many reasons why people flip domains and the reasons vary depending on what kind of marketer you are. You can make money by:

    Creating a website that appeals to your target audience and using it as an affiliate site.

    Selling traffic for cash because when someone makes a purchase through one of your links you’ll get a commission.

    Reselling expired domain names that have dropped in value after someone has stopped paying for them. 

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    When it comes to flipping domains, the possibilities really are endless.

    The main focus is usually on making more money than before.

    Some marketers are buying domains for selling them later at a decent cost.

    And for some other marketers, flipping domains is just a hobby.

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    So why do people want to make money from domain flipping?

    There are many reasons for this.

    But the most common one is that it is very easy and simple.

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    You can make money without any knowledge of SEO or writing articles or social media marketing etc.

    Some people also do this as a side job because they don’t know how to write good articles or create their own sites.

    So they buy cheap domains with or without valuable content and sell them for more money.


    What Kind Of Domains Are Best For Domain Flipping?

    What Kind Of Domains Are Best For Domain Flipping

    There are two kinds of domains you can flip.

    Each with its own perks and downfalls.

    Percentage Flipping: This is where you buy a domain for cheap and then sell it once the value has risen.

    You’re making money off an increase in price, even though there’s no sale of the domain.

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    Wholesale Flipping: When you buy a domain at wholesale cost then flip it for retail profit.

    You find someone willing to pay more than what you bought it for.

    And then sell it to them at that higher price leaving yourself with profit from the deal.

    Besides these the profitable domains that are best for domain flipping:

    1. Expired Domain Names.

    When a domain has expired and dropped to an affordable price, you should definitely snatch it up as soon as possible.

    The best time to buy from an expiring domain is on the 2nd day of its drop or sometimes even before that.

    Expired Domain Prices: You can check prices on different websites depending on the age of the domain and how many characters it contains.

    Make sure you have a spreadsheet with all of this information.

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    So you don’t miss out on any deals because they usually go fast.

    Keep in mind that gap domains generally sell for lower values than other domains which tend to go for higher prices depending on their root word(s).

    So if you’re interested in wholesale flipping then we’ll suggest staying away from cap domains.

    But if you’re percentage flipping then buying a higher value domain is a great idea as they hold their values for longer than lower value domains.

    2. Short Domain.

    If you’re interested in wholesale flipping where you sell it for retail profit then short domains are the way to go.

    Short domains usually contain three to five letters and cost much less than long domain names.

    3. Expired Domain Auction.

    If you want an online database that shows all expired domain auctions, then check out snap names or GoDaddy auction(s).

    You can also find these on google if you look around.

    4. New Domain.

    The brand new domain that didn’t publish any content will be a good option to buy and then resell it.

    Domain before publishing new content is a good choice for wholesale flipping.

    Once you find a domain that meets the requirements, try to ensure you get the best price possible.

    5. Local Domain.

    This is an option for local marketing where you can flip them like real estate.

    If your area includes different counties, or cities then this is a great way to make money with domains.

    This method is good for percentage flipping where you buy the domain cheap and sell it for more money after some time.

    But keep in mind that usually they can’t be sold on auction sites.

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    So try to find someone who will buy it directly from you.

    There are many benefits of buying expensive domains because they hold their value better than less expensive ones.

    Also finding an expired domain name with a high TF/CF ratio is most likely to hold its value better than others.

    There are several factors that affect the price of the domain including age, amount of backlinks, etc.


    5 Steps To Flip Domain Names.

    What Is Domain Flipping

    Here are the Basic and first 5 steps you should follow to flip a domain name:

    1. Search For A Domain Name.

    First, you need to find a domain name you want to flip.

    You can use different tools for this purpose like NameBio, SnapNames, or GoDaddy auctions.

    You can also search on google if they have any auction sites.

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    When you’re looking at the history of auctions it’s crucial that the last 4 digits of the price match up with your budget.

    That way you know that you’re paying an appropriate amount for what it is currently worth based on previous sales.

