10 Best VPN Affiliate Programs In 2024

    Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been around for a while, but they were used mainly by computer geeks.

    Or at least that was the situation until June of 2013.

    Because it was then that Edward Snowden revealed how governments worldwide were spying on their citizens’ personal information.

    GDPR’s bureaucratic incompetence then adds to the mix of “Balkanizing” the Internet.

    Not to mention streaming services that have restricted material in specific locations yet charge the total price for it.

    These developments converged to create a perfect storm for VPN services to explode in popularity.

    Within the next several years, the global market for virtual private network solutions is expected to be valued at at least $50 billion.

    So, it is a great time to launch an affiliate site in this field to make money online.

    There are several possible markets to target, ranging from security-conscious parents to consumers who are tired of paying for a streaming service that employs geoblocking.

    As usual, I’ve spared you the time and effort of searching for the top VPN affiliate programs to advertise.

    Many of them pay pretty large commissions.


    Best VPN Affiliate Programs.

    Best VPN Affiliate Programs

    Here are the top VPN affiliate programs:

    1. ExpressVPN.

    Express VPN Affiliate Program

    ExpressVPN is one of the top choices among VPN services for affiliates.

    Our survey showed that ExpressVPN consistently ranks top among major news sites, with 96% of VPN sites recommending its services.

    The ExpressVPN affiliate program is managed internally, and website owners have reported an excellent experience working with their affiliate team.

    The application process typically takes one to two business days, with the requirement being a live website with VPN-related content.

    With plans starting at $12.95 per month, affiliates earn 100% commission on their sales.

    The most popular package, the 6-month plan, offers a commission rate of 45%.

    Although these commissions are not recurring, it is worth noting that some affiliate programs offer lifetime recurring payments.

    According to feedback from VPN site owners, ExpressVPN actively adjusts commission rates for affiliates who bring in significant customer volume, making it one of the most profitable VPN affiliate programs in terms of conversion rates.

    In addition to providing affiliate content and optimized landing pages, ExpressVPN offers comprehensive assistance with SEO, UX, design, and content through dedicated affiliate account managers.

    Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal, with payments processed before the 15th of each month.

    For wire transfers, ExpressVPN requires a minimum payment of US$1,000 per month.

    2. Norton.

    Norton VPN Affiliate Program

    Norton has been a leader in computer security software development since its inception, dating back to the release of their first antivirus solution for DOS-based PCs in 1989 under the Symantec brand.

    I remember encountering it during its early days.

    Following Symantec’s acquisition of Norton, all subsequent computer security products, including their virtual private network (VPN), were released under the Norton brand.

    Norton VPN is a key component of the Norton 360 suite and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

    For an annual fee of $39.99, users gain access to a comprehensive security package for up to five devices, along with VPN servers in 28 countries.

    This allows users to browse securely on public Wi-Fi networks without worrying about being tracked.

    Norton also offers a generous 60-day money-back guarantee, which can be highlighted in affiliate promotions to bolster trust.

    The Norton VPN affiliate program, available through CJ Affiliate, stands out as one of the top-performing initiatives on the platform.

    Affiliates earn a competitive 20% commission on all sales, with the program boasting a high earnings-per-click (EPC) metric.

    While Norton may not offer the most advanced VPN service on the market, its strong brand reputation adds considerable value.

    While it lacks a dedicated account manager for affiliates, this is not a significant drawback.

    The Norton VPN affiliate program ranks among the best in the industry, making it a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers.

    Be sure to explore it further!

    3. FastestVPN.

    fastest vpn affiliate programs

    FastestVPN may not be as widely recognized as some of its competitors, but it’s been gaining traction in the VPN industry.

    As a relatively young company, they’re eager to attract new customers, which is why they offer VPN services for as little as $0.83 per month—but only if you commit to a five-year plan upfront.

    For those opting for a standard monthly plan, the cost is $10 per month, which is in line with industry norms.

    But FastestVPN offers more than just your typical VPN services.

    Their platform is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Roku, and Kodi.

    Users can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to their network of 150 servers across 35 locations, all without any activity logging.

    Additionally, they provide built-in ad blocking and anti-malware protection, aiming to deliver exceptional value for the price.

    FastestVPN is also well-versed in affiliate marketing and ensures that affiliates are well taken care of.

    Affiliates receive a generous 60% commission on each referred transaction, along with a 90-day cookie duration and access to a dedicated landing page optimized for driving traffic.

    Their $14 commission payout further demonstrates their commitment to helping affiliates succeed for every transaction tracked through ShareASale affiliate accounts.

