23 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers In 2024

    Looking to monetize your blog effectively?

    Discovering the best affiliate programs can be a game-changer for bloggers seeking lucrative revenue streams.

    Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting out, aligning with the right affiliate programs can significantly boost your earnings and complement your content seamlessly.

    In this comprehensive guide, we unveil a curated selection of the top affiliate programs tailored specifically for bloggers, ensuring you can maximize your earning potential while providing value to your audience.

    Explore a diverse range of programs across various niches, and learn how to leverage them to monetize your blog strategically.

    Unlock the potential of affiliate marketing and take your blogging journey to new heights.

    Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers.

    Here are some of the best affiliate programs for bloggers:

    1. Amazon Associates.

    Building trust and reliability are pivotal in establishing consumer-brand relationships, often outweighing factors such as convenience and product quality.

    Amazon, consistently recognized as one of America’s most trusted e-commerce brands, offers an extensive online marketplace with tens of millions of products.

    This makes it an excellent fit for affiliates across various niches, particularly those catering to a B2C audience.

    Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate program, provides varying commissions based on location and the promoted product category.

    Commission rates in the US range from 1% on video games and consoles to as high as 10% on luxury beauty and 20% on Amazon Games.

    For an up-to-date list of Amazon’s US commissions, refer to their official website from here.

    2. Fiverr.

    Fiverr Homepage

    The freelance industry has seen significant growth, with over 20 million freelancers joining between 2017 and 2022.

    This surge poses a challenge for businesses seeking the best freelancers.

    Fiverr, the largest and most well-known marketplace for freelancer services, serves as an ideal solution.

    Trusted by major companies like Google, Meta, and Netflix, Fiverr covers various service areas, including product design, data science, and web development.

    Fiverr’s affiliate program provides multiple earning opportunities, such as promoting business management tools and selling Fiverr Learn, the platform’s online learning service.

    Affiliates can also earn by selling freelance services, known as gigs, with commissions ranging from $15 to $150 per gig.

    Another option is Fiverr’s hybrid model, offering recurring income worth 10% of the contract value for 12 months, along with a $10 bounty payment.

    Note that Fiverr only pays commissions for sales to first-time customers.

    3. eBay.

    Etsy Homepage

    With 138 million active buyers globally, eBay presents lucrative opportunities for B2C affiliates, even when compared to major players like Amazon Associates.

    Bloggers focusing on niche markets may find eBay particularly appealing, as it pays 3% on food and alcohol sales compared to Amazon’s 1% on groceries and zero on alcohol.

    Check out eBay’s rate card here and compare it to Amazon’s to determine the best fit for your niche. Note that commission rates are subject to change.

    4. ExpressVPN.

    Expressvpn Homepage

    As privacy concerns among online users grow, with 40% of Americans expressing worries about their data, the VPN industry is set to reach $76 billion by 2027.

    ExpressVPN, a major player in the market with four million active subscribers, stands out as one of the most popular VPN affiliate programs.

    Recognizable through high-profile sponsorships with over 1,500 YouTubers, ExpressVPN’s brand recognition simplifies selling for bloggers.

    Affiliates can join ExpressVPN’s program through multiple networks, with FlexOffers currently offering the highest commissions.

    Network Commission Cookie Duration Market URL
    CJ Affiliate Up to $36 90 days Global Sign Up
    Skimlinks Up to $54 Unlisted Global Sign Up
    FlexOffers Up to $73.60 90 days Global Sign Up
    Rakuten Up to $50 90 days Global Sign Up
    Impact Up to $36 Unlisted Global Sign Up

    5. Etsy.

    Etsy Homepage

    The popularity of vintage items has surged, with 60% of Americans regularly purchasing vintage goods.

    Etsy, specializing in vintage, handmade, and custom products, has seen a triple increase in active buyers from 2017 to 2021, reaching $2 billion in yearly revenue.

    Managed by Awin, Etsy’s affiliate program offers a competitive 4% commission per sale, comparable to Amazon and eBay.

    What sets Etsy apart is its generous 30-day cookie window, providing a longer timeframe for potential conversions.

    Bloggers with a strong social media presence should consider Etsy’s creator program as well.

    6. ConvertKit.

    Convertkit Homepage

    For bloggers leveraging the influential channel of newsletters, the potency of email marketing cannot be overstated, offering an estimated return of $36 for every $1 spent.

    However, the majority of email marketing tools primarily cater to businesses.

    What if your audience consists of content creators seeking to harness the power of email to connect with and engage their followers?

    Enter ConvertKit, a platform tailored to the needs of coaches, authors, podcasters, and musicians.