    Also, make sure that the number of backlinks supports its highest potential value.

    2. Evaluate The Domain.

    The next step is a bit tedious but important.

    You should always look at the domain metrics and see what you have to work with.

    An expired domain name database will be a great place to start as it lists all domains that have dropped so far.

    This way, you can find potentially undervalued domains and get them for cheap before anyone else does.

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    When you’re almost done with looking at different features of your chosen domain.

    There are some other factors that help determine its value.

    Some websites sell their domain names because they don’t use them anymore or want to move on to a new one.

    But you should make sure these sites still exist and might even pay attention to the age of the website.

    3. Register The Domain Name.

    Once you have chosen your domain name it’s time to buy it.

    There are many places where you can register domains.

    So try to find the best option.

    It’s also important to never pay for a domain name in full upfront because there might be issues while checking the authenticity of the website.

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    As soon as you register the domain name then it will be available for one whole year.

    So just leave it untouched till now and try not to lose the domain name.

    There are several websites where you can see when the domain name is going to expire.

    If you’re thinking of holding the domain name for the long term then the best option is to keep it registered always.

    4. Find A Buyer For The Domain.

    Once you have registered your domain name the next step is to find a buyer for your domain.

    There are many websites where you can list down your unregistered domain names, some of them also offer free listings in their databases.

    A website like flippa,  Sedo, and afternic are the best options to list your domain names.

    5. Sell The Domain Name.

    Last but not least is selling your domain name.

    You can find many websites where you can find buyers for your domains.

    It’s better if you think of using auction sites so that more people are aware of your product and give it more competition.

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    And always choose the best offer so that you will get the maximum return on investment for your hard-earned money, less risk, fast deal closing times, etc.

    Selling expired domain names with a high PR/DA/TF/CF Ratio will be beneficial as its quality makes sure that people trust the website and never lose interest in buying products.


    Top 10 Websites For Buying And Selling Domains.

    Websites to Buy And Sell Domains

    Before you get started with the domain flipping business you must know about the platforms to buy and sell domains.

    Here is a list of the top 10 websites for buying and selling domains:

    1. Namecheap.

    flip domains on namecheap

    Namecheap is one of the most popular websites on which you can buy domains.

    You can also sell domains on this site.

    It’s a popular place to buy new domain names, transfer domains, and find help and tutorials about domain registration and management.

    You can find Domain Name Resellers who will flip your domain for a profit.

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    There are many advantages of using Namecheap:

    • The prices for buying and selling domains are low
    • See the registration date of any domain name with just one click
    • There is a whole page that lists all the instructions about how to buy an individual domain or resell it through the site.
    • Find out how much traffic your website has with just one click.

    Namecheap is a popular and secure domain registrar that offers a wide range of gTLDs and ccTLDs.

    The website also features other web hosting services for those who want to use their domains as websites.

    It is one of the best platforms for domain flipping business.


    2. Flippa.

    sell domains on flippa

    Flippa is one of the most popular websites to buy and sell domains.

    It offers other services for domain flipping.

    All you have to do is search for a domain, explore its features, and make an offer.

    The website provides information about the current market price of the domain if it’s already on sale.

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    There are many advantages of using Flippa:

    • The marketplace has a wide selection of domains in every category.
    • It gives detailed information about the registrant including whois data, traffic stats, revenue estimates, and more.
    • You can choose your own price with Flippa which makes it one of the best websites to buy and sell domains that are high-valued.
    • There are many domain investors who invest in high-value domains.
    • After the purchase, you will get a free report that lists all the information about your domain such as traffic stats and whois details.


    3. GoDaddy.

    sell domain names on godaddy

    GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain registrars that also offer internet hosting services.

    The website also offers many other services including domain flipping.

    GoDaddy has a wide selection of domains in every category.

    The marketplace has more than a Couple thousand domains available for purchase.

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    So you can find what you need easily.

