10 Highest Paying PTC Sites In 2022

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    PTC sites, or Paid to click sites are an easy way to make money online.

    PTC websites typically pay you for clicking on advertising links that take you to other websites.

    These sites also allow advertisers to reach audiences they may not be able to with traditional forms of advertisement like television commercials and banner ads.

    They’re also an easy and effective way of making money without any initial investment.

    Not only that but they’re usually free to join.

    So if you’ve been thinking of trying your hand at PTCs then our list will be perfect for you.

    We’ll go over some basic information about each site before listing our top 10 highest-paying ones in 2021.

    We will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of paid-to-click websites as well as providing a list that we feel contains the best ones out there.

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    What Are PTC Websites?

    Paid-to-click or PTC websites are online work-at-home opportunities that allow you to earn money online by clicking on ads.

    They’re one of the most popular ways to make money online with no investment.

    These sites pay you for allowing companies to market their products to you through banner ads and text links.

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    PTCs are for those looking to make a quick buck or simply trying to make ends meet.

    Anyone is welcome as long as they have access to the internet from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.


    How Do PTC Sites Work?

    The concept is simple.

    PTC websites give you a list of ads to click on which earn you money.

    And unlike other jobs, this one can be done anywhere at any time from the comfort of your home or while sitting in a waiting room or school recess.

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    Paid-to-click sites usually have various types of ads to choose from including banner ads, text-based ads, videos, and more.

    Most sites even let you choose what type of ad you would like to view.

    You simply look through the different advertisements and select the ones that interest you most before clicking on them based on on-site guidelines.


    What Are The Advantages Of PTC Sites?

    There are lots of advantages to PTC sites.

    Their biggest advantage is that they provide an opportunity for anyone to earn money regardless of their background, education, or employment status.

    People who are unemployed looking for work can especially benefit from PTC websites since it doesn’t require them to get dressed and leave the house.

    Some of the major advantages are:

    1. Easy To Start.

    Unlike most other online jobs, there isn’t any requirement for any kind of prerequisite skills or qualifications.

    All you need to do is be interested in advertising and earn money just by clicking on ads that you find interesting.

    This opens up the gates to anyone with access to the internet.

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    This makes it an easy opportunity for students who want extra spending money, people who are unemployed looking for work or trying to make ends meet, or even retired persons who are seeking something they can manage easily at home.

    PTC sites also represent a lucrative income opportunity when compared with other online businesses like subsidiary marketing which often pull anywhere from $50-$350 per sale.

    PTCs pay upwards of $1-5 (or more) per click with many paying options.

    2. No Technical Skills And Qualifications Are Required.

    Several of the better-paying sites don’t require any kind of specific or technical skills.

    You simply need to be able to navigate the internet and click on links.

    No experience is required which makes these opportunities perfect for beginners looking to make their first steps into online work.

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    However, if you talk about the qualification then it won’t affect you as it’s not necessary for the PTC site.

    Besides, you can use most sites for free so even if it is necessary, then they aren’t that difficult to acquire.

    3. Flexibility.

    Paid-to-click sites have one huge advantage.

    They provide an opportunity for anyone to earn money regardless of their background, education, or employment status.

    There are a number of reasons why these types of websites are popular among those who work from home.

    Firstly, they offer people with access to the internet an opportunity to monetize their time and start earning a living just by spending some time on the computer clicking on ads that you find interesting rather than running errands as most traditional jobs require.

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    In addition, PTC sites tend not to demand working hours as there is no minimum requirement in terms of the number of hours you should put in.

    For example, if you’re an employee and work for a company then you’ll be asked to show up (and stay) at your workplace during regular business hours.

    However, with PTC sites, there aren’t any such restrictions.

    You can complete all the tasks that you want from anywhere.

    4. Registration Is Free And Accepted Worldwide.

    Most PTC sites don’t require expensive registration fees like other company jobs, especially when compared to offline work opportunities.

    All you need is an email address and internet connection.

    The only exceptions are the sites that ask users for personal information (such as country of residence or age) in order to complete tasks.

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    However, these requirements aren’t difficult to meet either since most people already have the necessary details connected to their emails.

