10 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2022

    Affiliate programs are like saying, “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

    You promote a product and receive a commission from the company you promoted it.

    You get paid, and they get a customer.

    Everyone comes out on top.

    For some years, this type of back-scratching has been widespread – prevalent.

    Affiliate marketing is currently used by 81 percent of advertisers and 84 percent of publishers to promote items and generate sales, with 35 percent of affiliate marketers earning at least $20k per year from their efforts.

    In fact, affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to make money online.

    It’s no wonder that affiliate marketing has grown in popularity to the point that it’s now worth a lot of money.

    According to Statista, affiliate marketing expenditure in the United States will reach $8.2 billion by 2022, more than doubling from a decade earlier.

    This article will concentrate on affiliate marketing programs for the email marketing business.

    So, if you want to work with email marketing businesses to promote their products and earn affiliate commissions, we’ll show you where to start.

    In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of the most exemplary email marketing affiliate programs for this market.

    So let’s start this article without wasting any time.

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    What Are The Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs?

    Top Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

    Here is the list of the top 10 email marketing affiliate programs to choose from:

    1. GetResponse.

    Getresponse Email Marketing Affiliate Program

    GetResponse email marketing affiliate program is an excellent way for bloggers, eCommerce vendors, and small businesses to earn extra money by recommending one of the fastest-growing email marketing solutions on the market.

    GetResponse affiliate program provides you with the following benefits:

    • On paid accounts, you’ll get a 33 percent recurring commission or $100.
    • Affiliate commissions on all sign-ups are unlimited.
    • To track referred visitors, a 120-day cookie is used.

    You earn the commission if they convert within four months.

    To begin, you have the option of joining one of two email marketing affiliate programs.

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    The “bounty” scheme is a means to be paid rapidly (for each consumer that registers up for a paid account, you’ll earn $100).

    The “recurring” program, on the other hand, pays you 33 percent of every sale you recommend – ideal for a long-term cash stream and the only email marketing affiliate program that does so!

    They’ll provide you a personalized affiliate link to use in any material or graphics you use to promote GetResponse so we can track each recommended visitor back to you after you join up.

    GetResponse employs a cookie to detect clicks on your referral link so that every recommendation is connected back to your account ID, making it easy for you to keep track of which links are functioning best and how many referrals you’ve given.

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    When you register as an affiliate, you will have access to various free promotional assets, including videos, banners, and sales text, to help you persuade people to try GetResponse.

    The most incredible thing about the GetResponse email marketing affiliate program is that the platform itself provides an all-in-one reliable and economical solution.

    As a result, marketing GetResponse to your audience is straightforward and may give you a steady source of cash.

    You can track your statistics in the affiliate dashboard to see how much money you’ve made and how many clients you’ve referred.


    2. ActiveCampaign.

    activecampaign Email Marketing Affiliate Program

    The ActiveCampaign email marketing affiliate program is based on regular monthly revenue statistics and a tiered commission structure.

    The Active Campaign affiliate program provides you with the following benefits:

    • A recurring commission rate of 30%.
    • Cookie tracking for 90 days.
    • Every month, commissions are sent out automatically via PayPal.

    If you sign up, your commission is divided into three tiers:

    • Silver-tier: Earn a 20% commission if you refer $100 in new business in 90 days.
    • Gold tier: Earn a 25% commission if you refer $100 in new business in 90 days or have $500 inactive accounts.
    • Platinum tier: Earn 30% commission if you refer $500 in new business in 90 days or have $2,000 inactive accounts.

    The majority of the other email marketing affiliate programs on this list have a 30 percent commission structure as their minimum.

    However, ActiveCampaign’s commission structure is the maximum you can obtain.

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    As a result, you’ll have to work far more than the others on our list to earn a 30% commission.

    You will, however, continue to be paid for any active accounts you refer.

    However, keep in mind that if your tier status falls below the needed level (for example, if an active account you’ve referred cancels their plan), your commission may suffer.

    Active Campaign likewise pays commissions after 60 days, and you won’t be compensated for any clients who cancel or receive a refund.


