12 Websites Where You Can Make Money By Listening To Music

    Making money online is now a trendy term, but what if you can make money by listening to music?

    Yes, there are a lot of opportunities to make money online just by listening to music and then sharing the link with your friends.

    The more you earn money by listening to music online, the more you can get paid.

    There are various websites that pay you to listen to music and so many other things.

    So here in this post, we’ll share with you some of our great recommended websites where you can start your earning money journey.

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    What Are The Best Websites Where You Can Make Money By Listening To Music?

    Though music lovers tend to want to listen to music for free, listening to music online can turn your hobby into money-making.

    This might sound a little bit weird that you can earn money online by just listening to music, but yeah if you really love some site’s songs then you’ll spend hours on this site without thinking anything right?

    So why not get paid at the very same time.

    There’re so many ways where you can make money just by doing what you usually do on the internet.

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    You don’t need any special skills or experience if you want to work on these sites because all sites mentioned here are an easy way to earn pocket money even if you are a newbie in the online earning world.

    What websites allow us listening Music Online and Paying Us?

    Let’s talk about our listed sites here:

    1. Earnably.


    Earnably is one of the websites that allows you to earn money while listening to music.

    But this website doesn’t only pay you to listen to music, it also pays you for completing different tasks.

    For example, if you want to watch some videos, then they’ll pay you for watching the video with a different duration.

    From their listening radio, you will be able to easily make money with minimum wages.

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    They pay you through PayPal, and the payment threshold is very low which is pretty suitable for beginners.

    Anyway, there are lots of ways to earn money on Earnably including following different social media profiles and watching videos.

    So it’s good that this site is not just paying you for listening to music but also they pay us by doing other things.


    2. Slice The Pie.


    Slicethepie is the most well-known paid review website on the internet.

    You are compensated for each review you post.

    This site pays you according to your honesty, and this is a great site if you want to make money by listening to music.

    You can make money by writing honest reviews about anything such as music, movies, and the like.

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    This site has a very simple system where you can even make your reviews in an hour, and they’ll pay you for each review. 

    They pay you through PayPal with a very good commission.

    So, overall this site can be a great source of profit.


    3. HitPredictor.


    This site is having a very good rank in the list of top money-making websites, and this is another paid review website.

    The only thing that’s different from slicethepie is you don’t need to write an honest review about anything, but every time you listen to music, you’ll earn points.

    That means how much time you’ve spent listening to their songs and submitting your report will affect how much amount of money they pay you per month.

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    They also have a referral system where you can refer your friends too and get a commission from their earnings if anyone signs up with your link.

    Hitpredictor allows you to impact new music before it’s released.

    So if you think that you can predict the song’s success, then you should try it out.


    4. FusionCash.


    This is a GPT website only based in the United States and they also pay you to watch videos, and here on this site is an easy way to make money by listening to music.

    Well, it is pretty hard for a newbie to get paid from FusionCash because the payment threshold is high enough which will take some time to reach if you’re not promoting your referral link with all your social media networks.

    This site has an average page rank and it’s not as popular as other sites such as HitPredictor or Slicethepie, but if you want fast cash then this is a good option for you.


    5. RadioEarn.


    RadioEarn is one of the best music websites where you can make money by listening to different songs.

    You can simply sign up for free and then finalize your account, and then they’ll start giving you some points which will be converted into real cash.

    They pay their users through PayPal with a pretty good rate per song, but we think this place is not fit for people who listen to hip-hop or rock only because the website only allows pop songs here.

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    This site has a very small user base so there won’t be much competition on this site.

    But if you want to get paid more, then you should work hard at promoting your referral link with your friends via social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.


    6. Music Xray.


    The Industry’s Largest Song & Talent Filter, Music Xray, may be described as the Industry’s Leading Song & Talent Filter that can simply be found by both musicians and listeners.

    They also provide the best way to share your songs with your friends, family members, and other artists that will play a big role in getting them more known on the internet.

    You can submit your song or have it simply just be found if you’re an artist promoting their own music!

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    So unlike RadioEarn, where they only pay using PayPal but here on Music Xray is possible to be paid using real cash as well as through gift cards from different sites including Amazon.

