9 Steps to Create And Sell Online Courses: The Complete Guide!

    Nowadays video content is what most people like to watch.

    It is now more than ever way easier to create and sell your own online courses with the help of technology.

    As the technological world keeps advancing, creating videos has become very affordable, You can buy all you need for little money, plug it into your PC/Mac and you are ready to go!

    You may be amazed to know stats that show Video content is 1200% more successful than other content.

    So, if you can make a video content course and sell it online then there is a high possibility to get success.

    Now We will explain to you how to create and sell your own courses online.

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    Why Should You Create And Sell Courses Online?

    Making and selling courses gives you the opportunity for passive income.

    You don’t need to work every day, but when someone decides to study your course, you will get paid.

    Also, courses can be promoted with affiliates which is a great way for even more traffic and potential customers.

    Courses are generally sold through Clickbank so they provide high conversion rates.

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    There are plenty of reasons to start creating and selling your own courses online.

    It’s a great way to earn extra money in a fun way.

    You just have to put in some effort at the beginning in order to get results afterward.

    Follow our 9-step guide below and soon you’ll have tons of fans all over the world!


    9 Steps Towards Creating Your Own Course Online.

    Follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Choose A Subject That Sells.

    You have to know what you are selling and who is buying.

    It is important to create a course about something that interests people, so they will buy it!

    Of course, there are some exceptions here, but don’t try to sell a complex physics subject if your only knowledge is the fact that 1+1=2.

    There are many ways of making money online, but earning money with courses is usually not easy.

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    Therefore you should choose carefully before deciding on this kind of business.

    One of the great ways to make yourself a great course maker is to create a great product.

    You can never expect success for free.

    You must invest in your own product by hiring someone who knows how to make even better videos/audio files or hire professionals for any other things related to marketing etc.

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    Good content = good conversions that will certainly bring you great results.

    Not only do you take academic classes, but you also give tutorials on how to use Blogger/WordPress or other platforms.

    So, it is not necessary that you should create a course about something useful and practical as possible.

    Step 2: Create Your Online Course.

    It’s time to start creating your course.

    This is the most important step of the whole process because everything you do after this point depends on how great your course will be!

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    There are people who like making courses more than anything else, but for others, it can be a very long and tiresome process which du not always bring good results.

    Even if you think that video/audio creation is not hard, you inevitably go through a lot of difficulties while going through all these steps:

    1. Video Recording.

    You have to do many takes until you get a perfect one.

    Because it takes some time to make a perfect video, those who want to benefit from your course will not wait for a long period before they buy it.

    2. Video Editing.

    If you do not know how to edit videos or don’t have enough budget at first, you can always outsource the editing job.

    Hiring someone who knows how to do this efficiently helps save a lot of time and money on this step.

    3. Graphic Design.

    It also might take quite some time if you are not familiar with graphic designing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator etc.

    Don’t worry!

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    There is another way that doesn’t require any knowledge about things like these!

    You just need to hire someone who has enough skills for that matter.

    4. Audio Recording.

    This part might be a little easier than the video recording one.

    Simply make a demo and send it to your hired voice-over guy or girl and tell them to record the audio version of your course according to your demo file.

    5. Marketing.

    After you finally finish all these steps, you must start doing some marketing activities in order to let people know about your brand new online course!

    It is very important that you have at least 10-15 affiliates who are willing to promote your product through their traffic channels.

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    This will bring potential customers for sure!

    Promoting courses through emails can also be great because lots of people are interested in buying good products for cheap nowadays.

    Step 3: Decide Where You Would Like To Host And Sell Online Courses.

    Finally, you are almost done now.

    This last step is to choose a reliable platform that can host your course for many buyers.

    There are plenty of places on the Internet where you can sell courses by yourself, but there are some very good choices among them.

    However, there are 3 types of online course platforms:

    1. Your Own WordPress Website.

    This is the simplest way to sell courses online.

    You can do it for free and there is no need to pay anything like membership fees or extra charges.