    3. ConvertKit.

    convert kit Email Marketing Affiliate Program

    Even if you’re not a customer, you can join the ConvertKit email marketing affiliate program.

    To apply, you must have an essential awareness of ConvertKit’s capabilities and an audience that needs an email marketing solution to assist with their online marketing.

    The ConvertKit affiliate program provides you with the following benefits:

    • Commissions are paid on a recurrent basis at a rate of 30%.
    • Webinars to assist in the conversion of visitors.
    • To keep track of progress, there’s an analytics dashboard.

    ConvertKit’s affiliate program, like those of other platforms, employs bespoke links to measure referrals and conversions.

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    If a visitor hits your referral link, a cookie will monitor them for up to 60 days (longer than most other email marketing affiliate programs) and pay you a commission if they become a client.

    The commission will continue to accrue if the customer has an active ConvertKit account.

    There’s also a Commission Calculator on the site to help you figure out how much money you may be making!


    4. Sendinblue.

    sendinblue Email Marketing Affiliate Program

    Sendinblue email marketing affiliate program is generous since it pays you for every customer you suggest, even if they only sign up for a free account.

    The Sendinblue affiliate program provides you with the following benefits:

    • Free trials are available for 5€ ($6), and premium accounts are available for 100€ ($120).
    • Cookie tracking for 90 days
    • For recurring commissions, they have an agency program.

    You will receive 5€ for a free account and 100€ for a premium account if a visitor clicks on your affiliate marketing link to Sendinblue’s website and joins up for one of their tools.

    Sendinblue, like many of the other tools on our list, records every click on your links and photos to make sure you get paid if a consumer converts.

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    Sendinblue uses Tapfiliate to track clicks for accuracy and keep track of any commissions in real-time.

    You may also join Sendinblue’s agency program to earn recurring commissions on new clients and their spending.

    Your commission is increased if a customer you referred to Sendinblue increases their membership.

    Additionally, commission payments are made monthly via PayPal or bank transfer.


    5. AWeber.

    aweber Email Marketing Affiliate Program

    Last but not least, the AWeber email marketing affiliate program uses how-to videos and emails to assist you in enhancing your chances of earning a commission.

    You’ll have access to helpful explanation films that show you how to get the most out of the email marketing affiliate program, as well as frequent emails with suggestions on how to thrive as an AWeber affiliate once you join up.

    The AWeber affiliate program provides you with the following benefits:

    • Referral rewards of 30% regularly.
    • When a referral converts, you’ll receive an email notification.
    • Commission payments are made monthly.

    AWeber, like the other affiliate networks on our list, will assign you an affiliate ID, which will allow you to monitor and bill each recommendation you make.

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    You will also have access to multiple articles and assets that you can use to promote AWeber, including banner ads and content that you can embed directly on your website.

    And you’ll get an instant email alert with the good news every time a referral from your site buys an AWeber product!


    6. Moosend.

    moosend Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

    The Moosend email marketing affiliate program is similar to the others on the list.

    It provides recurring earning opportunities and an analytics dashboard that monitors every referral.

    The firm will give you a 30% compensation charge if your recommendations keep renewing their Moosend memberships.

    It’s also known as a “lifetime commission.”

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    The Moosend affiliate program provides you with the following benefits:

    • Unique affiliate link.
    • The cookie lasts 90 days.
    • Attribution model for first Contact.

    Let’s expand on that final aspect a little more: the first-touch attribution methodology.

    This implies that if your referral link is the one that sends new subscribers to Moosend’s website for the first time, you’ll get paid if they become customers – even if they later click on another referral link.

    If a referred client upgrades their plan, your earnings will increase, and on Moosend’s website, there’s a helpful calculator you can use to determine how much cash you may make from referrals.


    7. Constant Contact.

    constant contact Email Marketing Affiliate Program

    Even if customers merely sign up for a free product, the Constant Contact email marketing affiliate program rewards referrals.

    You’ll get $5 if a referral signs up for a free trial.

    You’ll also get paid an extra $105 commission if they become a paying Constant Contact customer.

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    The Constant Contact affiliate program provides you with the following benefits:

    • There is no limit on how much money you can earn in commissions.
    • All free trials are $5, while premium accounts are $105.
    • The cookie lasts 120 days.

