19 Sites That Will Pay You To Test Websites And Apps

    If you love to surf the internet and want to enjoy spending hours on your phone or laptop to make money online doing something fun and easy from home?

    Then you can become a website and apps tester through these 20 sites that will pay you.

    It’s as simple as downloading an app, signing up for a company, and browsing the site.

    Each of these companies has its own requirements and pays different rates depending on how many tasks you complete.

    But they all offer lucrative benefits like cash, gift cards, and more to test websites and apps.

    Some even let testers choose what websites they want to test.

    So here in this post, you will find 20 sites that will pay you to test apps and websites, their requirements, how much they pay per website tested, etc.

    And most of the companies listed below offer a referral program as well where you can earn even more extra money by referring your friends and family members.

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    What Does A Website Tester Do?

    A website or user tester performs tasks, evaluates sites, and gives feedback to companies in order to improve their websites.

    Testers are often asked to do things like creating an account on a website, going through the signup process, uploading pictures, buying something online, etc.

    Besides these tasks, other jobs may include recording yourself while you explore the site, working on a smartphone/tablet to go through processes like checkout or registration, reporting any bugs that pop up while using the website, etc.


    What Do You Need To Start Website Or App Testing Online?

    To become an app and website tester, you need to meet some requirements (listed below) and complete the application process for each individual company.

    The approval process could take days or weeks depending on how fast they respond to your application.

    Once your profile is approved by the company, you will be able to start testing products once enough assignments are available.

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    Some companies even allow you to create an account but keep it hidden until there are enough tasks available for testers like you.

    That way, your profile remains safe from spammers.

    1. Basic Components.

    A Computer, Keyboard, and Mouse are basic equipment that you’ll need to get started with website testing.

    A right-configured computer may speed up your work time while also lowering annual hour waste and generating more money.

    2. Internet Connection.

    Making money online requires a fast internet connection.

    Most companies usually want you to test websites through a higher speed bandwidth.

    Your internet speed will also determine how long it takes for you to reach the minimum task complete limit.

    3. A Microphone (Not Always Required).

    A microphone isn’t always required, but most companies will ask you to record your voice while you perform tasks on the site.

    For example, InstaGC asks users to make a “How we doin’ call” at the start and end of every task (minimum of 2 minutes).

    4. A Webcam (Not Always Required).

    A webcam isn’t always required either, but some companies may ask you to take a 3-5 minute video walkthrough of the site.

    5. Internet Browser.

    There are many browsers available for download, so it’s important to have one that works with all types of websites and mobile applications like google chrome.


    What Are The Best Platforms That Pay To Test Websites and Apps?

    Here is the list of best website and app testing platforms:

    1. UserTesting.


    This is one of the best websites that will pay you to test websites and apps.

    If selected as a website tester for UserTesting, you will be asked to test websites or online forms.

    You must provide video recordings of yourself sharing your screen while working on the site and describing what you see in real-time.


    2. UTest.


    UTest is a web and mobile testing site that will pay you to test websites and apps.

    Testers for this platform must provide video recordings of themselves working on the website and describing what’s happening.

    Internally, UTest has the highest volume of tasks available out of any other website.


    3. WhatUsersDo.


    This platform provides international panels around the UK, US, Germany, and France.

    If you’re selected as a tester, you will be asked to provide feedback on websites and apps by testing them.

    Talking through your screens.

    You’ll need to complete tasks that last about 15 minutes each and make sure the volume of your screen recording is at an acceptable level.


    4. Enroll.


    You can take the test anywhere and earn the credits immediately.

    You’ll be asked to complete a variety of tasks that are usually short but sweet.

    The company pays each tester per task, so you can rest assured there are no hidden requirements to earn money.

    Over 600,000 tests were taken and reported.

    That’s why you can rely on them and earn decent money from them easily.


    5. Testbirds.


    Testbirds is an international community-based testing platform where testers are compensated per test by the minute with PayPal or bank transfer. 

    Once you’re accepted to the platform as a tester, you’ll need to test various applications and websites (usually web apps).

    Join Testbirds today and become a high earner.


    6. Testing Time.


    You can expect to receive several tasks per day or more if you are able to complete them quickly.

    The average task takes about 10 minutes to complete, but the older a task is, the more likely it’ll require less time.

    A lot of companies will pay you on a “per-hour” basis, so the faster you complete a task, the more you’ll earn.

    Tester tasks are generally pretty easy so you don’t have to worry about difficult requirements.


    7. UserFeel.


    UserFeel is an internet-based platform that allows users to earn rewards for providing feedback.

    You’ll need a high-speed internet connection, headphones, speakers, or a webcam to take part in the tasks with UserFeel.

    Once you are accepted as a tester on this site, you can expect to receive many different tasks paying up between $1 to $10 each with payouts processed within 48 hours.


    8. StartUpLift.


    The platform connects entrepreneurs with people who are willing to provide feedback on their websites or apps.

    You’ll need to use the StartUpLift application that comes pre-installed in order to test and record your screen while working with a product or website.

