13 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs In 2024

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    Whether you are an experienced affiliate marketer looking for lucrative partnerships or just starting out in the field of affiliate marketing, it is important to choose the right web hosting affiliate program to maximize your earning potential.

    In this article, we will discuss top web hosting affiliate programs renowned for their lucrative commissions, excellent support, and reliable services that ensure a successful partnership for affiliate marketers of all levels.

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    What Are The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

    Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

    Here are the best web hosting affiliate programs:

    1. BlueHost.

    Bluehost Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    Most “best web hosting” articles highly recommend BlueHost as the top choice.

    However, our focus today isn’t on reviewing their hosting services but rather on delving into the BlueHost affiliate program.

    That being said, in broad strokes, BlueHost, like many others, falls under the umbrella of EIG companies, offering shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated web hosting solutions.

    Their pricing is quite competitive, starting at just $3.58 per month for shared and WordPress hosting for a single website.

    However, it’s worth noting that to avail of this significant discount, you’ll need to commit to their 36-month plan.

    Additionally, each of these entry-level plans includes a complimentary domain name and SSL certificate for the first year of service.

    Now, let’s talk about what really matters—the BlueHost affiliate program.

    Firstly, they offer a generous 120-day cookie duration, surpassing industry standards.

    Moreover, you stand to earn $65 for every successful referral made through your affiliate link.

    Impressively, BlueHost paid out over US$5 million in commissions to its affiliates last year alone.

    So, if you can devise a unique and ethical approach to promoting this affiliate program, the potential rewards are undoubtedly worth the effort.

    2. LiquidWeb.

    liquid web Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    Liquid Web prides itself on providing enterprise-class hosting for small and medium businesses – a message that resonates, given that the company claims over 45,000 customers and manages over 500,000 websites.

    Now, let’s dive deeper into the Liquid Web affiliate program accessible through Impact Radius.

    To participate, you must first sign up for the affiliate network and then apply to join the affiliate program.

    Upon approval, you can earn 150% of the monthly hosting cost for each sale you make, with a minimum commission set at $150.

    This means that even if you refer a customer for the $29 per month package, you will still get a nice commission of $150.

    Additionally, with a 50% bonus for pre-paid plans, the earning potential from a single sale can increase to $7,000.

    Equally impressive is their 90-day cookie window, which provides ample time to complete the deal.

    When it comes to payments, Impact Radius offers a variety of options including Direct Transfer, BACS, and PayPal in the currency of your choice.

    Additionally, Liquid Web extends the option of web hosting credits as payment.

    3. Kinsta.

    kinsta Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    Kinsta is one of the many cookie-cutter web hosting providers out there for several compelling reasons.

    First and foremost, they offer genuine managed WordPress hosting – a commitment they uphold rather than just pay lip service.

    Moreover, Kinsta’s deep involvement in the web hosting and development industry is evident.

    They’ve even developed their own plugins to streamline WordPress installations.

    However, it’s worth noting that Kinsta doesn’t come cheap, with prices starting at $30 per month for a single website.

    Their services are tailored for experienced affiliate marketers.

    Despite the higher cost, we can’t stop ourselves from praising Kinsta because we genuinely admire their work.

    Their in-house affiliate program offers a lucrative commission structure, with the potential for affiliates to earn up to $500 per referred sale.

    This huge commission puts Kinsta’s affiliate program at the forefront of the web hosting niche.

    Furthermore, Kinsta boasts a remarkably low churn rate, translating to minimal refunds—a bonus for affiliates.

    4. WP Engine.

    wp engine Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    Since its inception in 2010, WP Engine has undergone a remarkable transformation—from relative obscurity to powering over 500,000 WordPress sites across 120 countries.

    Notably, WP Engine is the driving force behind StudioPress themes and the Genesis Framework for WordPress.

    This means that by signing up with WP Engine, your visitors not only gain access to top-tier web hosting but also receive StudioPress and Genesis as added bonuses.

    Granted, this caliber of managed WordPress hosting doesn’t come cheap, with monthly prices starting at $30.

    However, substantial discounts are available for those willing to commit to a year or two in advance.

    While some may hesitate at the thought of shelling out thirty bucks a month to keep their website afloat, the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true in this domain.

    Now, let’s tackle WP Engine’s affiliate commission structure, which can be a tad perplexing, especially the “200%” component.

    Essentially, for every affiliate referral you send WP Engine’s way, you stand to pocket an average of $140.53.

    Furthermore, you have a generous 180-day window for your lead to convert into a sale.

    But wait, there’s more!

    WP Engine offers an additional bonus structure.

    If you refer more than 5 customers per month, you’ll earn an extra $100 in commission, scaling all the way up to a $1,500 bonus for 60 customers referred monthly.

    This direct bonus program sets WP Engine apart, underscoring their commitment to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with their affiliates.

