11 Best Ways To Make Money Podcasting

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    When you’re new to podcasts and want to learn more about how they make money online, keep in mind that around 78% of Americans are familiar with them in 2021, which suggests an increasing trend and popularity.

    Podcasts are basically pre-recorded audio shows which include different formats like an interview, discussion, commentary, etc, while some also include music.

    A number of podcast hosting services provide advertisements on their network allowing you to earn money online while some other podcast networks not only pay for adverts but also buy content from upstart podcasters which eventually helps you in generating more revenue.

    You’ll learn about all these opportunities here in this post and also learn what podcasting is and how to make money with podcasts.


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    How To Make Money Podcasting?

    make money podcasting

    Though podcasting has been around for more than 10 years, the concept of podcasting is relatively new.

    Podcasts are basically audio shows which can be streamed live or played from a computer’s media player or converted into a downloadable file that users can listen to at their convenience.

    While you get tired of hearing older songs on FM radio stations, podcasts have introduced an alternative medium for music lovers too which allows them to create and download playlists from varied genres while listening to some unique tracks not found in any other available music stream.

    Besides these benefits, you will find these opportunities to make money.

    Let’s have a look:

    1. Affiliate Marketing.

    affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from podcasts.

    So If you are planning to make money with podcasts, you can try your hands on affiliate marketing.

    You’ll need to find companies related to the topic of your show or music which you think might be interesting or beneficial for your listeners.

    For example, an online course teaching people how to play guitar or some other musical instruments, an application that keeps track of all the podcasts that users have listened to and liked, etc.

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    Affiliates basically pay podcasters who send customers their way through web traffic.

    So when a listener clicks on your affiliate link while having items in his cart on Amazon or eBay, you get paid for this referral click.

    You can either use a affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate or ShareASale for affiliate marketing.

    This affiliate network also works with most of the top podcasters out there.

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    However, make sure before opting for a particular affiliate network that it is related to your niche and the companies you wish to offer products from pay via pay-per-sale or pay-per-click basis.

    Better upload an audio or video ad on your podcast that asks users to click on either of these links.

    Otherwise, you’ll have to go for a different marketing strategy.

    But as of now, affiliate marketing can be a good way to make money with podcasts.

    Some important information about Affiliate Marketing is given below:


    2. Sponsorship And Advertising.


    Sponsorship and advertising are some other ways to make money with podcasts.

    Since podcasts are very popular with listeners, basing your podcast on a particular theme or subject matter can help you get more adverts that might prove beneficial for revenue generation.

    Podcasts usually come up with short adverts which also include their names and business logos in each episode before getting started.

    So depending on the popularity of your show, you’ll be able to increase sponsorship offers from companies related to your niche or topic which eventually helps you in making decent earnings every month.

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    You can either opt for one big sponsorship offer per episode which will involve ads running at different parts of an audio file or ask for multiple smaller sponsors comprising two to three spots throughout the show.

    The ideal option is small sponsorships since these aren’t time-consuming to get and might bring advertisers onboard faster.

    So if you are planning to make money from podcasts, getting more sponsors for your show helps you in growing your audience too which eventually helps you to make money podcasting.

    Sponsorship usually involves the ads your listeners hear while listening to episodes of your show, but if you are an affiliate podcaster, sponsorship could also include banners on your website or blog that will promote the products and services of affiliated companies to help generate leads.


    3. Sell Courses.

    make money podcasting

    Selling your courses is a great way to make money podcasting.

    You can create and sell courses that your listeners will find helpful like learning how to play a musical instrument, decorating their homes, cooking different cuisines, etc.

    Podcasts usually come up with skilfully recorded audio files of each episode so they can be downloaded and listened to later too.

    So you don’t need to worry about creating or updating new content for your website or blog as all you’ll have to do is upload podcasts on your site and allow people to download them anytime they want.

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    Once you get more viewers for your show, it gets easier for companies who wish to advertise their products and services through an affiliate podcaster which makes the expansion of the listener base easier than ever before.

    However, the online course will give you a source of passive income and it will keep generating money for you while you are engaged in other business activities.

    So, as a podcaster, you maybe think about creating the course for your targeted audience and selling it online, which is a good source of income for the podcast owner.


    4. Sell Your Services.

    make money with podcasts

    If you are a master in some particular skill, you can sell your services to your listeners by uploading audio or video files on your website.

    By doing so, you’ll be able to help people learn the skills they need to get started with their projects while earning money for yourself too.

    For instance, Address yourself “if I am running a podcast that is all about decorating houses then I can offer my service of painting walls of homes through it”.

    Since this will attract more customers towards me which eventually generates extra revenue for you.

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    So look for any such opportunities as a podcaster and start working as an affiliate as well as an expert that provides services related to the niche of your podcast.

    In this way, you can take advantage of both affiliate marketing and micropayment business models to generate more income as a podcaster.

    So consider selling your services through podcasts in order to make money podcasting.


    5. Coaching And Consulting Business.

    make money from podcasts

    Coaching and consulting business is a great way to make money with podcasts.

