10 Best Printing Affiliate Programs In 2024

    Looking to monetize your website or blog through printing-related affiliate programs?

    Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, or website owner in the printing niche, finding the best affiliate programs can significantly boost your revenue.

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ve curated a list of the top printing affiliate programs, offering lucrative commissions, high-quality products, and excellent support.

    From personalized stationery to professional printing services, these programs cater to various audiences, ensuring ample opportunities for affiliate marketers to capitalize on.

    Dive in to discover the best printing affiliate programs to elevate your monetization strategy and maximize your earning potential.

    Best Printing Affiliate Programs.

    Here are the top printing affiliate programs:

    1. Printful.

    printful homepage screenshot

    Printful stands out as a premier custom print-on-demand platform, incorporating embroidery services.

    With an extensive catalog comprising 437 premium blank products – from mobile phone cases to apparel and accessories – Printful delivers over 1 million items monthly, all branded under the customer’s label and shipped within two to five business days.

    The affiliate program at Printful offers a competitive 10% commission on orders made by referred customers within a nine-month window.

    Commissions are based on the fulfillment price, excluding taxes and discounts.

    Printful’s affiliate program has already distributed over $2.17 million in commissions, paid monthly through PayPal once the $25 threshold is met.

    To enhance affiliate performance, Printful provides marketing materials, real-time tracking, high-quality banner ads, and content ideas.

    The program also boasts an expert affiliate management team and an exclusive Facebook community.

    The application process takes two to five days for review, with notifications sent via email.

    2. Printify.

    printify homepage screenshot

    Printify, a leading dropshipping and print-on-demand company catering to e-commerce businesses, empowers users with free graphic design tools to customize 750+ blank products effortlessly.

    With over four million sellers worldwide, Printify allows the creation of entire clothing lines or collections.

    Printify’s printing affiliate program is managed via PartnerStack and it offers a substantial 5% commission on sales made by referrals for 12 consecutive months, supported by a generous 90-day cookie window.

    Active affiliate marketers with Printify boast an average monthly commission of $1,000, with payments made into their PayPal accounts monthly.

    To help affiliates, Printify provides promotional materials, including custom codes upon request.

    Applications are reviewed within 48 business hours and require an active affiliate website link for consideration.

    3. Printbest.

    printbest homepage screenshot

    Printbest emerges as a user-friendly print-on-demand platform, enabling the addition of designs to 100+ custom product types for efficient dropshipping across the US and Canada.

    With competitive pricing, Printbest collaborates with platforms like Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce, with additional integrations planned.

    The Printbest affiliate program is accessible through PostAffiliatePro and offers a 30-day cookie window and an enticing 10% commission on orders from store owners for a year post-click.

    Registration is streamlined through a brief online form, completed in just five minutes.

    4. Pictorem.

    pictorem homepage screenshot

    Pictorem distinguishes itself as an online business providing white-label acrylic metal and mural printing services, offering a vast collection of fine art prints.

    With a commitment to sustainability, Pictorem supports Trees for Future by planting a tree for every print sold, ensuring global shipping.

    Pictorem’s affiliate program features a straightforward registration process and a flat 15% commission on all sales.

    While open to affiliates worldwide, the product selection primarily targets North American audiences, with commissions paid in US dollars.

    Payments can be requested via PayPal or wire transfer, the latter requiring a $500 threshold and a $50 transfer fee.

    Affiliates benefit from Pictorem’s marketing materials, including banner ads and valuable affiliate marketing tips.

    5. Sellfy.

    sellfy homepage screenshot

    Sellfy emerges as a robust e-commerce platform facilitating apparel and accessories sales for over 300,000 creators worldwide.

    With a built-in print-on-demand service, Sellfy automates order printing and shipping, resulting in creators earning over $100 million through the platform.

    Sellfy’s printing affiliate program, managed by PartnerStack, boasts a generous 90-day cookie window and offers a baseline 25% recurring lifetime commission per sale.

    Dynamic commission tiers further reward higher-performing affiliates, with super affiliates that are capable of driving 100+ monthly sales qualify for custom commission rates.

    • 6 – 15 sales monthly pay 30%
    • 16 – 40 sales monthly pay 35%
    • 41+ sales monthly pay 40%

    Commissions are calculated and paid every month using PayPal or Stripe.

    Sellfy supports affiliates with various resources, including promotional ideas and valuable affiliate marketing tips to enhance traffic.

    6. PsPrint.

    psprint homepage screenshot

    PsPrint operates as an online printing service, offering a diverse range of printed materials, such as booklets, brochures, business cards, and banners.