    4. Private Internet Access.

    private internet access vpn affiliate programs

    Private Internet Access (PIA), another VPN service under the ownership of Kape Technologies, came highly recommended by four-fifths of the top VPN websites we evaluated.

    Their VPN affiliate program stands out by offering up to 33% commissions on both new and recurring sales throughout the entire lifetime of the customer.

    Managed internally, you can easily sign up for the program via an online form on the PIA website, and commissions can be conveniently paid out via PayPal or wire transfer.

    PIA’s most sought-after package is the two-year-and-two-month option, priced at $56.94 for the initial two years.

    This translates to an approximate commission of $19 over the duration of the contract.

    To assist affiliate marketers in driving conversions, PIA provides a variety of marketing materials, including banners, videos, and landing pages.

    Additionally, affiliates can leverage a free conversion rate optimization service to further enhance their marketing efforts.

    • URL: PIA affiliate program
    • Commission: Up to 33% on new and recurring sales over the lifetime of a customer
    • Cookie duration: 30 days

    5. NordVPN.

    nord vpn affiliate program

    NordVPN ranks as one of the most popular VPN programs.

    According to our survey, 96% of the VPN websites recommended NordVPN.

    However, according to many website owners, conversion rates with this program tend to be lower compared to ExpressVPN.

    Commission rates with NordVPN vary based on the subscription plan.

    For 1-month plans, affiliates enjoy a 100% revenue share for new signups and 30% for renewals.

    Meanwhile, 1-year and 2-year plans offer a 40% revenue share for new signups and 30% for renewals.

    Monthly subscriptions fall within the $8.00 to $13.00 range, while annual plans range from $59.88 to $86.28, and two-year plans from $83.43 to $142.83.

    Affiliates stand to earn up to $57 for recommending the priciest 2-year plan, plus a 30% renewal commission.

    Aside from direct signup through the site, affiliates can access the program via various affiliate networks like CJ, Impact, Awin, and Tradedoubler.

    Affiliates benefit from dedicated account managers who provide support with account setup, promotional materials, conversion strategies, and other inquiries.

    VPN site owners also shared that commission negotiations are possible, with potential increases contingent upon sales referrals.

    The cookie duration spans 30 days, which aligns with the industry standard for affiliate programs.

    Multiple payment methods are available, including cryptocurrency, wire transfer, and PayPal.

    6. TunnelBear.

    tunnel bear vpn affiliate program

    TunnelBear, a VPN service under the umbrella of computer security powerhouse McAfee, grants users access to browse the web from 47 different countries.

    Notably, it proudly touts itself as the sole VPN software provider globally to offer regular independent security audits of its VPN apps.

    To join the company’s VPN affiliate program, navigate through CJ Affiliate.

    Here, you’ll find a straightforward commission structure offering a flat 50% rate on sales across all monthly, yearly, and two-year plans.

    Plus, affiliates benefit from a generous 45-day cookie window.

    The most sought-after product, TunnelBear’s three-year unlimited VPN package, carries a price tag of $120, equating to a one-time commission of $60 per sale.

    With a three-month EPC (earnings per click) of $9.61, as reported by CJ Affiliate, it’s evident that this affiliate program holds promising earning potential.

    7. Avast.

    avast vpn affiliate program

    Avast is a popular and capable freemium antivirus program for personal computers.

    One of two antiviral suites beginning with the letter “A” will come standard with almost every new computer sold today.

    As a result, Avast has over 435 million users globally.

    So it was only natural for a firm that makes computer security suites to go out and provide VPN services as well, which is precisely what ‘Avast SecureLine’ is.

    On the other hand, Avast takes a different approach, offering its virtual private network as a standalone service for $80 per year.

    There are no choices for a monthly subscription.

    For that amount, an unlimited, secure VPN with servers in 34 locations worldwide is available to up to 5 devices for a whole year.

    They also provide a free 7-day trial of ‘SecureLine,’ which you should promote in your affiliate material.

    Every transaction you make as a result of promoting this VPN affiliate offer will earn you a 35 percent commission.

    So, in the instance of an Avast VPN yearly subscription, everybody who signs up for it will pay you $27 in commission.

    And encouraging people to join up for the free trial first is an excellent method to upsell them to the yearly subscription.

    When it comes to affiliate marketing, you make it as challenging as you want it to be, such as avoiding advertising freebies.

    8. Panda Security.

    panda vpn affiliate program

    Panda is a computer security and IT solutions firm based in Spain founded in 1998.

    This means they have more than 30 years of expertise protecting computer systems at home and in businesses against external and Internet dangers.

