15 Best Outdoor Affiliate Programs In 2024

    Are you looking to monetize your outdoor-focused website or blog?

    Look no further!

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top outdoor affiliate programs that offer lucrative opportunities for affiliate marketers.

    From camping gear to hiking equipment, these affiliate programs cater to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts, allowing you to earn commissions while promoting products you’re passionate about.

    Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, discovering the best outdoor affiliate programs can significantly boost your revenue and enhance your online presence.

    Best Outdoor Affiliate Programs.

    Here are the best outdoor affiliate programs:

    1. REI.

    rei affiliate program

    Since its foundation in 1938, REI Co-op has been a cornerstone of the outdoor sector, attracting a large and devoted customer base by offering a comprehensive choice of luxury items as well as expert advice on outdoor gear and activities.

    In addition to its well-known retail products, REI Outlet attracts wise consumers with discounts ranging from 20% to 70% on brand-name closeouts, overstocks, and second-hand items.

    The combination of REI’s prestigious reputation and wide product offering makes its affiliate marketing program an unmissable prospect.

    While the usual commission rate of 5% may appear modest, it’s worth noting that REI has an average order value of more than $120, which increases the earning potential for affiliate marketers.

    Furthermore, REI’s offer of free shipping for orders over $50 serves as an incentive to boost affiliate-driven sales.

    2. Backcountry.


    Backcountry is a top destination for high-quality outdoor gear across a wide range of categories and activities, including backpacking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, and mountaineering, among others.

    Backcountry takes pride in offering well-known brand names such as Marmot, The North Face, and Patagonia, as well as a vast selection of snowboarding gear, sleeping bags, trekking poles, and almost every other outdoor requirement.

    The hallmark of Backcountry’s success is its unparalleled customer service, which is provided by its acclaimed Gearheads – specialist staff with extensive knowledge of numerous outdoor disciplines, such as fly-fishing equipment, SUPs, and road-bike accessories.

    Backcountry’s affiliate program follows industry standards, with an 8% commission rate and a 30-day cookie duration.

    Nonetheless, high-performing affiliate marketers might earn from compensation rates that exceed 10%.

    3. Patagonia.

    patagonia affiliate program

    Despite its current reputation as a household name, Patagonia began as a niche brand that produced rock climbing tools.

    While maintaining dominance in the climbing industry, Patagonia has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and trail running.

    Notably, ethics is a cornerstone of Patagonia’s culture, as proven by its pledge to donate time, services, and at least 1% of its revenues to grassroots environmental organizations across the world.

    Among the numerous affiliate networks, Patagonia is among the outdoor businesses that use the Avantlink network for affiliate sales tracking.

    Affiliate marketers can make an 8% commission on all sales, with an average order value of more than $150 and a conversion rate of 5.5%.

    4. Osprey.

    osprey affiliate program

    Osprey is best known for their premium backpacks, but the company also offers a wide selection of gear designed for hiking, riding, commuting, and vacationing.

    A distinguishing characteristic of Osprey backpacks is the brand’s limited lifetime warranty, which guarantees free repairs for any damage or flaws, regardless of the age of the pack.

    This warranty provides a compelling incentive to click on affiliate links.

    In addition to its respected product range, Osprey’s affiliate program pays an 8% base commission for each sale referral, with an average order value of more than $150, offering excellent earning opportunities for affiliate marketers.

    Furthermore, Osprey regularly offers seasonal promotions and deals, expanding the marketing resources available to affiliate marketers.

    5. Marmot.

    marmot affiliate program

    Marmot began as a mountaineering-themed social club and has grown into a well-known manufacturer of outdoor gear and clothing since the 1970s.

    Marmot’s affiliate program, operated by CJ Affiliate, provides an opportunity for affiliate marketers to promote outdoor gear and apparel to their target demographic.

    Affiliate marketers can receive an 8% commission on all sales facilitated during the 90-day cookie period.

    Marmot provides affiliates with a plethora of marketing resources, including graphics, logos, and display banners, which improve the effectiveness of affiliate promotional efforts.

    6. Camping World.

    camping world affiliate program

    Camping World, founded in 1966, specializes in supplying a wide choice of RV accessories and other specialty products for outdoor lovers.

    Camping World serves a large and active target group, with over 10 million households in the United States Of America owning recreational vehicles and roughly 17.2 million households expressing an interest in purchasing one.

    Camping World began as a single location in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and has since grown to become America’s largest recreational vehicle retailer, with over 160 Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoor SuperCenters nationwide.

    Furthermore, Camping World has established a strong online presence, offering various premium products for RVs, camping, towing, and outdoor living on its website.

    It also makes it easier to buy both new and old recreational vehicles.

    While many of its products are more expensive, Camping World’s 6% commission rate provides a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers, despite the likelihood of fewer RV sales.

    7. North Face.

    the north face affiliate program

    The North Face (TNF) began in 1968 as a specialized outdoor equipment store in San Francisco and has since grown to become a well-known provider of performance clothes and equipment for a wide range of outdoor activities.

    TNF, known for its famous emblem that represents California’s Half Dome peak in Yosemite National Park, now offers a variety of activities in addition to its signature outdoor apparel, including trail running, winter sports, and yoga.

    TNF receives broad appreciation and loyalty, having been celebrated by celebrities such as Drake and even collaborating unexpectedly with luxury labels like Gucci.

    While TNF’s affiliate program pays a 5% commission and has a seven-day cookie period, the brand’s strong reputation is expected to drive a large sales volume for affiliate marketers.

    8. Hyperlite Mountain Gear.

    hyperlite mountain gear affiliate program

    Hyperlite Mountain Gear (HMG) focuses on producing tough, lightweight outdoor gear for climbers, trekkers, and hikers.