    It gives detailed information about the registrant including whois data, traffic stats, revenue estimates, and more.

    You can choose your own price with this website which makes it one of the best websites to buy and sell high-valued domains.

    There are many domain investors who invest in high-value domains on this site.

    Because they know that there are lots of people looking for high-quality domains to buy or rent for their websites.


    4. Afternic.

    domain flipping on afternic

    Domain flipping is a type of arbitrage where the domain trader purchases the right to use domain names that are desirable to resell at an increased price.

    Domain Flippers will often purchase these domains through the auction process on websites like Afternic.

    Many domain traders focus on domains with high traffic and low prices.

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    But, some Domain Flippers will buy domains with high traffic and high prices in order to sell them for a profit.

    This is because they are able to make more money when they are able to buy them cheaper through bidding wars or due to competition for high-value domains.

    So for doing this these afternic can be a good option to choose.


    5. Sedo.

    buy and sell domains on sedo

    Sedo is another platform where you can find the exact information about the domain.

    You can find all the information about the current market value of any domain name on this website.

    Here you can also buy domains with different payment options including PayPal, credit card, wire transfer, etc.

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    After buying a domain through Sedo you will get an email that contains your transaction details and purchase details of your new domain.

    After the purchase, you will get a free report that lists all the information about your domain such as traffic stats and whois details.

    You can also find out how much it is earning every month on this website which makes Sedo one of the best websites to buy and sell domains high-valued.



    buy and sell domain names on is a domain marketplace website with various categories of domains.

    It provides a wide array of services to domain owners and buyers that include domain flipping, Auction purchase or bidding, and domain parking. also monitors traffic data for domains listed on its site, thus allowing you to know the traffic levels before making a purchase decision.

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    It offers different pricing options from as low as $5 for an auction up to as much as high for a premium listing.

    So it can be chosen according to your budget.

    The company also offers free reporting for their domain registrations that include information about the registrant including whois data, traffic stats, revenue estimates, and more.


    7. NamePros.

    flipping domains on namepros

    NamePros is one of the best platforms for domain trading where you can find many domains that are listed on their website.

    You can also find information about the current value of any domain name on this website.

    It has a wide variety of services such as domain renting and buying, auction service, brokerage service, and more.

    It offers premium prices for your high-valued domains which makes NamePros one of the best websites to buy and sell high-valued domains.

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    After completing the transaction with Namepros, you will get an email containing all your transaction details like registration numbers and purchase particulars of your new domain name.

    There are many benefits of selling your domain with NamePros, some of them include:

    • The process is simple and smooth, all you have to do is click on the Sell Your Domains option after logging in.
    • Your domains are advertised through the active network of affiliates. So they will reach out to potential buyers all around the world.
    • You can receive an offer within a few hours after submitting your price using their confidential offer form.


    8. Snapnames.

    sell and buy domains on snapnames

    Snamnames website is one of the oldest websites to sell and buy domains with different options such as auction and buy it now.

    You can also select whether you want to sell your domain or rent it for a particular period of time.

    All the information about Snapnames in general and about its services is available in detail on its website, including:

    • Different pricing options for buying and selling domains.
    • Domains are put up for sale by their owners or registered users through auctions.
    • You can list your domain names here when you don’t find any buyers in other places.
    • After completion of the transaction, an email containing all transaction details like the contact details of the buyer will be sent to you. It takes up to one week for the funds to get transferred from the buyer’s account to the seller.

    These advantages make Snapnames one of the best websites for domain sales and purchases.

    However, the process is slightly complex and lengthy, and you need to contact the owner of the website through their customer support if you have any queries.


    9. Domain Name Sales.

    sell and buy domain names on domain name sales

    Domain name sales is a domain trading website with many features that make it stand out from its competitors.

    It makes the process of buying and selling domains quick and smooth, with all the transactions being handled by its customer support team.