    The only drawback of this method might be that your website needs a lot of traffic in order to make money online from it, but with some good marketing strategies combined with powerful SEO techniques, you can make it work.

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    What do you need for WordPress?

    A domain name and a hosting server where you can install WordPress on it.

    Then, go to the WordPress dashboard, create a new blog post and publish your first-course tutorial which you have made previously.

    Of course, there is no need to mention any price for your first.

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    After doing WordPress customization, Now your next task is to search engine optimization which is a key to your site’s success.

    The simplest way is to buy a good SEO plugin from the WordPress dashboard and activate it.

    Remember that not all SEO plugins are great, so be careful with that!

    You can also hire an expert from Fiverr or Upwork which costs only 25-30$ and they will help you make your site better.

    2. Standalone Platforms.

    This means that you have to create your own course hosting website just like Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, etc.

    It has some major advantages over the other platforms because you are free to choose how your site should look and what features it should have.

    This website has its own unique visitors which you can convert into your customers.

    However, there are some drawbacks of this platform like marketing and getting traffic might be harder than the other two options, but with a good marketing strategy, you still can get potential buyers for sure.

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    The solution is that you sell your course on different platforms at once to cover all your customer’s needs.

    Besides these three mentioned above, there are still many others that make it easy to sell courses without any hassle.

    Another choice is Teachable.

    It has everything necessary to create a perfect online course website in just 15 minutes.

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    You only need to sign up and start building your own portal where people buy courses from you.

    There is no need for WordPress or programming knowledge because they provide a one-click install option for every course.

    The only problem here is that you must pay $39 per month, but it’s totally worth it.

    3. All-In-One Platforms.

    These platforms include everything you need to sell your courses online.

    They provide hosting, payment gateways, sales tracking, and affiliate tools in one place so that there is no need for multiple providers and lots of different accounts.

    Here the best choices are Skillshare and CreativeLive because they have a very user-friendly interface and there is an option to upload courses manually or by subscribing to their hosting plan.

    Now you are familiar with all the options out there, but which one is your best choice?

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    It totally depends on your needs, skills, and budget because all three of them are worth trying.

    However, if you want something that can offer everything for an affordable price then Skillshare is the right choice.

    Or maybe CreativeLive could be better for you?

    You’ll never know until you try it yourself. So what are you waiting for?

    Step 4: Decide How Much You Want To Charge For Your Online Course.

    Of course, there is no need to mention any price for your first course.

    After that, it’s time to think of the second and all other courses you’re going to publish in the future.

    There are some great sites that provide statistical data about online courses such as Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, etc.

    You can look at them and try to find out what is their highest and lowest prices so that you don’t lose potential customers.

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    The average online course costs $25-30 per month but there are more expensive options than these listed on different educational platforms out there so be smart and do some research before making a decision.

    Another factor that is responsible for the pricing of your course is the educational platform you use.

    For example, Udemy courses are much cheaper than Skillshare because the second one has a fixed monthly fee.

    So it makes total sense to sell your course for $10 per month on Teachable and $15-20 per month on Skillshare.

    Step 5: Increase The Cost And Perceived Value Of Your Online Course.

    After you’ve published your course, the number of students will start growing, and when it happens you should make some changes.

    First of all, if you want to gain more revenue then add a price increase at least 30-60 days after publishing because your course becomes much better and more valuable than before.

    The second one is adding new features which make the learning process even better and more effective.

    If you can do something to improve your course without increasing its cost then go for it!

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    However, you can also try to change the topic of your course because there are some other things you could teach people about.

    If your first course was on Photoshop then think of sharing with them your experience in Lightroom too.

    It will give them more value for sure, and it’s also a great idea to use as a marketing strategy.

    1. Include Bonuses In Your Digital Course.

    One of the best ways to increase your course value is by adding some bonuses when people buy it.

    These can be either free courses, discounts on other products you’re selling, or any other helpful material that will give them an idea of ​​what they are buying.

    There are lots of ways to increase the value of your course so just be creative and make them as valuable as possible to your students.

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    On the other hand, if you don’t want to change anything then at least add a new course or video lessons that will help those who have already enrolled in your course to keep track of it.