    You can easily create an account with any paid-to-click site within 10 minutes.

    It’s cheap and easy that anyone who has access to a computer can do it regardless of prior knowledge or skill set required for completing tasks on this type of website.

    5. You Can Start Earning Right After Registration.

    Once you have created your account, you can start earning money without any delay since most PTC sites don’t demand prior assignment or work experience.

    Simply log in to the site at your convenience and click on one of their ads on a regular basis.

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    The only exception is the sites that ask members to complete a specific task before starting to generate income.

    However, usually, all that’s required is clicking some ad once every day or after registering with them first.


    What Are The Disadvantages Of PTC Sites?

    Some other disadvantages of the PTC site are:

    1. Pay Is Usually Less.

    To be honest, the only disadvantage is the fact that PTC sites don’t pay much by themselves.

    You may get $0.25 for clicking on an ad but it’s unlikely to happen unless you’re lucky and if you add your referrals’ earnings then it can grow exponentially depending on their number.

    This is mainly because of the fact that there are thousands of people clicking on ads every day which makes it difficult for PTC sites to reward everyone.

    However, if you don’t mind a low income then this approach can be very helpful, especially when combined with other methods that offer a decent online income.

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    Paypal is not the payment gateway for PTC sites.

    Although most PTC sites offer users to use Paypal as a payment method, it is not recommended since there are all sorts of scams and fake companies using this famous service.

    The best solution would be to get paid via gift cards or cryptocurrencies instead.

    We’ll talk about the benefits of these alternative payment methods in the following articles.

    2. Requirements For Joining A PTC Website.

    The requirements for joining a PTC site vary from one website to another.

    Some requests users to upload pictures of themselves and fill out their personal details.

    Usually, this is required for age verification and to avoid fraud since some companies try to cheat customers by sending them fake checks or overpaying without the user’s consent.

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    In other cases, it may be needed only in special cases when there are certain tasks that can’t be completed.

    However, the requirements for joining the PTC site are:

    3. Computer And A Stable Internet Connection.

    Since most websites of this type are online-based, they require a good internet connection to work properly.

    In addition, the computer must have a fast processor and enough RAM since there will be many ads popping up on your screen which requires some decent power from your device.

    Many users join PTC sites without creating an account first.

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    So they need to complete this simple task before joining.

    Simply enter your name, email address, & password in the appropriate fields.

    It usually takes around 10 minutes since you’ll complete it once and won’t change anything after that, only log in every time you want to use their service.

    4. Gmail Account.

    It is preferable to sign up with a Gmail address because it’s difficult for PTC sites to spam this service.

    It also offers all sorts of benefits compared to other services like Hotmail or Yahoo.

    For example, you can easily filter emails and receive notifications through your phone so you don’t need to log in everywhere every time there is new mail.

    5. PAN Card (For Indians).

    In India, there’s a law that everyone should have their PAN card details registered to their online accounts.

    If you can’t find it then just request a new one from the government or ask for help via your local office.

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    The PAN card number is linked to your bank account and is important for sites that take payment directly from it.

    However, there are ways around this problem which we’ll discuss in the following articles.

    6. Bank Account.

    Last but not least, you need to either have a bank account with minimal payment or your debit card details for making withdrawals from your wallet balance.

    However, there are also some PTC sites that pay through gift cards.

    After creating a bank account, you need to wait for several days until it is verified.

    After verification, you will be able to withdraw your money from the site.

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    Another payment processor like Payza or PayPal

    Besides this payment system, there is some international payment system like payza or PayPal that can be used as a payment method.

    These methods are safe and fast but it is difficult to receive money from these sites.

    In addition, most of them have a minimum limit for withdrawal which has to be increased manually by the site’s support team.

    Despite this small drawback, most PTC websites accept this method and you can easily use it to request your earnings with no problems.


    What Are The Best And Highest Paying PTC Sites In 2022?

    Though there are lots of PTC websites the following are the top and highest paying PTC Sites to make money online:

    1. ySense.

    ysense ptc site

    ySense is a well-known PTC Site, ySense has an audience of more than 20 million users.