    The site has multiple options for both buyers and sellers such as:

    • High Domain Authority will definitely be helpful in getting more visitors to the site.
    • Provides full-time assistance to protect your interests against potential buyers or scammers.
    • Offers a great platform for the customers to interact with each other.


    10. Namerific.

    flipping domain names on namerific

    The namerific website provides almost all sorts of TLD and domain name registration for its customers, including.COM, NET, ORG, and many more.

    It also offers premium prices with an effective bidding system to help you get the most value out of your domains.

    There are several types of listing available on their website.

    All these options provide different criteria for buyers depending upon their budget and the time frame in which they can buy a domain name.

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    Namerific makes the process of buying and selling domains safe and legal.

    The company will not complete any transaction if it is being made through a breach of contract or violation of any law.

    So you don’t have to worry about getting scammed while buying a domain from namerific.


    5 Tips for Buying and Selling Domain Names for Profit.

    Tips for Buying and Selling Domain Names for Profit

    You Need to Know Before You Start Selling Domains:

    1. Narrow Your Focus.

    When you choose your domain name, keep in mind the niche you want to work on.

    For example, if you are looking to get into affiliate marketing, you should try to find a good .com domain that is related to that topic.

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    If you can sort the domain by categories about your niche, you will see the best results in terms of traffic and possible sales.

    Then you can try to sell these domains for a better price.

    2. Find Names That Offer Real Value.

    It is very important that you choose an effective domain name, but it also matters that you use the perfect domain extension for your niche.

    For instance, if you are into affiliate marketing, you should always try to focus on .com names rather than other extensions like .net or .org.

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    The reason behind this is the fact that people are more familiar with these extensions and are likely to type them into search engines.

    Also, since many people sell these types of names for dynamic prices online, you can make more money on your investment by selling it at the right time.

    3. Check Domain Availability.

    You can’t buy a domain without checking its availability first.

    It is important that you are the only owner of the domain name and there’s no one to take legal action against you regarding your purchase.

    Even if a domain is not registered, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to just buy and sell it at any time without any trouble.

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    This can cause various problems for you, so check the WHOIS information and confirm that there’s no one listed as its owner or administrator before buying it.

    You don’t want someone complaining about your purchase later on because they feel like you’ve stolen their property!

    To ensure complete safety by checking out what other people think about a certain domain name before buying/selling one online.

    4. Evaluate The Price.

    Before making a purchase, it is very important that you check the price.

    Considering how dynamic the domain market actually is, there’s no telling what types of names will sell and for how much.

    So always take your time to find out what other people think about a certain domain name before going on with a purchase/sale.

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    The price can depend on various factors such as:

    • What type of TLD or extension it has (e.g., .com
    • The number of characters in its name (i.e., shorter names tend to be more expensive).
    • How frequently do keywords appear in it (i.e., if they are used often enough, then you can expect higher prices)

    5. Get Your Domains Front And Center.

    You can’t just list your domains for sale or wait until you get a buyer.

    You need to actively promote them online if you want lots of traffic and potential buyers.

    This means that you should always try to use the right SEO methods to improve their ranks in search engines.

    Also, it doesn’t hurt to publicize these names on various social media networks.

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    So even more people will know about them.

    These are the tips to keep in mind if you want to buy or sell domain names for profit.

    Hopefully, these tips helped you out.



    So there you have it!

    A complete guide for domain flipping.

    At the end of the article, I would like to conclude this article by saying that a domain name must be chosen with care and consideration.

    Because it is a very valuable asset.

    The value of a domain will keep increasing as the site rank increases.

    In order to have 100% success in buying or selling any kind of domain, you’ll need to apply all the tips mentioned above.

    Then you can move on to buy or sell any domains that are ideal for your growing needs.

    In short, Always Think Big. Because BIG Names Make BIG Bucks.

    Priyansh Gupta
    Priyansh Gupta
    My name is Priyansh Gupta and I am an online entrepreneur. My mission is to teach people who are interested in becoming online entrepreneurs and help them to scale their influence online at startup speed.

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