    Constant Contact, like GetResponse, makes it easy to sell their product to potential clients by giving materials to use on your website.

    You may use these advertising, banners, and material to convey Constant Contact’s message and match them to your designs.

    Using a separate affiliate monitoring dashboard, you can also track how many visitors convert and how much revenue you receive.


    8. Mailigen.

    mailgen Email Marketing Affiliate Program

    The Mailigen email marketing affiliate program checks most of the criteria for a solid program: recurring commissions, tracking cookies, and promotional materials.

    The email marketing affiliate program refers to its affiliates as “partners,” Those who qualify as VIPs receive higher one-time commissions.

    Mailigen’s commission payments, on the other hand, are pretty limited.

    They won’t pay out until you’ve made a minimum of $100 in commissions, but their website claims that if you need to, you can negotiate something else.

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    Mailigen affiliate program continues to provide you with the following benefits:

    • Commissions are paid on a recurrent basis at a rate of 30%.
    • Cookie with a lifespan of 120 days.
    • To track referrals, a combination of cookies and IP addresses is used.

    You’ll get paid a commission on most services they pick, from monthly plans to email credits, if you suggest a visitor to Mailigen and they join up.

    However, note that if the consumer purchases additional items such as SMS or email templates, you will not be paid a commission through the MailGen Email Marketing Affiliate Program.


    9. MailerLite.

    mailerlite Email Marketing Affiliate Program

    MailerLite also has a great email marketing affiliate program.

    Once you’ve earned $50 in commissions through the MailerLite affiliate program, you may cash out your earnings.

    Unlike the other email marketing affiliate programs on this list that have a defined payout date, with the MailerLite email marketing affiliate program, you request payment, and it will be sent to your PayPal account whenever you earn $50 in commission.

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    The MailerLite affiliate program provides you with the following benefits:

    • Commissions are paid on a recurrent basis at a rate of 30%.
    • Affiliate tracking URL that is unique.
    • Conversions and commissions may be tracked using the affiliate dashboard.

    You may add your unique MailerLite referral link to your website and social media sites, just like the other tools on the list, to encourage your visitors to check out the product and join up.

    Every new visitor and conversion is monitored by MailerLite and posted to your affiliate dashboard in real-time, making tracking the performance of your referral efforts a breeze.

    However, there are certain limitations to MailerLite’s affiliate scheme.

    You can’t use web advertising services like Bing or Google AdWords to market your affiliate link, and you’ll only get paid if someone joins up for a paid product through the email marketing affiliate program.


    10. Omnisend.

    omnisend email marketing affiliate programs

    Omnisend is marketing automation, SMS, and email marketing system that is simple to use. It’s so simple that new clients may set up their first automation in less than half an hour.

    It interfaces with over 50 top e-commerce software and is trusted by over 70,000 eCommerce firms across the world.

    That’s great news because no online business wants to migrate to a solution that doesn’t integrate with its existing tools and platforms.

    Omnisend, unlike many of the email marketing affiliate programs on our list, does not offer recurring commissions.

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    It’s still an excellent affiliate scheme, though, because you may earn a huge reward commission of up to $1,200 based on the customer’s first month of eligible income.

    The first three months of a customer’s subscription are paid out in affiliate profits.

    You won’t get the whole commission if they cancel during those three months, as you may expect.



    Email affiliate marketing is a fantastic method to earn money while promoting things you enjoy.

    Knowing which email marketing affiliate programs make it simple for you to sell their goods and which commission structures work for you is the key to selecting the ideal email marketing affiliate program for you.

    GetResponse, as you’ve seen in this piece, provides you the best of both worlds:

    You may choose between one-time commissions ($100) and recurring revenue (33%), with limitless commissions on all sign-ups.

    You’ll also have the opportunity to market an all-in-one solution that’s both sturdy and economical, which your audience will enjoy.

    Finally, you’ll have access to professionally produced marketing materials and extensive reports, which can help you streamline your day-to-day operations and focus on your company’s growth.

    Now it’s up to you to decide which email marketing affiliate network is best for you.