    It’s also a great idea to offer them some discounts on future courses for being loyal.

    2. Include Upsells In Your Digital Course.

    If you want to make more money with your courses then you should also focus on upselling.

    It’s one of the most effective strategies especially if people already paid for your course because they are much more likely to buy something else from you.

    The best way to include an upsell is after the payment process when it’s time to download the course on a student’s email.

    Write “If you liked the course, I have some other material that might be interesting to you.

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    ” Or, “Thank you for purchasing my course.”

    If you liked it, take a look at these books too!”

    This way your students will know about another product they can buy from you and make additional revenue.

    Step 6: Seed Launch Your Online Course With A Launch Team.

    If you’re not sure about the success of your course then it’s best to start promoting it with a Launch Team.

    A Launch Team is an email list of people who help you at the beginning of your online course journey and get free access to your course in return.

    They can also do some marketing on their social media profiles and invite their friends so that more and more people learn about your new product and enroll in it too.

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    Most learners will be happy to join such an exclusive group where they will receive high-quality courses with bonuses for FREE.

    So think carefully before applying for this role, because many people will want to do that.

    Step 7: Market And Sell Your Online Courses On Your Website.

    To increase the value of your course and have a greater chance to sell it you should include it on your website.

    Create a landing page that describes what they will learn when buying it.

    You can also add a buy button just below or above each video lesson so that people can see how much an individual lesson costs too.

    Try to create a website where people can go and see all your courses, with an option to buy them right away.

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    Besides these, you can follow these strategies-

    1. Create And Optimize Your Website.

    As we’ve already said, you should create a website where people can see your courses and buy them.

    Starting doing it today because in this way you will make more money by selling courses whenever you want.

    Besides the purchasing process itself, don’t forget to optimize it so that Google can easily recognize what your course is all about by including keywords on your page.

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    Use SEO plugins that help you with this task for WordPress or any other platform you’re using.

    Also, check out these bookkeeping tools if you are running an online business.

    2. Create Useful Marketing Content.

    You can include a “Course in a box” in your course curriculum where you’re going to give your students everything they need to promote it.

    This could be infographics, email marketing material, social media posts, texts, and other helpful advice that will help them begin selling it immediately.

    No matter if your student is just starting with an online business or already has their own website but just don’t know how to market themselves on Facebook or Twitter – this bonus will be useful for everyone.

    3. Boost Your Social Media Presence.

    Include a promo video on your course page that will tell people more about it and share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

    to get more attention from those who might buy the course.

    When they see how many of their friends have been buying your courses or watching your videos, they will probably want to do the same thing too.

    4. Build An Email List.

    Create an email sign-up form on your website so that people can subscribe to your newsletter and receive emails with exclusive content, discounts, offers, updates about the course launch, etc. each time you make a new product or update an existing one.

    You can also include a link to your blog subscription box on all of your social media profiles to make it easier for them to enroll in this list.

    5. Partner With Other Entrepreneurs.

    If you want to sell your course for $1000, then it might be difficult for you to find people who are willing to buy it right away.

    But if you contact other business owners and offer them a deal where they can promote their product in return for sharing your lessons with their audience then more people will agree with that, because everyone wants their website visitors to become customers.

    6. Offer Live Coaching Calls.

    For those who are willing to buy multiple products from you, offer them 1-on-1 live coaching sessions.

    If they take their colleagues or friends then they will be more likely to purchase all the courses available because they know there’s someone competent who can answer their questions and help them whenever necessary.

    Step 8: Create A Buyer’s Journey For Your Online Course.

    The final step to boosting your course sales is to create a buyer’s journey.

    A buyer’s journey is basically the process that people go through before they buy your product, whether it is an e-book or online course.

    You have to figure out what their goals are and why exactly they want to purchase your product.

    Which stage of the buyer’s journey are they currently in?

    This way you will be able to know how much time should elapse between each email sequence, which content you should include on each page of your website, etc.