    It provides specialized email marketing tools and resources, including visually appealing landing pages and elegant email templates, allowing creators to showcase their best work.

    With a claimed 99.8% delivery rate, ConvertKit aims to ensure users the highest chance of avoiding spam folders.

    In addition to its robust features, ConvertKit boasts one of the most lucrative affiliate programs for bloggers, offering recurring commissions of 30% for up to 24 months.

    Considering the Creator plan starts at $9 per month, a single sale could yield earnings exceeding $86.

    7. MailerLite.

    Mailerlite Homepage

    While content creators are a significant user base for email marketing, a broader business-oriented audience may require a more versatile option.

    MailerLite positions itself as a generalist platform, emphasizing exceptional customer support with a five-minute average live chat response time and a 97% satisfaction rate.

    With integrations into major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, MailerLite proves to be an ideal choice for bloggers whose audience includes retail brands and direct-to-consumer merchants.

    Similar to ConvertKit, MailerLite offers an enticing affiliate program with 30% recurring commissions, creating a potential lifelong passive income stream from a single sale.

    However, it’s worth noting that the 30-day cookie length, while competitive, falls slightly short compared to industry standards where 365-day windows are not uncommon.

    8. Buzzsprout.

    Buzzsprout Homepage

    The appeal of podcasts is undeniable, with half of Americans tuning in last year and one-fifth listening almost daily.

    Buzzsprout, a podcast hosting platform, provides essential tools for launching and promoting podcasts, assisting podcasters in reaching major directories like Apple, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

    With around 4,000 weekly sign-ups, Buzzsprout’s demand is evident.

    Their affiliate program offers a flat $20 commission per sale, along with a $20 credit for the referred person.

    Notably, it features a lifetime cookie window, ensuring you earn a commission even if a customer takes years to make a purchase after clicking your referral link.

    9. Astra.

    Astra Homepage

    Despite the digital age, over 25% of small businesses still lack a website, presenting an opportunity for Astra, the world’s most popular WordPress theme used by over 2.3 million websites.

    Astra’s success is attributed to its speed, taking up less than 50 kb of space, compared to the 300 kb or more of many themes, resulting in super-fast loading times.

    Astra’s affiliate program, offering 30% recurring commissions, can provide up to $375 per sale, with top affiliates earning over $5,000 monthly.

    10. Cloudways.

    Cloudways Homepage

    The website hosting market is poised to surpass $267 billion by 2028.

    While Cloudways might not be the largest player, stands out for its exceptional customer service.

    Tailored for small businesses, Cloudways is rated the #1 hosting provider for SMBs by G2.

    If your blog focuses on business advice and entrepreneurship, this affiliate program is a robust choice.

    Cloudways’ affiliate program offers two earning models: Slab (up to $125 per sale) and Hybrid ($30 upfront payment and lifetime 7% recurring commissions).

    Unless you’re generating over 50 sales monthly, the Hybrid model presents the best income potential for most bloggers.

    • URL: Cloudways affiliate program
    • Commission rate: Up to $125 per sale, or $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commission
    • Cookie duration: 90 days

    11. OptinMonster.

    Optinmonster Homepage

    Approximately nine out of 10 marketers prioritize “lead generation” as their primary marketing goal, with 37% acknowledging that generating high-quality leads poses a significant challenge.

    For entities like OptinMonster, specializing in powerful lead-generation solutions for bloggers, e-commerce stores, and businesses, this presents an excellent opportunity.

    Boasting over 1.2 million users, including prominent names like McAfee, Pinterest, and Tripadvisor, OptinMonster’s affiliate program offers a 20% commission per sale, potentially allowing you to earn up to $118 from a single conversion.

    With an impressive 12.7% conversion rate, about one in eight individuals clicking through becomes a customer, ensuring higher commissions.

    Highlighting the 14-day, no-quibble money-back guarantee can further help in closing the deal.

    12. Namecheap.

    Namecheap Homepage

    A significant number of businesses have yet to establish an online presence, emphasizing the importance of the first step—registering a domain name.

    Namecheap steps in to assist customers in registering their domains, finding suitable hosting, incorporating professional email services, and enhancing site appearance through web and logo design tools—a comprehensive solution for kickstarting a website.

    While numerous companies offer similar services, Namecheap stands out with a 4.7 rating on Shopper Approved from over two million customer reviews, and it’s trusted by major brands like Figma and Imgur.

    The Namecheap affiliate program is accessible through various networks, with particularly favorable terms available through Impact.