    Their antivirus products are on par with everything else now on the market.

    I used to work for an antiviral distributor, and part of my job was providing technical assistance. Ah, the days of “fdisking” an MBR to get DOS computers back up and running.

    Panda now has its VPN service, including their ‘Panda Dome Premium’ package.

    So your visitors may buy a VPN for $10.99 per month or $77.35 if they pay for a year in advance.

    They may also get it as part of the $9.99 per month ‘Panda Dome Premium’ antivirus package, which is $1 cheaper per month than the solo VPN.

    However, their ‘Panda Dome Premium’ VPN only protects one device, whereas their solo VPN covers five devices.

    You’re also better off selling the standalone virtual private network solution because of its fee structure.

    Panda affiliates can earn up to 35% commission on any annual sales they generate.

    However, it is a one-time cost for monthly services.

    Selling a VPN package will earn you a fixed $8 profit. However, selling their monthly antivirus programs would only earn you a $5 commission.

    When it comes to VPN affiliate programs, the tale’s lesson is always to read the tiny print.

    Or, for that matter, any VPN affiliate programs.

    9. AVG Technologies.

    avg technologies virtual private network affiliate programs

    AVG (Anti-virus Guard) is trusted by 200 million computer and smartphone users to secure their data and systems.

    Part of this is because they were one of the first antivirus software businesses to use the freemium model in a sector dominated by overpriced (and sometimes inadequate) offerings.

    Although most people know AVG with its more recent computer security products, it has been around since 1992, first entering the Czechoslovak market in 1992 and then expanding into Germany in 1997.

    They now provide VPN services for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users.

    It comes with the usual set of features, such as 256-bit AES encryption, servers in 50 different locations, and the ability to connect up to five devices at once.

    However, they also provide a free trial, which appeals to potential buyers far more than “Buy me now and hope you like me.”

    The only alternatives after the free trial are yearly contracts with AVG, which is a nuisance because most people don’t enjoy paying up for something for a year.

    Consider what would happen if Netflix took that strategy.


    They’d also cease bleeding money, but that’s a topic for another day.

    Thankfully, AVG has taken the prudent decision to keep its commission system as simple as possible.

    As a result, affiliates get paid a 25% commission on anything they sell, regardless of the product.

    That’s the type of transparency we want to see in VPN affiliate programs, and affiliates agree since it eliminates the need for “guesswork.”

    You’ll also get a 60-day cookie to work with, allowing your visitors plenty of opportunities to test out the free trial and then join up if they like it.

    10. F-Secure.

    f-secure vpn affiliate program

    Many antivirus software firms have one thing in common: they always began as something else, such as database development or computer equipment importation.

    In this way, F-Secure is no exception.

    They began as a computer security training firm in 1988, but two years later, in 1990, they became an antivirus software producer.

    The strange thing about F-Secure is that it’s one of the most fantastic antivirus programs available.

    However, it is not widely known.

    Except for banking and significant corporations, F-Secure is widely utilized due to its minimal footprint and sophisticated algorithms.

    However, given the increasing interest in VPNs and privacy, they decided to establish their solution, Freedome.

    This virtual private network is accessible for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, and it’s a little less expensive than other VPNs.

    Yes, certain services enable you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

    But what if you need to connect two or three devices and don’t want to pay for anything more?

    Instead, you sign up for the FreeDome VPN service.

    It costs $34.99 a year and covers three devices, ensuring that your guests have access to all of the usual services at a reduced cost.

    Also, don’t forget to tell your audience that they may try out Freedome before choosing whether or not they want to pay for it.

    Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what counts with VPN affiliate programs: compensation rates.

    This VPN affiliate program pays 15% for antivirus programs such as ‘F-Secure Total,’ but 25% for VPN services.

    A yearly license for ‘F-Secure Total,’ for example, costs $89.99, so you’ll get a $13 rebate.

    However, because a yearly license for ‘Freedome’ costs $39.99, you’ll get a $9 bonus.

    This is an excellent example of how you can nearly double your affiliate marketing income without performing any additional effort.


    And with that, we’ve come to the end of our list of the top VPN affiliate programs we could uncover.

    Certain VPN services were left off because their affiliate analytics are a shambles.

    They can brag about their “amazing commission rates,” but they won’t be highlighted if their EPC is just $1.08.

    However, the VPN affiliate programs we did identify are solid and provide a variety of high-paying opportunities for you.

    The second good news is that hundreds of low-competition keywords are simply waiting for you to write content for them.

    As a result, start a blog and promote VPN affiliate programs.