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    There are three major stages in the buyer’s journey:

    1. Awareness.

    People in this stage don’t know if they have a problem that is worth solving.

    You can help them discover it by offering lead magnets that serve as a guide to identifying the problems they might be suffering from, along with some useful ways of solving them.

    Consider creating quizzes or ebooks that will help your visitors realize how big their problem is in the first place.

    2. Consideration.

    People enter this stage when they realize that the problem they suffer from is worth solving.

    They usually search for different courses which will help them solve their problems and then compare them with each other before actually buying anything.

    Here you can include reviews of your course, testimonials from previous customers, etc. to convince them that your product is really worth buying.

    3. Decision.

    This is the stage where people actually purchase your course and take action to solve their problems.

    You can apply a discount coupon or use scarcity tactics to encourage them, even more, to buy it now instead of waiting for a better price.

    Keep them updated with new lessons or videos that you publish regularly because people in this phase usually don’t forget about the product they buy once it actually solves their problems.

    Step 9: Get People To Buy And Promote Your Courses Again In The Future.

    At the last stage of the buyer’s journey, you should try to get people not only to buy your product but also to recommend it to others.

    When someone recommends your course to their friends and colleagues, they are investing in your brand so you have to make them feel like important partners of yours.

    The more recommendations you generate for yourself the better it is for the community, so everyone will benefit from this partnership.

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    You can take advantage of social proof by adding testimonials on every page of your website where it might be helpful, making sure that customers notice these.

    You should also save customer information right after their purchase (first name, last name, email address), then send them an email 3 or 4 days later with a short survey asking if they liked the course and if they would recommend it to a friend.


    Some Tips For Creating And Selling Online Courses.

    These tips will help you learn how to create an online course in ten days:

    1. Focus On Customer Experience.

    When creating an online course, you should not just think about the courses themselves but also everything that surrounds it.

    How will your customers feel when they buy the product?

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    How much time do they need to go through all the lessons?

    What types of problems can arise during this process and how can you help them overcome them?

    2. Map Out Your Student Journey.

    When you’re creating an online course, focus on customer experience.

    That is why it’s extremely important to think about all the steps your students might take when they buy your product.

    Map out their journey and decide what type of content each step should contain – in which order will they receive information and which part of this information should they get in the beginning and in the end?

    3. Foster A Community.

    Creating a community around your course is very important because it will give students the feeling that they’re not alone when solving their problems.

    You can do this by creating a Facebook group where all your students feel comfortable asking each other questions and providing help in difficult situations.

    4. Get And Apply Feedback.

    When your course is finished, you should ask your friends and colleagues for feedback.

    Send them an email listing the lessons, quizzes, and tests in chronological order so they can focus on each of them when giving their input.

    After getting feedback, analyze it carefully by considering all pros and cons that were mentioned by different people.

    5. Consistently Update Your Course.

    A course is never finished; it needs to be constantly updated and improved.

    According to HubSpot, companies that publish more new and fresh content get 75% more leads than the ones that don’t.

    So keep your students wanting more by consistently adding new lessons or videos into your course that will help them solve their problems.

    6. Add Troubleshooting And FAQ Content.

    If your course is properly mapped out, you will know all the places where students might get stuck.

    Make sure to add content that will help them solve these problems in a timely manner.

    You can even take it one step further and create videos that show how others resolved their issues so students can learn from them.

    7. Keep Track Of Your Student’s Progress.

    If you’re creating a course that can be taken at one’s own pace, you need to make sure students complete the lessons and quizzes.

    The best way to do this is by setting up your course so it automatically sends students reminders and alerts them about their progress every time they open the page.



    So now that you know what online courses are, how they work, and why this is one of the best business ideas at the moment you should take action today!

    Except for these things mentioned above don’t forget about creating high-quality content, shipping updates regularly (at least once every month), communicating with your students/customers regularly (weekly or monthly newsletters are a good idea), and asking for feedback (e.g., at the end of each lesson).

    If you do these tasks perfectly, then it will be only a matter of time before you will see your online course business grow.

    We hope this article was helpful for you and will motivate you to take action.