    Network Commission Cookie Duration Market URL
    Impact 20% – 50% 30 days Global Sign Up
    ShareASale 30% 30 days Global Sign Up
    CJ Affiliate Up to 35% 30 days Global Sign Up
    • Products/Services sold: Domain name registration, web hosting
    • Additional resources: Banners, text links, referral offers, dedicated support team

    13. Kinsta.

    Kinsta Homepage

    As a major player in the hosting industry, Kinsta has earned the trust of over 55,000 developers and 25,000+ businesses, counting reputable names like Hootsuite and Tripadvisor among its clientele.

    Emphasizing its exceptional customer service, Kinsta boasts technical support response times as low as 1 minute 27 seconds, with a satisfaction rate of 97%.

    Its positive ratings on Trustpilot underscore the quality of service.

    Kinsta’s affiliate program, distributing $1 million in yearly commissions, features three affiliate models: WordPress hosting, app hosting, and database hosting.

    All models offer recurring commissions, providing an opportunity to build a long-lasting revenue stream from each referral.

    With a remarkably low 2% churn rate, affiliates have a strong likelihood of ongoing earnings from their referrals.

    Notably, Kinsta’s affiliate program also boasts a more extended cookie duration compared to many other web hosting affiliate programs.

    • URL: Kinsta affiliate program
    • Commission rate: 5% – 10% per sale (plus potential bounty payments)
    • Cookie duration: 60 days

    14. Teachable.

    Teachable Homepage

    Humans consistently seek self-improvement, evident in the perennial inclusion of learning new skills as one of America’s top New Year’s resolutions.

    Capitalizing on this trend, online learning platforms like Teachable have proven to be a reliable income source for affiliate marketers.

    Teachable helps creators create and promote online courses, digital downloads, and coaching content without requiring coding expertise.

    Unlike some platforms, creators retain complete control over their course materials.

    Teachable’s affiliate program offers a 30% commission on each plan purchased by creators referred to the platform.

    With the potential for recurring commissions on chosen pricing plans, affiliates can establish a consistent stream of income.

    The average Teachable affiliate partner earns $450 monthly, while top performers are achieving monthly earnings exceeding $1,000.

    This underscores Teachable’s appeal as a lucrative affiliate program in the online learning space.

    15. Skillshare.

    Skillshare Homepage

    Consider Skillshare as the B2C counterpart to Teachable, focusing on promoting the service to learners rather than course creators.

    If your content revolves around topics like self-improvement and career advice, Skillshare naturally aligns with your audience.

    Offering a diverse array of over 34,000 classes across various creative niches, from digital illustration to creative writing to UX design, Skillshare provides ample opportunities to engage your audience.

    The platform even features free courses and a seven-day trial, allowing potential customers to explore before committing—a feature that facilitates closing the deal.

    Skillshare’s affiliate program rewards a generous 40% commission per sale, translating to up to $67 for each referred customer.

    Despite its comparably high commission rate, the platform exhibits a lower EPC than Teachable, standing at $0.47 compared to Teachable’s $1.11.

    16. SiteGround.

    Siteground Homepage

    Our appreciation for SiteGround is no secret, as we’ve previously named it our #1 hosting provider for beginners.

    Noteworthy for being affordable, fast, and reliable, SiteGround boasts an impressive 98% satisfaction rating and hosts over 2% of all websites, according to W3Techs.

    SiteGround’s affiliate program offers commissions of up to $100 per sale, accompanied by a robust 60-day cookie window, allowing ample time for your referrals to convert.

    To reach the top-tier commission rate, you’ll need to generate 11 or more sales per month, starting at a respectable $50 per sale.

    17. FlexJobs.

    Flexjobs Homepage

    With the increasing embrace of flexible working, FlexJobs has become a leading portal for job seekers interested in flexible roles, such as freelancing, remote work, and part-time positions.

    The platform spans 50+ career categories and is utilized by renowned employers like Apple, Salesforce, and United Healthcare.

    While the FlexJobs affiliate program may seem modest at first glance, offering $7 per membership sale (increasing to $10 for 50+ sales per month) with a one-day cookie window, its potential is evident from a three-month EPC of $8.55 on CJ Affiliate.

    Note: FlexJobs currently reviews applications only from within the United States Of America, so check their CJ Affiliate listing for updates.

    18. Notion.

    Notion Homepage

    The global productivity software market is projected to reach $88 billion by 2028, making it an attractive niche for affiliates, particularly those with a B2B audience.

    Notion stands out in the productivity tool realm, offering an all-in-one platform that encompasses documents, note-taking, task management, and collaboration.