    HMG, founded in 2009 by siblings Mike and Dan St Pierre, strives to be a pioneer in the lightweight gear market, with distinctions like Editor’s Choice Awards and widespread coverage in prestigious publications such as Backpacker and Outdoor Gear Lab.

    HMG operates its affiliate program through Avantlink and offers a tempting 10% commission rate, which is further enhanced by an exceptional average order value of over $350, increasing the earning potential for affiliate marketers.

    9. Cabela’s.

    cabelas affiliate program

    Cabela’s, a subsidiary of Bass Pro Shops, specializes in offering apparel and gear for numerous outdoor sports such as fishing, shooting, hunting, and boating, as well as a large selection of camping products.

    While Cabela’s core presence is in the United States Of America, the company serves a global customer base, with mail-order catalogs distributed to all 50 states and beyond.

    Despite its broad reach, Cabela’s affiliate program has simple terms, including a 14-day cookie period and commission rates ranging from 1% to 3%.

    However, affiliate marketers benefit from a range of creative resources, monthly emails, and dedicated support from an affiliate management staff.

    10. Outdoorsy.

    outdoorsy affiliate program

    Diverging from traditional outdoor gear, Outdoorsy serves as a platform similar to Airbnb, allowing people to rent recreational vehicles.

    Outdoorsy is widely popular, with over 1.2 million customer interactions and an astounding 93% five-star review rating.

    Outdoorsy, like Airbnb, has a varied range of products, including vintage Airstreams, trailers, and RVs, providing tourists with a unique housing experience.

    Outdoorsy’s affiliate program compensates affiliate marketers for driving new bookings and creating new listings from RV owners, with a base commission of $60 for each qualifying action, similar to the now-defunct Airbnb affiliate program.

    11. EVO.

    evo affiliate program

    EVO has been a major player in the outdoor sports equipment, accessories, and apparel market for more than two decades, dating back to founder and pro skier Bryce Phillips’ humble beginnings in a dorm room.

    Originally created to support his skiing adventures and trips, EVO has since expanded its products beyond snow sports to include wakeboarding, biking, skating, surfing, and camping gear.

    Similar to the REI model, EVO offers substantial discounts of up to 65% on top-tier products, attracting budget-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

    While its affiliate program pays a typical 5% commission on sales, it compensates with frequent sales and promotions designed to increase conversion rates.

    Furthermore, consumers benefit from free shipping on orders over $50.

    12. Outdoor Voices.

    outdoor voices affiliate program

    Outdoor Voices (OV), founded in 2013 in New York and now headquartered in Austin, has gained a reputation for producing high-quality athletic clothing.

    Outdoor Voices, which was first known for its “kits” (bundled sets of shirts and bottoms), has expanded its product line while maintaining its emphasis on quality and versatility.

    Despite the appeal of multi-buy discounts, which boost average orders and subsequent earnings, OV’s affiliate program rules are fairly disappointing, with a 2% commission rate and a 14-day cookie period.

    However, the brand strives to facilitate sales by offering free returns and free shipping on orders over $75.

    13. RVShare.

    rvshare affiliate program

    RVShare emerges as a major participant in the RV rental industry, claiming to be the “world’s first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace.”.

    With a countrywide presence catering to over 60,000 RV owners, RVShare provides numerous options for affiliate marketers to benefit from the booming RV rental industry.

    RVShare operates a dual-pronged affiliate program, similar to Outdoorsy, and offers commissions on both:

    • 5% for every completed stay.
    • $7+ for each new RV listing.

    While the commission structure may appear less appealing when compared to competitors such as Outdoorsy, RVShare’s average booking value of $950 presents a lucrative earning opportunity for affiliate marketers.

    In addition, the platform provides affiliate marketers with a variety of marketing tools, such as product feeds, text links, and banner creative, to help them reach out to outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

    14. Outdoor Gear Exchange.

    outdoor gear exchange affiliate program

    Outdoor Gear Exchange prides itself on its vast range of products, which cater to a variety of outdoor activities.

    Outdoor Gear Exchange wants to serve outdoor enthusiasts of all levels, offering everything from expensive, well-known brands to more affordable solutions.

    Despite its emphasis on affordability, the business maintains a strong average purchase value of $130, helped by the lure of free shipping on orders over $49.

    Affiliate marketers will profit from a competitive 6% commission on sales referred within a 30-day cookie period, backed up by the attentive help of a responsive affiliate program manager.

    15. Gear Coop.

    gear coop affiliate program

    While unverified, Gear Co-op claims to be the first national outdoor retailer to offer free two-day delivery, return shipping, and a limited lifetime warranty, showing its commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Gear Co-op, with an amazing portfolio of renowned outdoor brands such as Adidas Outdoor, Arc’teryx, Patagonia, and Marmot, positions itself as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

    Gear Co-op’s affiliate program, which runs through Avantlink, offers tiered commissions ranging from 7% on sale and clearance items to 9% on clothes and footwear, with top-performing affiliate marketers eligible for premium commission rates reaching 11%.

    Gear Co-op, with a high average order value of more than $120 and a lengthy 120-day cookie period, presents a compelling opportunity for affiliate marketers looking for lucrative partnerships in the outdoor retail industry.


    The world of outdoor affiliate programs presents a vast array of opportunities for marketers to capitalize on their niche expertise and passion for the great outdoors.

    By partnering with reputable brands and promoting high-quality products, you can not only earn generous commissions but also provide valuable recommendations to your audience.

    Remember to continuously monitor and optimize your affiliate marketing strategies to maximize your earnings potential.

    With dedication, creativity, and a deep understanding of your target audience, you can leverage the best outdoor affiliate programs to achieve long-term success in the ever-growing world of affiliate marketing.

    Start exploring these programs today and embark on a rewarding journey towards financial freedom and professional fulfillment.