    This website is renowned for its great payment system and ease of quickly making money online.

    This site pays every day on time without the slightest delay.

    As it is known for its good service, you are bound to have good earnings through this platform.

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    Ysense is mentioned in some top authoritative websites, so in case of trust issues, it can be trusted.

    As ysense is a global community so it’s available in many countries.

    It is safe to join this site since it doesn’t have any spamming activity.

    The minimum payout limit of this website is accessible which can be achieved within a few days without much effort.


    2. PrizeRebel.

    prizerebel ptc website

    This website is famous for its daily payments and quick withdrawals.

    In addition, this site has a good customer support system which makes the whole process even easier for new users.

    This website offers a wide range of surveys, games, and other activities in return for your time and effort.

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    Besides, it has a decent payout system that pays either directly through your bank account or Payoneer card.

    You can earn points just after signing freely and after completing some tasks to make money you will be able to withdraw easily.


    3. InboxDollars.

    inbox dollars ptc sites

    This website is one of the best sites to make money.

    They provide surveys, tasks, and other activities which you can complete in order to earn money.

    You can redeem your earnings through a Payoneer card or Western Union which means that you will receive your money soon without any hassle.

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    Besides this website is also well known in terms of its high quality.

    It offers a good bonus program to its users in order to keep you satisfied with its service.


    4. Scarlet-Clicks.

    Scarlet-Clicks ptc websites

    This website has a good payment system that allows you to receive your daily earnings without any hassle.

    Though it is not as famous as other sites, it still offers many opportunities for its users to make money.

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    This website provides surveys, tasks, activities, and games which are all very easy to complete. 

    Moreover, it offers a good and quick payment system that pays either directly into your bank account or through the use of Western Union.


    5. GptPlanet.

    gpt planet ptc sites

    This website is known for its excellent customer support system.

    Since this site offers many activities to earn money, you will find that it is enjoyable to work with them.

    Besides, they have a good payment system that lets you receive your earnings without any problems.

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    Moreover, they offer different opportunities of making money by completing surveys, watching videos, clicking ads, and playing games. 

    Though this site is a bit difficult to sign up for, you can try their free trial and see how it works.


    6. Neobux.

    neobux paid to click sites

    NeoBux is a global PTC network created in 2006.

    The website provides a safe environment for members where they can chat with different people, share their thoughts and opinions, and complete paid surveys and offers from companies all over the world.

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    In addition, the website has a huge variety of games that players can play to earn money.

    In addition, NeoBux has a good withdrawal system that allows you to withdraw any amount of money from your account without any delays or difficulties.


    7. PaidVerts.

    paidverts paid to click websites

    PaidVerts is a rewarding site where members can make money through different opportunities such as watching videos, clicking ads, online games and activities and completing surveys.

    The website has a good payment system that allows you to withdraw your earnings from your account directly into your PayPal or Payza account.

    In addition, the site has a fast customer support system that is always available for any queries or problems you might have.


    8. Offer Nation.

    offernation ptc site is a rewarding site that offers many different ways for its members to earn money.

    One of the main reasons that this site is so popular and well known is because it provides a lot of opportunities for its members like surveys, tasks, and other activities which you can complete in order to get your earnings.

    The website offers great customer support which makes it easy for new users to experience their services without any hassle.

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    The site has quick withdrawals and payments, so you will find that it’s enjoyable to work with them.

    This website also has a good payment system that allows you to withdraw any amount of money you want without any delays or difficulties.

    You can either withdraw directly into your PayPal or payza account or receive your payment through Western Union.


    9. InboxPounds.

    inboxpounds ptc website

    InboxPound was founded in 2009 and it has been a very popular PTC website with lots of members.

    This site pays you over £100 per year!

    You can make money by completing different tasks, offers, or surveys.

    In addition, the website is known for its fast payment system that allows members to withdraw their earnings from their accounts within 24 hours without any problems.

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    But you must keep in mind that this site is only available for people from the UK.

    So if you are a person from another part of the world then this site is not suitable for you.

    But you can use the site with the help of a VPN which will help you to open your account and enjoy their services.