    With exceptional functionality, including AI features for text rewriting and content generation, Notion has earned a spot in the toolbox of Authority Hacker for content planning.

    As a high-paying affiliate program, Notion provides recurring commissions of up to 50% per sale for the initial 12 months of the customer’s subscription.

    This means a single sale could result in substantial commissions ranging from hundreds to potentially thousands of dollars.

    19. Semrush.

    Semrush Homepage

    A familiar name in digital marketing, Semrush is a comprehensive SEO and content marketing platform incorporating over 40 tools, ranging from keyword research to competitor analysis.

    Despite its seemingly higher price point starting at around $100 per month, Semrush’s functionality makes it a cost-effective alternative to multiple standalone SEO tools.

    With over seven million marketers, including a quarter of Fortune 500 companies, relying on the platform, Semrush is a recognized industry leader.

    Semrush offers an affiliate program featuring commissions for free trials.

    Affiliates earn $10 per referral, even if the customer opts for the free trial only.

    For those converting to a paid Semrush subscription, affiliates can earn $200 per sale.

    20. Canva.

    Canva Homepage

    Whether you need to create a social media banner, a polished company presentation, or an elegant wedding invitation without the hassle of an InDesign license, Canva is rapidly becoming the preferred graphic design tool for users worldwide.

    With over 100 million monthly active users, Canva empowers individuals to bring their creative ideas to life.

    The platform’s widespread appeal is rooted in its user-friendly interface.

    With thousands of templates along with millions of photos, graphics, videos, fonts, and audio files, Canva makes it easy for non-designers to create visually appealing assets quickly.

    While the majority of Canva users opt for the free product tier, your role as an affiliate partner is to promote its paid packages, earning up to $36 for each sale you refer.

    21. FreshBooks.

    Freshbooks Homepage

    Small business owners juggle various responsibilities—serving customers, managing suppliers, and planning for the future.

    The last thing they need is to spend excessive time on invoicing.

    This is where FreshBooks, an accounting and invoicing platform tailored for small businesses, comes into play.

    Boasting claims of saving users up to 553 hours and $7,000 annually on repetitive paperwork, FreshBooks has been utilized by over 30 million businesses.

    Similar to Semrush, FreshBooks stands out as an affiliate program that compensates for free trial signups.

    For each trial you refer, you can earn up to $10, and if those trialists convert into paying customers, you’ll receive upgrade commissions of up to $200.

    The program’s 120-day cookie period allows ample time for trialists to explore the platform and register for a paid account.

    22. QuickBooks.

    Quickbooks Homepage


    Complementing FreshBooks, QuickBooks is another accounting platform designed to streamline essential tasks for small business owners, saving them time and reducing stress.

    With over 4.5 million customers globally, QuickBooks enjoys substantial brand awareness.

    Joining the QuickBooks affiliate program provides the opportunity to promote two distinct products: QuickBooks Pro, the most popular accounting software in the US, and QuickBooks Payroll, a low-cost payroll service utilized by over one million businesses.

    Commissions are slightly higher for QuickBooks Payroll, offering up to $55 per sale compared to up to $50 per sale for QuickBooks Pro.

    CJ Affiliate reports a three-month EPC of $190.51 for QuickBooks, placing it as the second-highest in the productivity tools category.

    While impressive, it is slightly lower than FreshBooks’ 30-day EPC of $247.47, recognizing that they operate on different affiliate networks.

    23. Nordstrom.

    Nordstrom Homepage

    YouGov figures reveal Nordstrom’s standing as one of America’s most popular department stores, boasting a 92% brand recognition rating and higher popularity levels than competitors like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks.

    Nordstrom offers a wide range of brands and products across various price points, making it an ideal fit for fashion-related affiliate marketers.

    If your audience is interested in clothing, shoes, and accessories, Nordstrom provides a diverse selection.

    On the downside, Nordstrom’s affiliate program features a modest 1% base commission rate.

    For comparison, Amazon offers a 4% commission on apparel.

    Nevertheless, the Nordstrom name may carry added prestige for higher-end audiences.


    Finding the right affiliate programs tailored for bloggers is a pivotal step towards unlocking the full potential of monetization strategies.

    By aligning with reputable programs that resonate with your niche and audience, you can not only generate substantial revenue but also enhance the value you provide to your readers.

    Remember to continuously evaluate and optimize your affiliate partnerships to ensure they remain relevant and beneficial to both you and your audience.

    With the diverse array of affiliate programs available, there’s ample opportunity for bloggers to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

    So, leverage the insights gained from this guide, explore various programs, and embark on your journey towards sustainable blogging success through strategic affiliate partnerships.