    They have almost everything for everyone so this site is really good for new users who are interested in making money by listening to music.


    7. Unique Rewards.


    The Unique rewards website is based in US, UK, and Canada and permits users from those countries to sign up without any type of hassle.

    They have a very easy way to make money by listening to their online radio which is streaming over hundreds of songs every day.

    The user has to write a brief review about the song that’s currently playing, and if their report is approved, then they’ll be definitely paid through Skrill (Moneybookers) or PayPal at the end of each month for an average of 1 -3 cents per song.

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    So it all depends on how!

    This website has a pretty good ranking in popularity where you can see many users online at a single time using their search box which is located in the top right corner.

    So overall this place is pretty great if you’re looking for fast cash with less effort.


    8. Welocalize.


    Welocalize specializes in expert translation and localization services.

    Besides they can provide you with a wide range of services such as software localization, website translation, and the like.

    But this site will not directly pay you though but you can earn by transcribing the lyrical version of music and then you’ll be paid through PayPal at the end of each month.

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    The user will be required to register their account first, and after that, they can simply click on the lyrics tab where all songs are available for listening.

    They generally pay for song lyrics around 4 bucks which is a decent amount of money for beginners.


    9. Playlist Push.


    Playlist Push is another music website where you can earn money by listening to songs and writing a brief review about them.

    The good thing about this place is that they’ve got both the traditional and free versions where all new users can sign up and submit their song reviews for free.

    But those who want some extra features will have to upgrade their membership.

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    Qualified playlist curators can earn up to $12 per song review which makes great money if you’re working hard at it.

    On the other hand, they also pay through PayPal but overall this site is really good because of its decent pricing.



    This website is a bit different than the rest and it’s not really money-oriented.

    It provides the opportunity to work listen to music from your end and earn cash in the process.

    The site goes for about 10 cents per song but the thing that we really love about this place is that you can get paid up to $20 via PayPal every week which means it’s one of the fastest ways through which you can make some cash from your computer.

    They pay according to their advertisement submission, so if you find any unusual or interesting videos then make sure to submit them because they might be able to increase your income without increasing their prices.

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    You can earn up to around $600 in a year which is pretty much fair and hence we recommend this site for music lovers who prefer writing reviews over money.

    If you don’t like this place then it’s okay because there are plenty of other websites that allow you to do the same thing but at different prices.

    So this won’t be a big problem unless you’re just interested in making money without putting much effort into it.

    However, you can use their apps to earn money on your phone just by listening to music and knowing the lyrics.


    11. Cash4minutes.


    Cash4minutes is a website where it pays its users to listen to songs and ads, on the radio.

    The user can earn some decent money if their report is approved by the admins, so it’s all about being active on this place.

    They generally pay around 6 cents for every song that you’ve listened to which adds up pretty quickly considering that they don’t limit how many songs you can submit daily.

    They can pay  $0.08 per minute which is low but can be increased by referring other users to this place.

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    If you’re concerned about their payment policy, statistics from their website reveal that over 11 million dollars have been expensed and 126,710 people have visited the site as of now.

    So, this site will obviously be a great option for beginners who want to make some decent money without putting in much effort.

    Just register and start earning today!



    Kollect. fm is an online-based music streaming service that pays you money to listen to music.

    This website is generally catered to those who love to engage in surveys and user testing programs.

    This site will pay you as per their request and review the song they will play for you.

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    However as this site provides all about musical engagement, it has a low payout for song reviews at around 0.07 USD per song (7 cents).

    But this site is more about collecting the best review and surveys that you can submit at any time.

    So if you’re not really into music reviews then this place will be great for you!



    So this was our take on some of the best places that can help you make money by listening to music.

    If you’re looking for stable music to Make Money by Listening then there is a list of sites that will pay you for listening to music on your computer.

    All of these websites are reliable and legit, so you should definitely give them a try without any second thoughts!

    That’s all for now!

    Hope you like this article and it helped in strengthening your Music Career.

    Priyansh Gupta
    Priyansh Gupta
    My name is Priyansh Gupta and I am an online entrepreneur. My mission is to teach people who are interested in becoming online entrepreneurs and help them to scale their influence online at startup speed.

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