    It is affiliated with Deluxe Corporation, overseeing brands like New England Business Services, McBee, and Checks Unlimited.

    To ensure customer satisfaction, PsPrint provides free sample kits, allowing users to assess the quality of paper stocks before making a purchase.

    G7-certified, the company ensures designs appear consistent both on-screen and in reality.

    PsPrint’s affiliate program, accessible through ShareASale, boasts a 60-day cookie window and a standard 8% commission.

    Notably, new affiliates earn double commissions for their initial 30 days, while sales converting within five minutes yield a reduced 4% commission.

    ShareASale’s 30-day tracking reveals an impressive $336.22 average order value, a notable EPC of $395.85, and an outstanding 10.43% conversion rate.

    To support affiliates, PsPrint offers diverse marketing materials, including newsletters with the latest products and promotions.

    Additionally, an experienced affiliate management team enhances the overall affiliate experience.

    7. MOO.

    moo homepage screenshot

    MOO stands out as an online printing service specializing in business cards, greeting cards, postcards, letterheads, and flyers.

    The company ensures high-quality printing for both small and bulk orders, accompanied by a satisfaction guarantee.

    MOO’s affiliate program is available on Awin and CJ Affiliate, each with distinct terms and conditions.

    CJ Affiliate provides a 45-day cookie window, offering 2% on free trial orders, 8% on new customer sales, and a $15 bounty payment for business services leads, with a three-month EPC of $45.98.

    Meanwhile, Awin compensates with £5 for new customer orders, £0.60 for existing customers, and a generous £200 bounty for new Moo for Business accounts, featuring a 30-day cookie period.

    Network Commission Cookie Duration Market URL
    CJ Affiliate 2%–8%; $15 per lead 45 days US, CA Sign Up
    Awin £0.60 – £200 per sale 30 days Unlisted Sign Up

    8. Vistaprint.

    vistaprint homepage screenshot

    Vistaprint offers comprehensive online printing services for entrepreneurs and small enterprises, focusing on business cards and promotional items.

    With user-friendly online tools, customers can effortlessly create high-quality products without professional graphic design assistance.

    The company operates geographical printing affiliate programs through FlexOffers and Impact Radius, covering various regions.

    The Impact program stands out, offering up to 15% per sale with a 15-day cookie window and showcasing a 30-day EPC of $1.53.

    Vistaprint’s affiliate marketers gain access to unique tracking codes, direct links, and promotional materials.

    Regular promotions, including discounts and free shipping, contribute to the program’s appeal.

    Network Commission Cookie Duration Market URL
    Impact Radius 0.5% – 8% 15 days Global Sign Up
    FlexOffers 0.4% – 6.4% Unlisted Global Sign Up

    9. TeePublic.

    teepublic homepage screenshot

    TeePublic distinguishes itself as a leading marketplace for independent creators, offering a vast array of original pop culture T-shirts, posters, and merchandise.

    The platform supports indie artists by providing a share of each sale and offers customer-friendly policies such as free exchanges and free US shipping for orders exceeding $80.

    TeePublic’s in-house printing affiliate program pays an 11% commission on the total sale value, with an average commission of 31% for self-designed products.

    The program features a 30-day cookie duration, and commissions are paid monthly via Payoneer or PayPal.

    Affiliate marketers enjoy various promotional resources, including exclusive coupons, flash sales, competitions, and giveaways.

    Limited-edition campaigns enable targeted promotions for specific products during designated periods.

    TeePublic’s dedicated account management team offers valuable guidance on campaign optimization and email marketing.

    10. Overnight Prints.

    overnight prints homepage screenshot

    Overnight Prints operates as an online store specializing in full-color printing solutions for consumers and small businesses.

    The company offers next-day delivery for orders placed before 8:00 pm EST and emphasizes sustainability through practices like waterless printing and the use of paper from sustainably harvested trees.

    Overnight Prints’ printing affiliate program, accessible via Awin, provides an 8% default commission on new customer orders, with additional commissions ranging from 4% to 20% for sales through coupon codes.

    Returning client sales pay 2% to 5% commissions. The program includes a 30-day cookie period.


    Leveraging printing affiliate programs can be a lucrative venture for affiliate marketers seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for printing services and products.

    By partnering with reputable companies offering high-quality printing solutions and generous commission structures, you can monetize your website effectively while providing valuable resources to your audience.

    Remember to continuously evaluate and optimize your affiliate marketing strategies to maximize your earning potential.

    With the right approach and commitment, you can turn your passion for printing into a profitable online business.

    Explore the diverse range of printing affiliate programs mentioned in this guide, and embark on your journey towards affiliate marketing success today.