    So, rest assured, you will have ample opportunity to discuss the finer details with your dedicated support manager.

    5. CloudWays.

    cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    Cloud hosting isn’t exactly a novel concept.

    However, what sets Cloudways apart is its offering of five distinct cloud providers as options to serve as the backbone for your account.

    Unlike other hosts that restrict you to their chosen service infrastructure, Cloudways empowers you to select from Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, or Google Cloud hosting.

    Each of these options is SSD-based, and to further enhance speed, every account is integrated with the CloudWays CDN.

    Adding the final touch of excellence, your visitors benefit from round-the-clock support, with response times as swift as 30 minutes, particularly with their premium support option.

    On the surface, $50 per referral in affiliate commissions may seem appealing.

    However, that’s merely the base commission rate for affiliates making 1–5 sales.

    For those capable of referring more than 45 customers each month, the commission rate escalates to a substantial $125 per sale.

    Naturally, there’s a sliding scale for those referring 6–20 and 21–45 new customers monthly.

    An additional advantage is the opportunity to collaborate directly with your assigned affiliate manager.

    6. SiteGround.

    siteground Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    Selecting a web host for your initial affiliate website(s) can seem like a daunting task.

    However, our TASS students can attest that we’ve diligently sought out a web host that offers ease of setup and use.

    Enter SiteGround, a host that also conveniently provides an affiliate program.

    With SiteGround WordPress hosting starting at just $3.95 per month, you might expect compromises in service, but that’s not the case.

    Your website will be powered by SSD hardware, and SiteGround includes an SSL certificate as part of the package.

    Their WordPress plans, beginning at $9.95 per month, offer excellent value.

    Alongside 10GB of storage space, you’ll receive complimentary WordPress installation, a free CDN, and even an SSL certificate to secure your site with HTTPS—the favor of Google.

    SiteGround has consistently impressed us with their top-notch technical and customer support.

    Like other web hosts featured here, SiteGround manages its own affiliate program.

    So, what’s in it for their affiliates?

    You stand to earn up to $75 for each new customer who signs up through your affiliate link.

    However, this commission rate applies only for 20 or more referrals each month— the base affiliate commission rate is $40 per sale.

    7. IPage.

    ipage Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    Many of the web hosting companies highlighted in this article claim a decade or more of experience.

    However, iPage stands out as a veteran in the field, dating back to my earliest online days in 1998.

    As far as I can recall, they’ve had an affiliate program since day one.

    For as little as $2.99 per month, your visitors can secure web hosting with iPage, albeit requiring a 36-month commitment for that pricing tier.

    What’s in it for your audience?

    Well, they’ll enjoy a web hosting account complete with a free domain name, SSL certificate, round-the-clock support, a site builder, and even free domain transfer.

    Notably, iPage is an appealing option for environmentally conscious affiliates.


    Because their servers operate on wind power, allowing iPage customers to proudly display a badge on their site, showcasing its eco-friendly operations.

    That’s a valuable leverage point to wield.

    iPage extends its affiliates a generous $85 commission for each new WordPress and VPS hosting account they secure.

    While their affiliate program landing page mentions potential commissions of up to $150 for dedicated hosting accounts, this doesn’t seem to be reflected on Commission Junction.

    8. A2 Hosting.

    a2 hosting Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    A2 Hosting prides itself on speed, claiming to outpace competitors by up to 20 times, with lightning-fast page load times as quick as 1 second for customer sites.

    Offering a range of hosting solutions, from shared to dedicated, they cater to diverse needs, whether it’s a small hobby site or a full-fledged corporate or e-commerce platform.

    Their WordPress ‘Lite’ shared hosting kicks off at $3.60 per month for a single site, scaling up to professional WordPress hosting options at $35 per month for unlimited websites.

    Plus, all new accounts come with a complimentary SSL certificate and a commitment to 99.9% uptime, backed by expert customer and technical support.

    But how do they reward their affiliates?

    Quite generously, actually.

    Affiliates can rake in up to $125 per sale if they manage to refer more than 31 new customers each month.

    Even at the lower end of the scale, they still offer a respectable $55 per referral.

    So for affiliates willing to put in the effort, this program can be incredibly lucrative.

    9. Hostgator.

    hostgator Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    It’s nearly impossible to compile a list of hosting affiliate programs without mentioning one of the originals – HostGator.

    Back in the day, HostGator powered countless affiliate sites, known for its reliable and budget-friendly hosting.

    I had a reseller account with them for about 10 years until they were acquired by EIG and we parted ways.

    Nevertheless, HostGator remains a top choice for many, offering affordable hosting starting at just $2.75 per month.

    They cover everything from fast WordPress hosting to high-end VPS or dedicated hosting for more demanding websites or applications.

    Affiliates promoting this offer can expect a flat $75 commission for each referral.

    However, HostGator also rewards top performers with a higher commission rate.