    10. Ojooo.

    ojooo ptc websites

    Ojooo is a website where you can complete different tasks, offers, surveys, and games.

    The site provides members with various ways to earn money through its simple system which allows them to have fun while they are completing different opportunities.

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    The site has an excellent customer support system that makes it easier for new users to try their services without any problems or inconvenience.

    Ojooo has quick payments that allow members to withdraw their earnings from their accounts without any delay or difficulty.


    Some Tips To Earn More Money With PTC Websites.

    Here are some tips:

    1. Join A Lot Of PTC Websites.

    If you join a lot of sites, then it’s easy for you to make more money because you can complete many different offers and tasks.

    The more PTC websites you are registered with, the higher your chance is to earn some extra money.

    However each and every PTC site’s rules, regulations, payment option, paying amount are different from each other which is why it’s important to find out more about the website before joining.

    2. No Shortcuts.

    Don’t find the easy and shortcut way to earn money with PTC websites.

    Many people try shortcuts to earn more money from PTC sites but it doesn’t work.

    In some cases, you might be banned if you use bots or other software for completing offers and tasks which is why we highly recommend you to find different methods without breaking any rules of a website.

    3. Avoid Scams.

    There are many scams available on the internet that claim that they can provide instant earnings within a short time period.

    Avoid visiting those types of sites because they will just waste your time and effort.

    If a site seems too good to be true then it probably is, so stick to reliable sites that have been tried and tested by thousands of customers before.

    4. Spare Some Time To Work And Promote.

    You can do different tasks and offers in order to earn extra money but you must spend some time promoting your referral link and that will help you to increase your earnings.

    Also, there are a lot of websites with similar features like Paid To Click sites which we have also put together for you in this list.

    This is because in some time you may get bored with one specific website which is why it’s better to join more than one PTC website.

    5. Quality And Quantity.

    If you can maintain the Quality and Quantity of your referrals then it will be helpful for you to build your list of website members.

    To increase your chances of making money, you must have quality and quantity in order to succeed.

    However,  it will be a good idea to increase the number of visitors to your site in order to get more referrals.

    The best PTC websites always have numerous opportunities for users.

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    So you must not settle with one website.

    But it’s better if you join smaller sites because they are easier to monitor and use than larger ones.

    Sites that require registration before joining are always better because users can use them with ease.

    6. Create Your Strategies.

    You should have a proper strategy to follow in order to succeed with Paid To Click sites.

    You can make money by promoting your referral link and for that, you must create lots of different ads as soon as possible which will help you to promote your site and bring more traffic to it.

    Hence if you follow all these steps correctly then you can make a lot of money with Paid To Click sites.

    7. Purchase Premium Membership.

    Most PTC websites offer premium memberships.

    So you must purchase them because they will allow you to earn more money.

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    There are numerous features that come along with a premium membership so it’s important to spend some money on those as soon as possible.

    If the site has a lot of tasks and offers then it’ll be beneficial for you if you buy the premium membership of that website.

    8. Save Time By Using The PTC App.

    Many PTC websites have successfully launched their mobile apps.

    If you can access your account from the app then it will be more beneficial for you.

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    Because you don’t need to visit the website regularly in order to get notifications.

    However, not all sites offer this option so if possible, try downloading an app of a site that has already got one and start earning money with it.

    9. If You Don’t Like It Then Quit!

    Don’t forget to cancel your membership if you are not satisfied with the features of a Paid To Click site.

    There are many people who stay on sites even though they are not earning money online or their account gets suspended after completing a few offers and tasks because they want to receive bonuses or signup fees back.

    They don’t realize that in most cases, the chances of getting anything back are really low so just follow our golden rule “quitting while you’re ahead” and find another PTC website that can provide you better opportunities for earning extra money online.



    Hence, this post is all about Paid To Click sites and the best way to get started with one.

    I hope you will put our advice to use and start making money online.

    These Paid To Click websites also offer other commissions if your referrals signup for a paid account on that website.

    Now, it’s your turn to tell us about your experience with Paid To Click sites or how much money you have earned using them. 

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