    If your podcast is all about providing tips and techniques on a particular topic, you can use it as a platform to help people connect with you which will eventually maximize your chances of generating income through coaching and consulting.

    You’ll have an opportunity to create a clientele base if the content of your show is helpful in nature, so offer quality information that they’ll find worth their time and money too.

    Once the listeners start interacting with you, suggesting personal questions or business-related problems continuously then it’s possible for them to take advantage of coaching & consulting services too.

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    Some podcasters also bring up live calls during their show where they offer better opportunities for sponsorships, selling courses, or other online products to generate extra revenue too.

    So it’s recommended to bring up interactive sessions with your targeted audience as a podcast owner.

    However, after you got the targeted audience you can turn them to convert your consultancy business with special or premium packages which will be able to make money from podcasts.


    6. Crowdfunding And Donations.

    how to make money from podcasts

    You can make money from podcasts by taking donations from your listeners.

    Crowdfunding has become an effective way to get financial support for the development of new podcasts.

    People can simply donate some bucks if they find your podcast or blog content useful.

    You’ll have the opportunity to create a donation page on your site where you ask people to give money in return for something that helps them solve their problems, which can act as another potential source of revenue for you too.

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    So, turn this into action and bring up options like PayPal donations or Patreon subscription service through which people can help you financially based on what they get in return according to their requirements.

    However, the most important thing here is Follow-up emails because listeners mostly forget about donating services after listening to podcasts so make sure to send triggered messages with follow-ups.


    7. Sell Premium Content.

    how to make money with podcasts

    Selling premium content is another great way to make money with podcasts.

    If you publish a podcast to provide information on a particular topic then you can earn extra revenue by selling premium content.

    For example, we will say that if your show is about providing tips for how to stop biting nails then users may purchase premium content that tells them how this habit hurts their health in the long run and what they should do to overcome it in an effective way.

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    So include such valuable information which you were unable to provide through your free podcasts or blog posts in order to generate more income as a podcaster.

    In this method, there is a huge opportunity to make money from podcasts by selling your pre-recorded audio courses or eBooks through this approach.


    8. Events.

    How To Make Money Podcasting

    In case you have been sharing your podcast episodes regularly then it’ll be a great idea to make money with podcasts by hosting physical meetings regarding your niche in a particular location.

    Mostly, this will be helpful for those podcasters who provide information on topics like business or technology because they can connect with the targeted audience through live conferences and keynote speeches on how to generate extra revenue from their blogs and podcasts.

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    You can also invite other podcasters in order to get more people aware of the event and choose any of the above-mentioned monetization strategies via which you can generate better income.

    So think about making events related to your niche in order to bring up sources of profit for yourself as well as others too.


    9. Sell Physical Products.

    sell products

    Selling physical products through your podcasts is an awesome way to make money from podcasts.

    If you are a podcaster, who targets listeners on a particular topic then it’ll be easier for them to make purchases of physical products which are related to your niche.

    For example, if you run a podcast on fitness then users will purchase products that are relevant to your show like protein powder, gym equipment, or apps that help them in bodyweight exercises.

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    So, making money as a podcaster by selling physical products is an innovative way through which you can bring up sources of income too.

    However, you can also create an affiliate link to your blog post which will convert to amazon, Cj, or eBay affiliate links so that users can purchase items from those websites after clicking & going through your page.


    10. Sell Digital Products.

    sell digital products

    As with physical products, you can make money with podcasts by selling digital products that are related to your niche.

    This can be helpful for you as a podcaster because people will purchase these products if they find them relevant, useful, and beneficial.

    So, include such things in your podcast episodes or blog posts through which listeners can easily build trust in you so that later on they’ll buy whatever you offer them based on their requirements.

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    For example, if you have been publishing fitness-related podcasts then users might be interested in purchasing online exercise courses for weight loss, muscle building, etc., which you should consider selling via this method.

    So consider selling digital products in order to make money podcasting.


    11. Public Speaking.

    public speaking

    Public speaking is also a great way to make money with podcasts.

    Just like physical events, you can also arrange for public speaking sessions related to your recess so that people can benefit from it.

    For example, if the purpose of your podcast is providing information about hunting then it’ll be easier for you to make money as a podcaster by arranging public speaking sessions where hunters can meet each other or ask questions in real-time.

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    Besides if you have a large number of followers then it’ll be beneficial for you to arrange public speaking sessions via which you can reach out to a wider audience and generate better profits as a podcaster.

    Nowadays a podcast influencer can earn a decent amount of money by making public speaking sessions via the methods mentioned above.

    So public speaking in your niche is the most efficient way through which you can make money from podcasts.



    At the end of this article,  we’d like to say that these are some of the innovative ways through which you can make money from podcasts.

    So, implement them with consistency in your podcast episodes so that users might take an interest in purchasing the items you offer via each strategy.

    Last but not least, if you have any talent which suits you for making a podcast then we encourage you to make a career of it because it’s the best way through which you can make money, generate bigger profits, and share your knowledge with others.