    If you manage to refer more than 20 sales each month, they’ll boost your affiliate commission to $125 per signup.

    10. ScalaHosting.

    scala hosting Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

    Have you come across Scala Hosting before?

    They’ve been in the website hosting game since 2007, making them one of the veterans in the industry.

    With Scala, your visitors can opt for shared, WordPress, or managed cloud hosting, covering all the bases.

    What sets them apart is their claim to offer the cheapest managed VPS hosting plans globally, starting at just $12 per month.

    Their success speaks volumes, boasting over 50,000 customers and hosting more than 700,000 websites.

    This makes Scala Hosting a great option if your audience leans towards more technical hosting solutions.

    To promote the Scala Hosting affiliate program, you’ll first need an account with Rakuten Linkshare.

    As for earnings, they offer a base affiliate commission of $35 per referral for standard shared hosting.

    However, they pay a flat rate of $120 per sale for VPS hosting.

    They also prefer affiliates who produce content related to IT topics or review IT products and services, so keep that in mind when applying to the program.

    11. GoDaddy.

    godaddy web hosting affiliate program

    GoDaddy stands tall as one of the giants in domain registration and web hosting, boasting a staggering 20 million customers and over 84 million domains under its belt.

    However, being a behemoth doesn’t always translate to having the best hosting affiliate program in the market.

    Thankfully, GoDaddy’s web hosting affiliate program holds its ground quite well.

    Managed through CJ Affiliate, one of the top affiliate networks, it ensures reliable payments, robust tracking, and other crucial backend functionalities.

    What’s appealing is its solid 10% revenue share on every sale you bring in, whether from new or existing customers.

    Plus, you’re granted a generous 45-day cookie window, trumping some of its major competitors.

    To bolster your sales efforts, GoDaddy furnishes an array of promotional materials, featuring over 100 banner ads and text links adaptable to any section of your website.

    Operated through CJ Affiliate, you’re offered a trio of payment methods: check, direct deposit, and Payoneer.

    Commissions are disbursed on a NET 30 basis, ensuring a timely payout.

    12. WebHostingPad.

    webhostingpad web hosting affiliate program

    WebHostingPad takes pride in its straightforward marketing approach, offering “quality hosting at affordable prices.”

    With shared hosting packages starting at just $1.99 per month and WordPress solutions at $2.99 per month, they aim to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance.

    Even their VPS hosting options prioritize speed, with most packages leveraging SSD-powered servers.

    Having been in the industry for 15 years, WebHostingPad boasts a veteran status in the hosting landscape.

    While WebHostingPad may not enjoy the same level of prominence as Kinsta, they still value their affiliates, offering a solid $70 commission per referral.

    However, it appears that this rate mainly applies to VPS hosting packages, as the average affiliate payment hovers around $27.22 per transaction.

    While not topping the charts, this commission structure still presents a decent opportunity for affiliate earnings in the hosting niche.

    13. WPX.

    wpx website hosting affiliate program

    WPX prides itself on delivering the fastest global speed average among hosting providers, a feat confirmed by independent analysis from data science expert Kevin Ohashi.

    But how does its affiliate program stack up?

    On their affiliate landing page, WPX pledges to uphold ethical affiliate marketing practices.

    This translates into a dynamic commission structure based on sales volume:

    • 1 to 25 sales: $70 per sale
    • 26 to 100 sales: $85 per sale
    • 101 or more sales: $100 per sale

    Notably, these commissions are for lifetime sales, offering consistent earnings beyond initial milestones.

    Moreover, WPX extends a generous 60-day cookie window to ensure affiliates receive credit for their referrals.

    For annual plan sales, commissions are disbursed 35 days after the purchase date, typically between the 15th and 30th of each month.

    However, for monthly plans, affiliates qualify for commissions only after four consecutive months of payment.

    If the customer uses a coupon code for the first month, the payment period extends by an additional month.

    WPX places a strong emphasis on support for its affiliates.

    The company provides direct access to its affiliate manager via email and Skype, ensuring prompt assistance whenever needed.

    Additionally, affiliates gain access to a variety of banners and insights on upcoming promotions through the affiliate hub.


    Selecting the right web hosting affiliate programs is essential for optimizing your website’s revenue potential.

    By partnering with reputable providers offering competitive commissions, reliable services, and exceptional support, you can effectively monetize your website and capitalize on the lucrative web hosting industry.

    Whether you’re targeting niche markets or broad audiences, the affiliate programs highlighted in this guide offer unparalleled opportunities for affiliate marketers to thrive.

    Remember to assess your audience’s needs, leverage comprehensive marketing tools, and continually evaluate performance metrics to ensure long-term success in your affiliate endeavors.

    With the right strategies and partnerships in place, you can unlock the full earning potential of web hosting affiliate programs and take your website monetization efforts to new heights.