    Besides testing, you can also join the community and share your ideas to help entrepreneurs build better products.

    You’ll often find tasks as short to long so you don’t have to worry about completing a task that takes hours.


    9. TryMyUI.


    The platform connects users with website and app owners, such as marketers or managers, who are looking to create (or improve) their online projects.

    If you complete a task successfully, you’ll be able to see your results on the platform along with other testers.

    This is another one of the best platforms that will pay you for testing websites and apps.

    Once you join Beta, you can expect to receive notifications for new tasks via email so be sure to check your inbox regularly.

    After finishing a test, you can either accept payment or request more tasks based on your preference.


    10. Userlytics.


    It is a community of huge numbers of users that receive new tasks every day.

    You can log into the Userlytics site and see newly available tests as well as your submitted results for past tests.

    Each test will ask you to complete a specific task or activity on a website, app, etc. before moving on to the next part of the testing process.

    This is one of the best platforms that can help you earn money and save money as well.


    11. UserZoom.


    Creating a better digital experience and identity, the user zoom is one of the best platforms that will pay you for testing websites and apps.

    You’ll need to have a high-speed internet connection, headphones or speakers, or a webcam in order to take part in testing activities with UserZoom.


    12. UserCrowd.


    This platform connects consumers with companies who are looking for feedback on their products and services.

    Once you join this platform, you will see a list of tasks based on your skill-set that needs to be completed.

    You can then choose from the available tasks or wait until new ones that match your skills are made available.

    In most cases, testing is performed by groups of people rather than one person alone.

    However, some tests might require only one person in order to get accurate results.


    13. UberTesters.


    As a digital tester, crowd testers from any part of the world can sign up and perform tests using their own Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry devices.

    Moreover, crowd testers can earn decent enough performing such tasks at a professional level.

    However, this platform might get you less pay as compared to other testing platforms, but it is a great testing platform that will not only help you get paid but also make you a sound and successful digital tester.


    14. Validately.


    Validately is a testing platform that was founded in the year of 2013 and has more than 1.2 million testers on its platform and has paid out more than $5 million to all its testers till now.

    As we already mentioned, this platform not only helps you earn money but also makes you a professional digital tester who can work for multiple testing companies at the same time.


    15. Loop11.


    This topic pays its testers for completing testing tasks along with writing their reviews and feedback.

    Here, the user is mostly asked to provide feedback regarding the functionality and usability of a website or an app.

    So, you can expect to test websites using Loop11 in such a way that helps them improve their business performance.

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    16. UserBrain.


    UserBrain is one of the best platforms that will pay you for testing websites and apps, User Experience, UX Reviews, and eCommerce which was registered in the year 2002.

    This platform features both desktop and mobile testing, which enables it to test applications on all common operating systems with no hassle.

    Users are able to personalize their experience by only modifying the tasks that suit them.

    User Brain also offers competitive rates, which makes it one of the best platforms among others to get paid for testing websites/apps.

    Users can also request new tasks on a regular basis based on their preferences and have access to a user-friendly reporting system so they know about the quality of their work.


    17. User Interviews.

    user interviews

    Their working procedure is mainly for researchers and participants based on a high-end testing procedure.

    This platform is one of the best platforms to get paid for testing websites and apps as it provides its testers with a friendly interface, competitive rates, and quick payments.

    In order to become a tester, you will need to create an account on this platform and wait until a suitable task becomes available based on your interests and skills.

    Once you complete that task successfully, you’ll be compensated immediately through PayPal or check.


    18. PlaytestCloud.


    As a game testing platform, PlaytestCloud provides its testers with a variety of tasks that are related to games.

    The main aim behind this platform is to provide game developers with relevant feedback regarding their games in order to provide better experiences for gamers in general.

    They also offer competitive rates, quick payments, and exclusive opportunities to take part in paid focus group sessions where you can earn even more money.


    19. Checkealos.


    This platform is one of the best platforms to get paid for testing websites and apps as it provides its testers with a friendly interface, competitive rates, and quick payments.

    Users are able to personalize their experience by only modifying the tasks that suit them.

    Cheakealos also offers access to e-commerce accounts, which enables users to test both mobile and desktop sites/apps simultaneously.

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    In order to become a tester, you will need to create an account on this platform and wait until a suitable task becomes available based on your interests and skills.

    Once you complete that task successfully, you’ll be compensated immediately through any payment system.



    In the end, It depends on the tester that he/she wants to work either for one testing company or multiple companies.

    However, you can earn up to $20-50 per hour by doing the same task on more than one platform at the same time.

    But doing these you must research different testing companies and choose the one that offers you more payment for a particular task.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Just pick up your device and start website testing right now!

    Hope this article has helped you in understanding the process of getting paid for testing websites/apps.

    Priyansh Gupta
    Priyansh Gupta
    My name is Priyansh Gupta and I am an online entrepreneur. My mission is to teach people who are interested in becoming online entrepreneurs and help them to scale their influence online at startup speed.

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